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Making Money After 50 will help you earn extra income.

Can You Make A Website In The Same Time It Takes You To Have A Cup Of Coffee? YES YOU CAN!

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When I first started out with Internet Marketing, I didn’t know how to build a website and I didn’t know how to get traffic.  This is a HUGE barrier for most people.  The internet may have 8 billion people online, but how do I find even 100 of them to look at my website?

This is a massive problem for many new starters in the Internet space.  Wealthy Affiliate helped me overcome this problem by guiding me on how to quickly and easily build a website.

In the space of only a few minutes, I had picked a website name (domain name), selected a theme (website “look” and “feel”) and was able to get basic content up easily.

This REALLY, REALLY surprised me.  I honestly thought it would be closer to a “major project”, but in truth Wealthy Affiliate make it all so simple that it can be done in the time it takes to have a cup of coffee. Wow!!

Money making opportunities

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Newbies Need Support – Do you agree?

OK now that your website is up and running (even in it’s  current “basic” form) NOW WHAT?

As a person new to Internet Marketing, I felt really proud that my website existed, but what do I do next?  I had so many questions.  Perhaps you do too?  Questions like, “So how do I get “traffic”, how do I add POSTS and how do I add my Social Media Accounts?

These are all excellent questions and show that you are serious about developing your website further.

Luckily, all of these questions are covered in tutorials which can be found in Wealthy Affiliate.

A tutorial that I really like is called “How To Increase Traffic To The Website” Author is the Wealthy Affiliate Member Loes

Please feel free to click the link and have a look at the tutorial within Wealthy Affiliate for yourself.


Another topic that is creating quite a buzz at the moment in the online space is AMAZON.  Lots of people with an existing website want to know HOW do I add AMAZON links and products to my current website.

Here is a quick tutorial on just how to do that.  Please feel free to click the link and have a look around for free.  Instant Access to a MILLION products

The community can help you make money

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Help From The Community

Every person has unique goals for their website and the Internet is just SOOOO big, it’s impossible to know everything about everything.

This is where the Community can help.  The Wealthy Affiliate Community is one of the kindest and most supportive communities out there.  Whatever you are working on or whatever your current challenge is, you can tap into a community of people who have faced that challenge before.

What internet question would you like to know the answer to? I bet you have a very specific question that relates to your EXACT situation.

  • Perhaps it’s about website creation?
  • Perhaps it’s about content creation?
  • Perhaps it’s about Google Keyword Tracking?
  • Perhaps it’s about Google Analytics or Google Search Console?
  • Perhaps it’s about creating an email list?
  • Perhaps it’s about creating a newsletter?
  • Perhaps it’s about embedding video’s on your website?

The community knows all my friend!  Whatever your exact question is, please email me at the link below with your exact question / topic that you want to know about and I will get you an answer usually within 24 hours.

Making Money After 50 will help you earn extra money at any age. The Internet is for EVERYONE and you too can earn a full time income working part time from home.  Step 1 is as easy as deciding on HOW you would like to make money on line.  Many people have decided to make money blogging. To see if this is for you, please click here to learn more.

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How to Claim Your Bonus…

When you join your FREE Starter Account, I am going to offer you a bonus if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days (including a 59% discount).  When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate, I will be personally contacting you on your profile with my “hello” and some more information about WA, how to get help from me, and how to claim your bonus. Try Wealthy Affiliate Now

You will never know what you have been missing all of these years until you step foot inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

I really like to know your thoughts about Making Money After 50 – Money Opportunity Wealthy Affiliate. When I get feedback from my website visitors I can then write better content that matches what they want to know.  Please feel free to leave me some thoughts, comments or recommendations in the section below.

Thank you for visiting our website today.

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8 thoughts on “Making Money After 50 – Money Opportunity Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. Cool Info
    Wealthy Affiliate is really a nice platform, that helps people to make money and the cool thing about the website and the platform is that it is user friendly and beginners will really get along with the training and actions that involves making money online, without hitches.
    Your review is really information and will give the new ones the needed information and idea, about the platform.

    1. Hi Xcypher thank you for stopping by today.

      I am glad that you think Wealthy Affiliate is a nice platform.  Yes, I agree that I like earning money as well!

      When I first started I was a “newbie” in this industry and now my skills are really quite high. 

      I am constantly learning new things everyday.  For example I am hoping to create a membership site soon.

      Thank you for stopping by. 

  2. Hello there! I work 5 times a week Monday to Friday 8 hours a day. But the money I earn is just enough for my need and I wanted to buy some things that I want. I want to do some part time job online but I don’t know which one should I do. Do you think that wealthy affiliate is a great way to earn extra money online?

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you for visiting us today,
      I really appreciate that.  Yes, I have many, many commitments during the
      week as well.  My motivation for being on line is to earn an income around
      the needs of my family.

      Being online will give me the
      flexibility to work any time of the day that works best for my family.

      Wealthy Affiliate has shown me
      how to build different website to get traffic and sell items.  Currently I
      am working on a membership site (for a brand new website).  The options
      are limited only by your imagination.

      Do you already have an existing
      website?  Would you like some ideas around where to get FREE photo’s to
      help your website?  If yes, please feel free to have a look at this
      article I wrote with the help of some Wealthy Affiliate Members.  3 BEST FREE Do It Yourself (DIY) Website Builders

  3. This makes getting a website seem very simple but how long will it take before I can earn money, which is the reason I want to start a website.

    1. Thank you for stopping by today, I really appreciate that. Thank you also for your kind words that my website makes getting a website seem very simple, I really wanted my website visitors to know that they can do it. They really can work from home and have a successful website business if they really want to.

      In relation to the money part – you are right, it really is the #1 reason that most people start down this path in the first place. The timeframe however is actually unknown. There are several reasons for this including if people want to do this full time or part time.

      Another main factor to consider is the amount of money people want to invest in this business. Personally, I don’t really want to invest much upfront. As a result of this my results have to come “organically” or slowly. I am aware of many other people who are prepared to invest money in advertising and “pay per click” campaigns. If you did this successfully then your time would be sped up dramatically. If however you were unsuccessful then you would experience heavy losses early on which might close your business down for good.

      Thanks again for visiting and please come back and let us know your progress. I am sure that my website visitors would love to know.

  4. That is a really simple and great post – you kept it simple and made it simple to understand, and THAT I really like!
    Wealthy Affiliate does make it simple and easy to follow for all and any one who is new to the world of internet and computers can follow their instructions, which are really well done!
    Thanks for this review, I think you have covered just about everything a “Newbie” would need!
    Good luck on your journey….

    1. Hi Orion,

      Thank you for stopping by. You are one of the first ever visitors to our website. Thank you for that. Thank you also for your kind comments. Yes, I agree that simplicity is a wonderful thing. Many people make things more complicated that they really are. I am not sure what stage your website is at (or even if you have one or not), but if you are interested I have written a follow up article titled Traffic is such an important part of any website that learning how to grow traffic is a mandatory skill. I hope you find some tips and tricks here that will help you.

      Thanks again for stopping by.

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