The Best Free Traffic Methods

The Best Free Traffic Methods

Now that your website is up and running and live on the internet, you will want to attract website visitors.  We call this Website Traffic or “Traffic” for short. This article is all about giving you access to the best free traffic methods used today.

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As a website owner, the best thing you can do is create quality content that serves the needs of your audience really, really well.  Knowing that you have something worthwhile to offer your customers, step two is to go out and start attracting this “traffic” to your website.

The internet has many ways to make money online.

Website Tree, Source Pixabay, Geralt

Traffic is important for your website if…

  • want to sell your own product at your own site.

  • If you are promoting someone else’s product as an affiliate.

  • If you’re trying to get people to click on Google Adsense ads.

  • If you are creating and then flipping sites for profit

  • If you are blogging to increase your personal brand
  • If you are creating and then flipping sites for profit

    It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting business offers or non-business offers, low-cost offers or high-ticket offers.   If you want to learn how to make a website that makes money, please click here.

    EVERYTHING that you do with your website if you plan on being really successful, you will need TRAFFIC.

    The best sort of traffic is traffic from website visitors who are interested in your topic or niche and ultimately are RESPONSIVE to your offers.

    Ok, now that you know that you want LOTS and LOTS of wonderful and responsive traffic, how exactly are we going to go and get them I hear you ask?


    Here is a list of my top ways to get website traffic.

    Social Media is a great way to get free website traffic

    Social Media Icons, Source Pixabay, LoboStudioHamburg

    Social media

    Social media is a very powerful tool.  Social media has been able to focus the audiences attention span towards topics that are current, relevant and interest them.  Social media is a great way to get immediate, upto date information concerning your niche.  It will give you great ideas for “hot topics” or “hot problems” that you can solve on behalf of your audience.  You can also use social media to position yourself as a “guru” in your particular niche.

    In social media, please don’t hesitate to experiment with what image, banner ad or graphic will lead to a higher click through rate.  What worked 3 months ago might not work today.

    Social Media accounts to consider having are:






    Google Plus

    It is estimated that there are currently over 1000 Social Media options available on the internet.  As such, it is NOT important to be a member of lots and lots and lots of social media sites. The important thing here is to promote quality content through your networks and attract a group of visitors who appreciate your topic.  It can take up a lot of time to cultivate a quality following.  As such, you should only join social networks that are relevant to you or your niche.  This website for example is only connected to 4 social media accounts – Facebook,  Twitter, Pinterest & Twitter.

    Emotional texts and emotional images are more likely to get you extra traffic online.

    Child Laughing, Source Pixabay, kruszyzna0

    Use Emotional Text

    What I mean by this is to put words and pictures into the body of your text and images that make people naturally curious and want to learn more.  If you are selling a product that has a natural price fluctuation or if often on sale, then a simple sentence that reads “for today’s best price, please click here“.  If your audience is genuinely interested in your product, then they would be curious to learn more.  This strategy works really well for airlines and fish mongers.  Do you think it could also work really well for you?

    Select Emotional Images

    Images that create a natural sense of curiosity also sell really well. A friend of mine often says “kids can sell anything” because they are naturally curious about the product and want to know more.

    Many people are drawn to images before they are drawn to reading text.  Have a think about if this step can be successfully applied to your niche?

    Social Bookmarking is a great way to get extra traffic online.

    Social, Source Pixabay, Geralt

    Social Bookmarking

    Social Bookmarking systems allow users save links to web pages that they want to remember and/or share.  This is a great way to pass on quality information to your friend and also a wonderful way for your website visitors to share your amazing content with all their family and friends as well.


    Some well-known social booking website include:

    Reddit Sub-Reddits |

    Pinterest |

    Designer News |

    Product Hunt |

    Hacker News |

    Again the important thing here if for you to spend your time and energy on sites which have an audience that shares something in common with your niche.  In order to find out the best current options for you, please enter “Best Social Bookmarking Sites” into the Google / Bing search engine and then look at the results.

    Video Website Channels

    Video Channels like YouTube are a great way to get traffic online.

    YouTube, Source Pixabay, Geralt

    Video is tipped to be the fastest growing medium on the internet moving forward.  In fact, whenever possible I try to include a video explanation of the topic I am currently talking about. Many, many website bloggers have made lots and lots of money simply by having a standard WordPress website, supported by a YouTube video channel which cross-promotes traffic back and forth between the two mediums.

    The top video websites are:





    Q & A is a great way to get extra traffic online.

    Q & A, Source Pixabay, Josethestoryteller

    Question and Answer Channels.

    Some websites are built around becoming “Authoritative Websites”. If this is you and your niche then having your name or your website’s name mentioned on Authoritative Websites is a great way to boost website traffic.

    Some great websites to be a part of include:


    Yahoo! Answers



    For more ideas about FREE website traffic, please click on this video by Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate.

    Screenshot of Traffic Breakdown by Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate

    Screenshot of Traffic Breakdown by Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate


    Paid advertising is another way to get traffic online.

    Ads, Source Pixabay, JuralMin

    This review of traffic sources would not be complete without talking about paid traffic sources.  Here the website owner (you) will pay an advertising fee to another website owner in order to boost traffic to your website. Prices vary widely.  It is best to focus on using companies that can correctly link your advertisements with a targeted, relevant audience. Many people only use paid advertisements in partnership with a dedicated “landing page” that links exactly with the message on the advertisements.  This is the best way not to “burn through your money” by having lots of click, but no sales.

    The most widely known programs on the internet at the moment are:

    Google Adwords

    Pinterest Ads


    Bing Ads



    If you want to learn how to make a website that makes money, please click here.   Learning how to run a business online properly is great.

    To learn more about On-Page SEO, please click here.

    Did you find this information about the best free traffic methods useful? Have you tried any in the past? Did they work well for you? Did it not go well for you?  What works better in your niche the free traffic sources or the paid traffic sources?  Every niche is different so please don’t hesitate to play around with lots of different options until you find the one that works best for you.

    Please feel free to leave any comments, likes, hints or suggestions in the comment field below.

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14 thoughts on “The Best Free Traffic Methods”

  1. One of the things that I learned since starting this business is how important traffic is because traffic is the lifeblood or lifeline of any online business, If there is no traffic then you have no business. trying to generate traffic is also another issue that is not easy at all but thanks so much for this awesome post that will be a great hope to so many people.

    1. Hi Norman,

      Thank you for stopping by today. I appreciate you sharing a little of your knowledge and understanding with our website visitors today. I agree. You can have a BEAUTIFUL looking website, but if you don’t have any traffic, then unfortunately you don’t actually have a business.

      I can see why so many people rely on Social Media to get fresh traffic for them. Google and other search engines are great, but if the algorithm changes and you fall out of favour then you are lost.

      If you are looking at ways to improve your website rankings, please click here Top #3 Ideas of How To Improve Your Website Ranking

  2. Thank you for all the tips on the best free traffic methods. I am actually promoting the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and I can contest how much this Online Program has helped me to make money on the Internet.
    I’m in the first stages of setting up an Instagram Account and wondered if you got some handy tips doing this?
    Cheers, Jeff.

    1. HI Jeff,

      Thank you for stopping by today, I really appreciate that. Thank you also for sharing some of your knowledge and experience with us today.

      If sounds like you are an Affiliate member of Wealthy Affiliate.  Well done, I am glad that you were able to find some quality products to promote on the internet that can benefit both you and your audience.

      Social Media accounts. It is great that you have moved into social media. I have Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterst.  I find that I get some really good traffic from Facebook at the moment (yes, even with all the bad publicity going on at the moment.) I don’t have an Instagram account. I have heard some good things about them. They are owned by Facebook.

      If you are looking for ways to help improve your website rankings, please click here Top #3 Ideas of How To Improve Your Website Ranking

  3. Traffic is the most important thing to any website. I have tried pinterest and facebook and for me pinterest worked better. I got more followers and more traffic to my website with that.
    Do you have any tips on how to get more traffic through facebook? I would really appreciate some tips and suggestions! Thank you

    1. Hi Justina,

      Thank you for visiting my website I really appreciate that.

      I agree with you that traffic is #1 to think about with your marketing efforts.

      I am happy to hear that you have been experimenting with different social media accounts. I think that is important – not all accounts will work for everyone.

      I am glad that Pinterest seems to be working for you at the moment.

      I am working on reviewing my Facebook strategy at the moment. There were some major algorithms changes recently and I need to review how I approach Facebook. Also with all the privacy concerns, many people are leaving Facebook so I need to watch my Facebook to website traffic link.  If my numbers get too low then I will definitely have to ramp up some other social media platforms like Google Plus and Pinterest.

      Thanks for stopping by today. If you would like some extra ideas about how you can improve your website ranking and get more organic customers please click here Top #3 Ideas of How To Improve Your Website Ranking

  4. Love this article. And I totally agree, without traffic, you have no business and you can’t make money.

    Some people would just be happy if ANYBODY comes to check out their website. Whether they convert or not. Not good.

    You want the RIGHT traffic that’s actually interested in your product or services to become your subscribers, customers, clients and readers. Otherwise, what’s the point?

    1. HI Shannon,

      Thank you for stopping by and visiting our website today.

      I really like your comments and TOTALLY agree with you. I also think that you want the RIGHT traffic that is actually interest in your product or services to become your subscribers, customers, clients and readers.  Otherwise well….. well you really are just blogging for yourself.

      For people that want to share information for a few close family and friends, that is fine. for anyone hoping to grow a profitable online business, then they need to strive for better quality, more closely targeted traffic.

      Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with our readers today.  If you would like some tips on how to help improve your website rankings please click here Top #3 Ideas of How To Improve Your Website Ranking

  5. I run a number of websites and I’m always looking for ways to get more traffic, especially free traffic. Without traffic a website is pretty useless no matter what the goal.

    I know social media works really well for some people, but I’ve never been able to make it work effectively for me, except paid Facebook ads.

    I really need to get into doing some videos. It’s something I haven’t tried yet, although I know I should. Thanks for the great tips.

    1. Hi Darren,

      Thank you for stopping by today, I really appreciate that.  You are right, without traffic our websites would be very lonely and we don’t be able to meet out business goals.

      Thank you for sharing your personal experience with social media.  I thank you for your honesty that Facebook is not working effectively for you, unless you pay for advertising.  You are right of course, the Facebook algorithm makes it harder and harder for small business owners to cut through the noise and clutter and really stand out.

      I wish you every success as you branch out into the world of videos. I hope that it works really well for you.

      All the best for the future.  If you are looking at ways to increase your website rankings with internal links, please click here Internal Links For SEO

  6. Traffic is my biggest problem right now. I have a site with sixty pages and posts and from the feedback people have given me, I have understood that my content is pretty good.
    Now I am looking for ways to get more traffic as SEO does not work to well for m (or maybe I am doing things wrong)
    I do think your suggestions are really good and I am particularly interested in the question and answer channels as a lot of people in my niche (dog training) are looking for answers to particular problems so I will try this and also try social bookmarking sites.
    Thanks for a great post.

    1. Hi Jojo, thank you for visiting our website today, I really appreciate that.

      You are not alone to say that traffic is one of the biggest on-going challenges with your website.  This current website is still very new and only has around 20 Posts of content.  Because it is so new I am very conscious about exploring new ways to get traffic to the site.  I am happy to hear that some of my suggestions will be beneficial to you and your readers.  Thank you for saying that.  As you learn of new ways to generate traffic, please come back and share them with us.

      I am sorry to hear that SEO I not working in your niche.  I hope that Q & A will be the difference that you are hoping for.

      When you write out your posts if you are looking for new ways to get royalty free images, please feel free to take a look at this link Where To Find Free Website Pictures – 29 Awesome Sites

      Thank you again for stopping by.


  7. Hi Glenys, thanks for the tips. I have been using facebook, twitter, and Google + myself. I tried to use Pinterest but I hate the interface so much, I always feel so confused when trying to Pin something, and that social network just loads so slow for me. I have been thinking about getting involved with Pinterest. I hear that network is one of the best places to promote a niche website.

    Great suggestion with the video incorporation as well. Another thing I am looking to dabble in. have any recommendations for equipment? Like a Mic?

    1. Hi Jacob,

      Thank you for visiting today and thank you also for sharing your personal experience with our audience.  I am really happy to hear that you are currently playing around with which social networks suits both you and your audience the best.  There really are over 1000 social networks currently (and growing everyday), so being open to the right ones is really important.  I understand what you mean about Pinterest, it has taken me a while to get my head around it as well. If you would like some more royalty free photo ideas, please click this link Where To Find Free Website Pictures – 29 Awesome Sites. Please let me know how you go with experimenting with new platforms moving forward, you learn something new everyday.

      Videos.  Yes, the use of videos is skyrocketing and definitely growing mainly driven by user demand. I know lots of bloggers who have moved over into the “V-blogging space” and are now earning a full time income.  This is going to be a growth area for myself as well.  I too am currently researching equipment options.  At this early stage I am simply using the combination of my smart phone and my family web camera.  I will definitely upgrade to quality equipment soon though.

      Thank you again for stopping by.  You have really helped to educate our readers and I really appreciate that. 

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