Product Review – Wealthy Affiliate

Product Review – Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to make money online blogging

Screen Shot Of The Log In Screen Of Wealthy Affiliate

Help is available if you would like to make money blogging online

Help Button, Source Pixabay, Geralt

• URL:
• Owners: Kyle and Carson
Membership Prices: Starter (Free), Premium $49/month or $359 per year
• Website Appearance & Navigation: Simple and easy to navigate around.
• Training: Very easy to follow with progress saved.  This makes it really easy to continue on from where you left off.
Website Builder: Lots of FREE WordPress Themes (pre-made templates) & SiteRubix Hosting easy to use and work though in step by step detail so you can’t get “lost”
• Support: Accessible 24 / 7 days a week = AMAZING!

As a new starter, you DEFINITELY need to know that someone is available in the background to help you out when you get stuck with any technical problems.

This ONE fact alone is HUGE for many people.

If you need a place to teach you how to build your own website and be your own boss check out the site I useFREE trial, no credit card required


The community will help you make money blogging online

Screenshot of the Wealthy Affiliate Community Q & A Noticeboard

This is a Product Review – Wealthy Affiliate.  It contains a look at some of the standout features and benefits of this product and has some of the top reasons why I like to use this product.

• Community:

The online community at Wealthy Affiliate has over 1,000,000 members. Someone is ALWAYS around to answer any questions or help you out if you get stuck. With all this knowledge someone DEFINITEY has the answer to your question. No question is too “easy” and no question is “too hard”.



The First Q & A Opportunity To Ask And Receive Help 

There are two places to ask questions in Wealthy Affiliate the middle section here is the Community Q & A Session, where you are free to ask questions or make comments and other people in the community can offer replies.

The Second Q & A Opportunity To Ask And Receive Help

The second section is on the right hand side of the page. This is referred to as “live chat” and is usually for people who need IMMEDIATE feedback or assistance regarding a problem.  The community is so large that someone is always around to answer a question 24 /7.

By using both of these two Q & A format opportunities, you will never feel “alone” or “stuck”.  There is always someone around for you.

The Third Q & A Opportunity To Ask And Receive Help

The third Q & A Opportunity for you is to send someone a Private Message (PM) and they usually respond pretty quickly.   In this example you would see a comment or question from a member, then you would look on their profile and then email them a Private Message (PM).  This member would then get back to you regarding your email privately.  The advantage of this Private Message (PM) system is that you comments are NOT made publically available to the wider community.  Personally I actually preferred this method when I first started out. I really didn’t want my messages shown to so many people so quickly.

A Comment About The Community

The other great thing about the community is that everyone has different levels of skills and expertise. Some people are complete new comers and just starting out and have basic questions. Other people are more advanced and ask very specific technical questions about either WordPress or hosting or Facebook or Local Marketing etc. Because the community is so large and active, then many people are willing to answer any questions that you might have.

One of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is that it is designed with compete new beginners in mind.

I mean COMPLETE BEGINNERS.  I am so sure of this fact because once upon a time, yes I was a complete beginner too.

This programme takes you through step by step what is involved in marketing on the internet.  The steps include:

IF you want to earn revenue online, please click here.

  1. Choose an interest (niche) to talk about
  2. Build your website via WordPress with hosting. It’s FREE and AMAZING!
  3. Get ranking and visitors.
  4. Earn money selling other people’s products (or create your own) to the traffic you have created.


Wealthy Affiliate has been designed for the complete new beginner in mind.
They support you through the process of starting a website, building up content and then publishing this content onto the web.
It is also for people who require additional or specific technical information regarding something very specific to their website. Members get to ask question regarding different “plug in’s ” to make their site run better or different ways of attracting visitors to their site.


Wealthy affiliate is a step by step guide about how to create your own website and then publish it to the internet. It helps you understand what is required to get traffic and ultimately make money from your website.

It also offers realistic advice about how long the process of making money on the internet will take.


The Certification Course Overview of Wealthy Affiliate Main Education Course

The Certification Course Overview of Wealthy Affiliate Main Education Course

How the program works is that you have five certification courses that you work through.
The different levels have been broken down into different subjects to work through step by step, including the one that we all want – building your own website, getting it hosted and then creating the first of your content.

It’s wonderful just how much knowledge you can get here for FREE.

Please click here to claim your free 1 week subscription to Wealthy Affiliate.


The Wealthy Affiliate program is a fully online program. There are no hardcopy books or documents to print and take up bookshelf space in your study or home office.

All you need to both access the training and then publish and run your own website based internet business is simply a computer with an internet connection. You are then free to sit back, relax and you really can build your very own website in the same time that it takes you to have a cup of coffee.


Anyone can make money online from their desktop

Computer Desktop, Source Pixabay, OpenClipart-Vectors

The training is available 24 / 7 per week and is truly a world wide course.  All you need to access the training is a computer with an internet connection.

Because they are a global internet community of over 1,000,000 members, then support is always available because someone is always online and ready, willing and able to answer any questions that you might have.

The FREE Wealthy Affiliate program is valid for 1 week (7 days). Yes that’s right you get 1 week of FREE training to really get you going to see if this is for you.


That’s brilliant. It means that there is simply no risk to you at all just to have a free look around and see if you like it.


Why get stuck in a traffic jam if you don't have to? Work from home instead

Traffic Jam, Source Pixabay, Anaterate

Wealthy Affiliate is all about helping people who are new to the internet marketing space understand how to create their own website and make a full time income working for home.
This is perfect for LOTS of people including:

• People who are realising that they don’t like their job anymore
• People who are sick of driving (commuting) long distances to work
• People who want to be at home more for the kids
• People who have an injury that they are recovering from
• People who need more money than what their current job provides
• People who have kids and need some extra money to pay for their sporting activities or music lessons
• People who want some extra money to treat the family on a fabulous holiday once a year
• People who have lost their jobs recently and need a few extra dollars

The best part about Wealthy Affiliate – The First Week Is 100% FREE!

No Money

No Money, Source WikiEditing, RomanLier

The best part about Wealthy Affiliate is that you get the first week for FREE. Personally, I really appreciated walking around and checking out the website before having to make a financial commitment to the program.

This way I could PERSONALLY see if this program was right for me or not. I really appreciate that.

Building Your Website in 30 Seconds, Literally

Building Your Website in 30 Seconds, Literally

The Second Best Part – The Step By Step Training Offered

I would say that the second best part of this program was that it was broken down into “bite sized” chunks. Many of the lessons also have a video tutorial with them, so I could follow any technical steps one by one.

I really needed that with some of the steps like building a WordPress website in only 30 seconds (Yes Really!). Click here to see how it can be done.


The Third Best Part – The On-line Community

Wealthy Affiliate has an online community that is there to help you.

Clasped Hands, Source Pixabay, Skeeze

The third best part of the Wealthy Affiliate program is the online community. Wealthy Affiliate has an online community of over 1,000,000 members. Lots of them are active on any given day, regardless of if it’s day or night. This means that if you get stuck with a part of the training or stuck with something specific to do with your website in the “real world”, you can ask a question of the community and many, many members will reply to you with an answer.

Personally, I have found the collective knowledge of the group to be outstanding. I am very grateful for all the knowledge that they have shared with me.


Wealthy Affiliate can help you.

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

If you would like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, please click this link to go to the Wealthy Affiliate home page. This is the “front door” for your membership and will give you access to 1 weeks FREE training (no credit card required) via the Wealthy Affiliate training program.

Try Wealthy Affiliate Now

If you would like to learn how to make a website that makes money, please click hereYou are not alone, click here for help

I really like to talk about anything to do with internet marketing or working from home. Have you tried Wealthy Affiliate, did it work for you. What parts were yes and what parts were no? Have you tried any other programs? If yes which ones are your favourite? Please feel free to let me know your thoughts via the comments section below.

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18 thoughts on “Product Review – Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. Hi, great and thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate. I like how easy to follow it was. I myself have been a member of wealthy affiliate for a bit over a year. A go-to place for me to always be learning and absorbing information like a sponge on my quest to become a millionaire. I can tell every day that I am getting closer to that goal!

    1. Hi Jacob,

      Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate that.  I am glad that you are using the product and enjoying it.  It always makes me feel good to hear that I am recommending products and services that help people out.

      you sound like you already have a website up and running.  A common problem for any existing website owners is “how do I get access to royalty free photo’s?” To answer this question I have created a blog post.  You can read it here Where To Find Free Website Pictures – 29 Awesome Sites

      Thank you so much for stopping by.

  2. Hi Glenys,
    Cool website alright very informative and packed with great content. Very well put together. Thanks for leaving a comment on my website. Yeah i need to fix a few things up on it…. needs a bit of work done to it. I’ve been with WA for about 7mths and still trying to get my head around a few things but i’ll get there… Thanks for the handup…(Your Comment you left).
    All the best on your Endeavors and Journey in life & at WA Kind Regards JesseB1

    1. HI Jesse,

      Thanks for stopping by. I am happy to help you out. We all need to learn and to grow together.
      The next stage of website development for many people is getting royalty free images for their posts. If you are interested in learning more, I have written a post on just this topic. Please feel free to read it here. I hope it helps you a lot.

      Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. Hi, this is nice a very extended review about WA. It couldn’t be better I really like it. The website is also built very clear clearly. Keep on the nice contenting. This website helped me. thank you.

  4. I believe the tech support you get from Wealthy Affiliate is definitely worth the cost of membership by itself. Instant response and action. Also, your take on the bite sized chunks is spot on. I call them baby steps. You don’t get introduced to something until you are comfortable where you are and ready to move on. Great review and thanks for the info. Well done.

    1. HI Warren, thank you for stopping by my website today.  Yes you are right, Wealthy Affiliate does offer some technical support.  I personally found this feature important, because I am not 100% confident in these technical matters so I appreciate having support on hand 24 / 7 days per week if I need it.

      Thank you for stopping by.

  5. Wealthy Affiliate gives an amazing opportunity to be successful in online business. The insight you gave and an extensive explanation to this articles have made me want to sign up immediately, l want to thank you for putting in some much time to expose the number one online business opportunity that can keep one successful for a lifetime.
    My question is, upon sign up, do l create a website myself or one have to do it for me because l am a Newbie?

    1. Hello and thank you for dropping by today.  I really appreciate that.  Thank you also for your kind words. 

      You left some very positive comments. I was wondering if you have used Wealthy Affiliate yourself?  If yes, what are some of the things offered by Wealthy Affiliate that work well for you?

      In answer to your question, when you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate you are given step by step training on how to create your own website. Step include selecting a domain name, help with hosting, choosing a WordPress theme etc. 

      For my top tips on choosing a domain name, please click here Essential Step – Choosing A Good Domain Name – The Next Step

      All the best to you for the future.

  6. I have been looking into becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a little while now. I was actually a member about 8 years back, but didn’t anything with it and struggled with wondering if it was legitimate or not. At the time I had been scammed so many times, that I just gave up on the whole concept of being able to earn a living from home. Here I am now, seriously considering Wealthy Affiliate. You have given me a lot of great information to help get me going and just become a member. How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate and how has it been for you so far?

    1. Hello and thank you for stopping by our website today.

      It sounds like you have been looking at different ways to make money on line for over 8 years now.  I agree that there are lots of scams out there that you have to be careful of.  I think it is great that you are taking your time about things.  You really need to weigh up your options.  There are only so many hours in the day right?

      I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for around 5 months now and in that time I have built 5 websites.  The knowledge that I am gaining is invaluable to me.

      Have you managed to build a website yet?  Why don’t you take the New Website in 30 second challenge?  It took me around 2 minutes.  See if you can beat my time. 3 BEST FREE Do It Yourself (DIY) Website Builders

  7. This article is straightforward and informative.

    I heard a lot about Wealthy Affiliate through a friend of mine earning money online.

    I am just thinking if I will give a try and join because I don’t have any experience in blogging and programming.

    Is it necessary to have such experience before I started?

    1. HI Delro,

      Thank you for visiting us today and your kind words regarding our website.  Straight forward and informative, YES! that was certainly my intention.  I am glad that you found it that way as well.

      I am happy to hear that you have already heard a lot about Wealthy Affiliate from your friend.  I hope they are using the program and achieving great things.

      With regards to experience regarding blogging and programming, don’t worry I WAS A COMPLETE BEGINNER myself before joining Wealthy Affiliate.  They have a step by step guide to help you along.

      With the internet, you really must give it a go.  Simply reading a blog and thinking that you have the knowledge without actually doing it is not the best way to learn.

      Have you taken the “build a website in 30 seconds challenge?” It is a great way for complete new comers to challenge themselves to build a FREE WordPress website in under 30 seconds. Let me know how you go.  It took me around 2 minutes.  See if you can beat my time. 3 BEST FREE Do It Yourself (DIY) Website Builders

      Thank you again for stopping by.

  8. Thank you so much for this very informative review. If I wasn’t already a member of WA I would definitely look into it after reading your review. Good job!

    1. Hi Chaundell,

      Thank you so much for stopping by today. I really appreciate that. It’s good to know that their are other members of Wealthy Affiliate out there on the internet. It’s always great to think that you are not the “only one” doing something.

      I really appreciate you taking the time to share some of your feedback regarding Wealthy Affiliate.

      If you would like to know a little bit about a plug in which might help you, please feel free to have a look at a recent article I wrote on the WP Review Plugin, .

      Thanks again for stopping by.

  9. This article is such a thorough overview of the amazing WA opportunity! So many thanks for taking the time to create this page. It is such an honor to be part of the WA community! It has completely changed my life. I wish you great success in your online business. I know you will reach high pinnacles.
    And the more people that know about Wealthy Affiliate, the happier the planet will be!
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Hi Ariel,

      Thank you for stopping by today. I am SUPER excited to see you because not only are you one of our first visitors to our brand new website, but you are also the VERY FIRST person to leave a website comment.
      Thank you so much for that!! You have certainly made my day.
      Thank you also for your kind comments and support. I really appreciate that.
      You sound like you are already a part of the WA community. I am glad that you are enjoying your time as part of WA and that it has made many wonderful changes to your life.
      If you would like any additional information about how to use WordPress better, please feel free to take a look at some other articles that I wrote including a product review on WordPress plug in’s such as WP Review. It can be found here
      Thank you again for stopping by. You really have made my day!!

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