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Help with WordPress Technical Support Problems

Help with WordPress Technical Support Problems, Source Pixabay, Lukasbieri


One of the biggest fears and problems that people face when they are building their business on-line is that a technical problem will come up with their WordPress website and they just won’t have the WordPress Technical Support skills and savvy to fix the problem quickly and their whole website business will come crashing down.

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If you already have a website then you probably already have these fears at the back of your mind as well. Things like…

  • Is my site loading too slowly for my visitors?


  • Did my website go down while I was asleep?


  • Oh no! I am locked out of my website. I just can’t seem to get past my “login screen”. Eeek!!


  • What is an SSL Certificate and how will I maintain it on my website?


  • You just finished an AMAZING new post / update to your website which took you HOURS to research, perfect and polish and you know that your audience will just love that information so much…. but alas you have a serious FTP (File Transfer Protocol) error and you can’t upload the new information across.


So do any of these problems and fears sound familiar?

Problems with WordPress Technical Support?

Stress, Source Pixabay, Geralt

I know because a fear that I would get a high level technical problem used to be a major fear of mine.

It really did used to freak me out because I started an online business to help my customers – not solve high level IT problems at 2am in the morning.

Is this why you started your online business as well?

I was new to internet marketing and I was so focused on learning how to build a WordPress website, then how to upload images, then how to insert video…..and then….and then… and then….

That I just didn’t want to put any time, money or energy into figuring out how the very specific super technical components that you need to know in order to guard against “cyber attacks” and “denial of service” and “spam attacks” etc, etc, etc.

Is this how you feel as well?

So I what I to overcome it was to join a quality online hosting platform that promised to take care of all of that for me.

At first, I paid the money because, well, honestly they told me the answer that I wanted to hear.

Help with WordPress Techical Support for everyone

Support, source: Pixabay, mohamed_hassan


Things like..

“We promise to get back to you quickly if their is a problem”

“we promise to protect you from cyber attacks”

“we promise to make sure that your website is always online and available for your website visitors to come and see it”



All of these statements of course were EXACTLY what I wanted to hear. So I paid my money.

And you know what?……

Hands Clapping and help with WordPress Technical Support

Clapping, source: Pixabay, Rawpixel

With the Tech Support Team at Wealthy Affiliate, it has turned out to be the truth.

The benefits of knowing that my site has a quality web hosting and technical team behind us is just amazing.

Now I can focus all my attention on helping my clients and delivering quality content and researching new up to date information.

I don’t have to worry about being up all night fixing complex technical issues.

Technology on the internet moves so quickly and it’s wonderful that I don’t’ have to focus on attention in this area at all.

This really has been a load of my mind and given me a real sense of peace and that things are just “working”.

And I don’t’ have to waste any of time or money hunting around all over the internet and Internet forums looking for “trial and error” solutions to very complex technical problems.

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If you would like to join Wealthy Affiliate, please click hereIf you need WordPress Technical Support, please join Wealthy Affiliate

But it’s not just my website that has been protected really well for all these years, here are some other people’s experiences.

Bill and Sue

WA Tech Support helped Bill and Sue with WordPress Technical Support

WA Tech Support is Number One, Source Bill & Sue @ WA

Last Friday (09 Mar) I was trying to get into the “back office’ of my website and a message kept coming up that “hackers are attempting to enter your site”. I tried getting out reloading, etc. Same thing again and again.

So I contacted Site Support and told them of the problem. It was not more than 35 minutes after asking me a question or two, they came back and said try it now!. I got right in. Whether this was malware or virus, I don’t’ know and really don’t care, all I know it was a serious problem.

So I lift my hat to WAs’ wonderful Site Support!



WordPress Technical Support help saved Karen

Karen @ Memorylaneuk

Wealthy Affiliate Site Support and Fabulous Community

So it turns out the internet was playing a nasty trick on me. For some reason my email address was flagged to Wealthy Affiliate as not existing so I received no emails for 3 days.

Site Support are our unsung heroes as they sorted it for me in a timely fashion and kept me updated as it was being sorted.

I truly believe that when selling Wealthy Affiliate we do not give enough credit to our 24/7 support team. This is not the first time they have come to my aid (probably sure it won’t be the last)

Another thing I learnt from my 3 day absence was how much I value and need the Wealthy Affiliate Community to keep me focussed, learning and moving forward in my business.

To Site Support and the Wealthy Affiliate Community I thank you as I certainly would not be building a business without you.

With Grace And Gratitude



K Holmes has used WordPress Technical Support

K Holmes

Kimberly Holmes

“My hat goes off to these guys for helping me to resolve some of my issues or bring to my attention that I am going about it all wrong. Either way, they are a wonderful team and I have appreciated their assistance since I have joined.”



WordPress Technical Support is important



“I have to agree that SiteSupport comes through”




WordPress Technical Support has helped VeronicasLuv



The tech support at Wealthy Affiliate is phenomenal!!! I don’t know how they do it…perhaps they have the help of some highly evolved aliens…I don’t know and I don’t care! Each and every time I have reached out to them, they have excelled in their service! We truly have the best of the best here!


Internet Granny is happy that the WordPress Technical Support issues got sorted

Internet Granny


Internet Granny

That must have been very worrying…so glad that Site Support managed to fix it so quickly for you.


WordPress Technical Support helped ElaineSmith1



Agree that they are great at what they do!!





DNicholas got help with his WordPress Technical Support issues



They were great for me too. I can’t say enough good things about them. They rock!


DarleneB has needed help with WordPress Technical Support issues a few times.



I’ve used Tech support more than once. They’ve been just amazing every time. I was totally shocked at how quickly they fixed the problem.




TRPEng considers WordPress Technical Support necessary for his business.



Tech Support has always been great. A great and necessary group of individuals.

Bparis1 might still be in a mess without WordPress Technical Support



WA Site Support is impressive! They have helped me out of a WordPress mess a time or two…


If you would like to join Wealthy Affiliate, please click here. If you need WordPress Technical Support, please join Wealthy Affiliate

Have you ever had any IT problems that have completely derailed your plans? How did you fix them? What did you do differently when the problem got fixed. Who do you use at the moment for your website hosting? Are they good? Are there any issues other people should be aware of?

Please feel free to leave any comments, hints or suggestions in the field below. By sharing our knowledge, we all grow together. Thank you for visiting us today.

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10 thoughts on “WordPress Technical Support”

  1. I remember when I was first starting out, I use to worry about technical issues within WordPress as it was so daunting when your first logged into the dashboard. Wealthy Affiliates takes all of the added stress away, and there technical support is second to none. Since joining Wealthy Affiliates, creating a WordPress Blog has never been so easy.

    Great blog. Well done!

    1. Hi Steven, thank you for stopping by today I really appreciate that. 

      Thank you for sharing the same fear.  Yes I remember clearly that in the beginning I had a massive fear that I had to learn all about building website AND all the technical mumbo jumbo to keep them up and running.

      Thank you for saying that you had the same fear.

      I am happy that you found a solution to your problem. Yes, I agree just knowing that you have a quality technical team behind you makes a world of difference.

      If you need a source of royalty free images, please click here Where To Find Free Website Pictures – 29 Awesome Sites

      Thanks again for stopping by.

  2. It really is comforting to know that you have great technical support behind you when you run an online business. As you said, if you don’t have the tech skills yourself, you need someone who does. This is really great piece of mind to have, I am glad you have found support that works for you so you can focus on what matters.

    One question for you, is Wealthy Affiliate strictly a hosting company?

    I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks for sharing this very good read.

    1. HI Steve and Kris,

      Thank you for dropping by and visiting our website today.  I really appreciate that.

      Yes, when I first started out with my online business I had a real fear around the high level technical problems and getting “locked out” of my website for reasons that I wouldn’t understand or know how to fix.

      Luckily like many things in life for every problem, someone has come up with a solution.  In may case the barrier of not having enough technical support meant that the solution was to find a company with LOTS of low cost technical support.

      The technical support I went with was Wealthy Affiliate’s website hosting called “Site Support” and it comes free for members of their training program.

      Wealthy Affiliate are an online business training company that specialise in small business websites.  You can read a review that I have done about them here Product Review – Wealthy Affiliate

      If you need a place to teach you how to build an online business, then this place is for you.

      Thanks again for dropping by.

  3. This is a great post. It’s true, who the heck wants to spend hours trying to resolve a technical problem? Absolutely no one. Unless you’re getting paid for it, then maybe so.

    “I started an online business to help my customers – not solve high level IT problems at 2am in the morning” this made me laugh, and laughing is good. It’s just so true.

    I’m an artist, the last thing I want to do is try to figure out why some tech thing isn’t working. I used to do it for a living and I sure don’t want to do it for free. I also think the older I get the more I just want my stuff to work.

    Thanks for this post, it was fun, informal and informative.

    1. Hi Tam,

      Thanks for dropping by.  I think this is your first visit to our website, so an extra thank you for stopping by for the first time.

      I am glad that you agree with me… NO ONE wants to solve high level technical problems @ 2am, especially me because I really like sleeping!!

      It sounds like you already have a WordPress blog.  I hope it is all running smoothly for you.  If you ever need a source of Royalty FREE images, please feel free to check out this post Where To Find Free Website Pictures – 29 Awesome Sites

      Thanks again for stopping by.

  4. I have to agree that the site support team at Wealthy Affiliate is top notch.

    I’ve been hacked in the past with other hosting but never have had a problem since I moved my sites into the WA system.

    I love that there is no additional charge for a secure site with WA too. https designation at my old hosting was an add-on that cost me additional money each year. There isn’t a charge for that on Wealthy Affiliate.

    The other day I was adding a child theme to my site. I buggered it up good and locked myself out of my site. I should have known better but sometimes you just shoot from the hip and it bites you back. WA support had me back in business in under 5 minutes. That is impossible with another hosting.

    1. Hi Labman thanks for stopping by.

      You sound like quite an experienced blogger.  Thank you so much for sharing some of your knowledge and skills with us today. I really appreciate you stopping by. 

      Thank you for sharing your experience with adding a “child theme” to your site.  I haven’t done that yet, but I keep meaning to. Thank you for reminding me to back up, back up, back up your site.  You can never do that enough.

      Thank you for pointing out that there is no additional charge for securing your site with Https.  I need to blog about that topic another day.

      As you already have a website, if you need help sourcing royalty free images, please see my post Where To Find Free Website Pictures – 29 Awesome Sites

      Thanks again for stopping by.

  5. I have been using Blogger for the past few years, I enjoy using Blogger but it sounds like WordPress might be a much better website for me to consider?

    I like how WordPress has such good technical support, I don’t get that from Blogger, I am wondering can I transfer all my work on Blogger to WordPress or will I just have to begin all over again?

    1. Hi Jeffrey, 

      Thanks for dropping by.  You sound like an experienced Blogger.  Well done for having your own site for a while now.  That is quite an achievement in itself. I hope it is going really well for you.

      I haven’t used “blogger” before, but my understanding is that it is a Google product. I think it is hosted on a Google sub-domain on blogspot.com  Is that correct?  If so, I do know that my friend was able to transfer their old “blogger account” across to a custom domain which they purchased.  If you do this as well, then I think you can host the domain at Wealthy Affiliate.  You just won’t get all the extra WordPress specific benefits that WordPress bloggers get because you are using a different platform.

      If you need to find royalty free images, please have a look at this blog post I wrote, Where To Find Free Website Pictures – 29 Awesome Sites

      Kind regards,

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