Success Stories

Welcome to this page dedicated to showing some success stories that different people have gotten from starting out in affiliate marketing.

The one thing that I want to say is that success looks differently to different people.

Some people do affiliate marketing to earn an extra $500 per month.

Some people do affiliate marketing to earn a full time income.

Some people do affiliate marketing as a hobby.

Some people do affiliate marketing to challenge themselves to learn new things and meet new people.

We are all different and so success looks differently to all of us as well.

Personally, I started out in affiliate marketing because I wanted too

1) make money from home.

2) I also wanted to pick my own products / services to talk about.

3) I wanted to challenge myself to learn a skill that I did not know before.

4) I wanted to join a community with support.

Affiliate marketing has delivered on all of these things and more.

What about you? Why are you looking to start affiliate marketing?

Please feel free to leave any comments, hints or suggestions in the comments field below.

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Money Success

Progress – about $500 in October!

Much to my astonishment, my blog was working overtime while I was snoozing. Adsense started picking up, and the commissions started coming in. So I picked up the publishing pace in October, engaged in more comment trades, and I’m shocked to see from all sources I made almost $500.
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Another Great Month – July Progress Report

As I’ve gone through this journey here at WA, I’ve always said that if I can make $100 in a month, then I can make $200 the following month.

If I can make $1000 in a month, then I can make $2000 the next. I’m sure you get the point. I pretty much feel I can double my earnings from month to month.

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Eric Cantu

The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews are in! Wealthy Affiliate is hands down the best online training and mentorship community you can find! Whether you’re researching Wealthy Affiliate reviews online seeing this platform for the first time, or whether you’ve just created your free starter account, or even if you’re a Wealthy Affiliate veteran, let’s cover the steps you should be taking to set yourself up for success. Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it? Absolutely!

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Enjoying the Journey


These wonderful caring new friends at Wealthy Affiliate have nurtured me through entering the online world and getting to grips with the amazing training available. It has been daunting at my age to begin something so alien. It is so reassuring knowing that there is always someone to help when I get stuck. They have a 24/7 helpline. 

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Within the third day of the trial membership I built my own website, had started publishing content for it, and had a sense of pride. Within 3 days of being here I accomplished something that I had tried to do online by myself for years, but either I would start something then I didn’t have the time or patience to finish it, or there was hidden costs once you really got into it. Or it was something that didn’t live up to what was promised, or just a straight up scam.

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I make good enough money from the internet most of the time and try my best to help others achieve the same level and beyond of the success as I have.

Since joining Wealthy Affiliate I have contributed in a positive way and have published hundreds of blogs on the varied aspects of earning an income online. I should add, the information within these blogs is based on my own experience and lots of research so don’t take my word as absolute gospel. 

Click here to read some training from Robert-A.


Creating an online business is something I have always wanted to do and helping people, so the 2 work well together. Off another exciting journey

I kept looking for a platform that would help me develop the skills I needed to build a website that would not be drifting out there but one that would attract visitors and get things rolling for me.

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I am creating an additional income here, and am very confident, seen the results, that my income will be doubled, even tripled 🙂 when the time comes I retire.

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I Have a New Purpose in Life

I just turned 50 and any day now I am going to be a Grandma for the first time. Two of my children are out of the house and my youngest is a Senior in High School. She will be gone next year. I surely am not looking forward to that.

Life After Retirement

For some of us, we are busy trying to build our primary businesses, which take the majority of our time. Even those who are retired ( like myself) are extremely busy climbing the summit of success in our respective niches.

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I’m committed to my success and have a deep desire to help others – especially my age group – to step out of that financial quicksand. My “why” that keeps me going: to get to point where money no longer dictates my actions.

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General Success


Finally, I got my first USD 51.98. It came from two promotional links placement. An online service website offered me to pay a fee if I want to put the website links on my posts.

This is a big amount of money compared to advertisement revenue. I am grateful because I only have 25 posts. Hopefuly the number will grow along with my website’s growth.

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You Can Do This!

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