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The WP Review plug in by My Theme Shop is a lovely and simple to use plug in. We are using WP Review to present this review to you now. You can see that the information is easy to scan and that the audience can see a lot of valuable information quickly.
This is the free version of WP Review. There is an upgraded version called WP Review Pro for those people who would prefer to get that version.
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WordPress Plug In Product Review – WP Review

Product Creator: MyThemesShop

Writing Product Reviews is a great way to make money blogging online

WordPress Review Plugin and WP Review Pro Screenshot

Name: WP Review version 4.0.10

Website: https://mythemeshop.com

Price:         FREE for WP Review and

WP Review Pro is around $80 per year

Minimal WordPress Version: WordPress Version 3.0.1 to run

Overall Rank: 93 out of 100

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PRODUCT NAME: WP Review  (WordPress Plug In)

This free downloadable plug in has been created by one of the largest WordPress theme development companies on the web.

It was developed with bloggers in mind.  People who need to review products and services as part of their website’s offering to their audience.

It is perfect for people with a recipe website or a product review website or ranking your favorites amount of “effort” they put into the last game.

The FREE WP Review plug in can show the results of your review three ways (3).  This is great because different industries and different products have a different standard rating format.  It’s great that it can be this versatile.

The fourth (4th) version is only available in the paid version.

WP Review with Star Rating System

Available in Free & Paid versions

WP Review with Star Rating System (FREE & Paid versions)

WP Review Results in Percentage Format plus Summary

Available in Free & Paid versions

WP Review Percentage Summary

WP Review with Score out Of Ten & Summary Enabled

Available in Free & Paid versions

WP Review with out of 10 and Summary comments

WP Review Pro “Circle Style”

Available in Paid version only

WP Review Pro "Circle Style"


Why Would You Use This Plug In

By using this plug in, when your audience types in a keyword search term (such as “ best chopsticks”), Google returns the results of the search.

Getting good search engine results will help you make money online.

Screenshot of the Google Search Engine Results for “Best Chopsticks”

Under your particular page (or post) though, because you are using this tool, your audience will see some rating stars beside your entry.

The red rating stars in this example have been created by the website owner.  They specifically downloaded a WordPress suitable “Rating Review Plug-In” and then manually prefilled out the criteria set by them.  In this example the answer came back at 3.5 stars, which Google displays in the search results as shown.

The extra visual appeal of the icons (stars in this case), has been proven to hold the audiences eye on your particular search result page for longer.  Many people claim that by displaying this little icon it will result in a higher level of audience Click Through Rate (CTR) and that my friends equals the number one thing that we are trying to achieve for you, which is MORE TRAFFIC FOR YOU.

So you can see straight away whey more and more people are installing WP Review.

Please note that different plug in’s will represent the results in different ways, but you can clearly see the general idea of the icons leading to enhanced interest in your website and therefore more traffic (CTR).


 The Good & the Bad of WP Review 

The Good:

Advantage #1

Yes! There are lots of ways to make money blogging online.

Check, Source Pixabay, Clker, Free Vector Images

This plug in was created by one of the largest WordPress Theme developers on the web.  So you know that it has been built to a high standard and is robust and dependable.

Advantage #2

Even if you have no money to spend, you can still make money online.

No Money, Source Wikipedia

This entry product is FREE.

This is great for people (bloggers) who are just starting out with their websites and don’t want to spend a lot of money. It’s also really good for people who aren’t sure if they want this product or if this product would work well with their website.  This way they can try it out for FREE and then see how they go.

WP Review Pro is an optional upgrade. This way you can try the free version for a long time (or indefinitely) before deciding to upgrade.

Advantage #3

The product looks great visually.

The rating stars used by the WP Review plug in can be changed to match the overall theme colors and “look” of the website.  This way the website visitors “user experience” remains really high and the information offered via the WP offers a positive service to the visitor.


The world is getting smaller thanks to the WWW

Global Translation, Source Pixabay, Geralt

As an added bonus, this plug in is “Translation ready”.  Obviously however, not everyone will need this feature.

That said, this is wonderful for people who are bi-lingual and who do want to sell products / services in more than one country.  An example industry would be in the food Import / Export market.  Many businesses operate from Asia import / export into Europe or  from America import / export into Mexico.  Having dual language capability is definitely a standout feature of this product for those that can use it.

The Bad:


Hourglass, Source Pixabay, ColiN00B

Disadvantage #1

If you don’t do many customer reviews on your website then lots of WordPress plug-ins will ultimately slow your website down and websites that have trouble loading have a negative effect on the visitor.  If you only 5 or 10 product reviews (or less) on your website, then I don’t recommend using this plug in.  The negatives of this plug in are greater than the positives.

Please note that the optimum number of plug in’s per website is around 5-7 before it starts having a negative impact on site download speed times, and therefore visitors leaving your website before it is even fully loaded.

There are some negative parts to WordPress Review

Thumbs Down, Photoshop, FotoshopTofs

Disadvantage #2

If you have a problem, then support is only available via online forums.  You cannot speak with an actual staff member.  Some people will find this a genuine negative.

Disadvantage #3

The full program is called WP Review Pro.  It costs (US)$87 for 12 months and includes 24 /7 support.  There are sales regularly though, so please keep checking the website for latest offers.

Disadvantage #4

Only WP Review Pro comes with cache assistance to help your website run faster.  If you stay with the free WP Review plug in, then you have to be aware of the number of plugins you have running so that you don’t accidentally slow your website loading speed down by accident.  This might result in website visitors abandoning your website due to your page taking too long to load.

Who is WP Review For?

A Blog is a great way to make money online

Blog Icon, Source Pixabay, Riona Craft & Renovation

This plug in WP Review is great for people (bloggers) who have a website that either reviews products/ services or offers value to their readers by “rating” products and services.  It was designed for bloggers that deal with physical goods, your classic example is a list of the “Top 10 Digital Cameras of 2017”.  A rating list against a list of 10 items sure would be handy.

It also works really well for the food industry.  In this example you could rate 10 different smoothie recipes or 5 different restaurants.  All of this would offer something of value to your readers.

The free version (WP Review) is for bloggers with only 5-7 plug in already.

The paid version (WP Review Pro) has enhanced speed and is suitable for all websites.

WP Review Tools & Training Support is available two different ways.

#1 way to get support: Through online group forums.  You must register to join these forums.  The registration is free and the address is https://mythemeshop.com/#signup

#2 way to get support is to use the free WordPress video tutorial.  No registration required.  The address is https://mythemeshop.com/wordpress-101/

You cannot speak with an actual staff member to walk you through your unique problem.

Many user will find this level of assistance suitable.  Some other users will not.  It really depends on how smoothly the programs integrated with your website and theme.

Here is a short video demonstration of how WP Review Works

Video Title is called WP Review Quick Introduction

Video Author is: MyThemeShop            Video date is: Mar 7, 2016

WP Review Price

  • WP Review is FREE

This free version of WP Review offers three (3) different review formats.

  • WP Review Pro is (US) $87 full price.

The WP Review Pro offers four (4) different review formats and faster caching (website loading speed) for $87 per year.  They often have special offers, so please check the website for current details.

My Final Opinion of WP Review


Check, Source Pixabay, Clker Free Vector Images

I think that WP Review is a wonderful product. The ratings for the different products are very user friendly and the visual graphs show a lot of information very quickly.

The stars (or whichever option you picked) show up very clearly in google searches and I think this helps out customers a lot.

I think this product is great and it will certainly help a lot of people.

For my purposes the free version works just fine. In fact the rating system used on this website is WP Review.

If however, I owned any of the goods /services being sold or when my product reviews blow out to over 50+, then I would definitely think about upgrading then.

WP Review at a Glance

Name: WP Review plug in

Website: https://mythemeshop.com/

Owners: MyThemeShop LLC

Price:     WP Review is FREE

WP Review Pro is (US) $87 full price.   There are regular offers though, so please check the website for the current offering.

Quality and Happiness Rank for WP Review: 93 out of 100

VERDICT: Really nice plug in to have.  I use it almost daily.

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What did you think of this WordPress Plug In Product Review – WP Review? Do you own WP Review or any other themes or plug in’s by My Theme Shop. Do you like them?  Do you use them often?  What is working well for you, what doesn’t work well for you?

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8 thoughts on “WordPress Plug In Product Review – WP Review”

  1. I’m using the WP product review plugin myself and I’m pretty satisfied with it!! Actually, the free version is OK and if you’re not TOO serious about it you can go with the free version till the end.

    But if you want the world out of it, then I would advise you to get the pro version. The difference between free and pro versions is a huge gap.

    1. HI Tyler,

      Thank you for stopping by today, I really appreciate that.

      Thank you also for sharing some of your knowledge and expertise with us.  It is always great to hear from someone else who is actively using and touching the products.

      I am glad that you are getting such a great result. That is wonderful to hear.

      If you are looking for ways to help improve your website rankings, please click here Top #3 Ideas of How To Improve Your Website Ranking

  2. Wow! Thank you for sharing a very easy to read review for WP Review from MyThemesShop.

    Currently, I do have a recipe site for my Vietnamese cooking. However, I have way too many plugins (like more than 10). I will need to clean house and delete the unwanted plugins first before I can install any more.

    Once I am in the clear of plugins, I would love to try out the WP Review. Can’t wait! Now I have another reason for cleaning up my plugins.

    1. Hi Ha,

      Thank you for stopping by today, I really appreciate that. 

      Congratulations on  getting your website up and running and also for getting it to the point of maturity where you have installed 10 plug ins – this is actually a great achievement because it means that you are offering your clients options.

      I hope that your website is going really well for you.

      If you are looking for ways to improve your website rankings, please click here Top #3 Ideas of How To Improve Your Website Ranking

  3. Hey Glenys, I really enjoyed reading your review of WordPress plugins. My problem is that there are so many out there that I would like to use but have too many of them seems to slow down my page speed, but I really want to have a plugin like wp review. Do you know how many plugins I can use on my site while maintaining page speed at the same time?

    1. Hi Aaron,

      Thank you for visiting our website today. I really appreciate that.

      I totally agree with you when you said that there are just sooo many quality plug-ins out there that solve lots of problems with your WordPress website. 

      I too have problems thinking about which plug-ins I should use. I don’t want anything that would slow my website down, but I really need to add plug-ins that will help my audience.

      I have chosen things link EWWW image optimisers, contact forms, pretty link and site speed optimiser because they all help my clients.

      Long term professional bloggers recommend using only 5 plug-ins. Any more than that and you run the risk of slowing your site down.

      Professional bloggers use different tips and tricks to get the benefits of using extra plug-ins without slowing down their websites.  One way to do this is to use paid premium themes rather than the basic free themes.  A second way that people get the benefits of extra plug ins without having them weigh down your site is to think about how you use the plug-in.  An example is broken link checker plug-in.  Many people down load this plug-in, run the program once and then not use it again for a very long time.  

      A better way to approach things is to down load the plug-in and use it, fix all your broken links and then in-install it and move one. That way you get the full benefits of the plug-in when you need it without the extra burden of having it weigh down your website in any way.

      Thanks for stopping by, if you are looking for ways to help improve your website ranking, please click here Top #3 Ideas of How To Improve Your Website Ranking 

  4. Hi Glenys
    Thanks for sharing your review of this WordPress plugin. To be honest I was a bit overwhelmed when I first read about it but you broke it down into simple steps to get started with. This has given me the courage to try using it on my own site!

    1. Hi James,

      Thank you for visiting our website today, I really appreciate that. The aim of this website is to take some ideas and concepts out there in “Internet land” and then break them down into something simple and straight forward so that anyone can believe that they can do it as well.

      I am really happy that this is the impression that you got as well.  Thank you for saying that.

      You said that you already have a website – a HUGE congratulations to you for creating that.  If you would like some extra ideas about how to help promote your website, please click here Top 5 Ways of How To Promote Your Website For FREE

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