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In affiliate marketing we all want to know, how do we go about making lots of money. ClickBank is a very popular affiliate network that lots of affiliate marketers have looked at, so today we will look at how to make money with ClickBank.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a very well-known and industry leading affiliate network program. What this means is that they are an external company that has contacted a lot of different organizations and offered to run an affiliate marketing program on their behalf. Then ClickBank helps match an affiliate marketer with a Brand or a product. ClickBank can also help co-ordinate the sale and the money transfer and they can also help audit the special affiliate links in case of a dispute.

They built their reputation by dealing with digital products.

They also offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

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Why Do Affiliate Marketers Use ClickBank

1) One of the top reasons why affiliate marketers use ClickBank is definitely for the money.

ClickBank built their reputation selling digital products with a 60-day money back guarantee. They have literally helped MILLIONS and MILLIONS of transactions since they first stared.

Some people really like buying from ClickBank.

As an affiliate marketer you only get paid if a sale is made, so more sales = more money.

2) High Commission Programs

ClickBank also have a reputation for selling mainly high commission programs. Many of ClickBank programs offer commissions of around 50% and there are lots of vendors that offer up to 70% commissions.

If there was a similar product selling on Amazon, you could expect somewhere between 1%-10% commission on that successful sale.

This difference in commission payout makes the offer to promote ClickBank products very attractive indeed.

3) Lots of Niches Are Covered

ClickBank does have a wide variety of products for you to choose from.

Yes, I will admit easily the most common category has to do with digital products. They also have a steady stream of physical products coming through as well.

This choice and variety of products is what a lot of affiliate marketers are looking for.

In order to give yourself the best chance of maximizing a sale, you will need to ask yourself:

1) WHO in this niche are actually buying products on the internet (this is how you make money online, so you need to focus on the money part of your business or you will go broke!)

2) What are they buying?

Do you target customers like to buy books to read or physical products?

Hot Tip

If you are new to your niche or industry you can always do a search on (topic name + forum) and go and visit a forum in your niche to see what sort of problems and solutions people in your niche are looking for.

There are only so many hours in the day, so you must put your time and energy into areas that will pay you the greatest amount of $ for the least amount of effort. It really is just a basic business decision around Return On Investment (ROI on time).

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4) ClickBank’s ‘Gravity’ Rating Will Help You Find Good Products

When we are first starting out with affiliate marketing and if you are new to using ClickBank then you just won’t instantly know which product is a wonderful product for your niche.

It’s only natural right? We all have to start somewhere and build up our skills.

ClickBank’s Gravity rating will help you.

An absolute brand new product on day #1 will have a Gravity score of zero.

A product that is selling well and has a low number of refunds will have a high gravity score.

A product that has been around for long time and has not sold munch at all will have a low gravity score.

Screenshot – ClickBank Gravity search

Hot tip for new people

When you are first starting out with ClickBank try to focus on products that have a gravity score of 20 or above. This shows that the product has made a few sales and few other affiliate marketers are making some money from the product.

If you see this, give it a go and see if you can make some money as well. If you really like a brand new product with a gravity score of zero, you can always come back and promote them later.

Please remember: No one is better than you, no one is smarter than you. They have just figured out how to make a lot of money in affiliate marketing before you did. If they found a way to make it work, you can as well.

5) Good To Gauge Activity in Your Niche

Some niches are really popular online and some aren’t. It’s just a simple fact of the web.

You can use ClickBank as a point of reference to see what sorts of products are selling on the web for your niche. Have a look and see if there are any products that would work well for your audience. Take your time and look over the Gravity ratings so see if those products are selling well or not.

Have a look to see what sort of commissions you can earn.

If you like the look of the options on ClickBank – go for it.

If you don’t – then look up other affiliate programs knowing that you can get $x from ClickBank or $x + extra if you went somewhere else.

It all helps you to learn and to grow and to understand the needs of your clients and how to help your audience better.

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6) Some Vendors Have A Great Sales Page

There are only so many hours in the day right? Some vendors on ClickBank totally get this and have gone to a lot of trouble to create different sales tools to make your job a lot easier.

Some vendors don’t understand marketing very well and they leave the whole marketing and sales process up to you.

It really is a mixed bag, but when you come across a vendor that understands marketing, then your job can suddenly get a lot easier.

Some vendors create outstanding sales pages and landing pages and advertising banners that all help you, help your clients understand if they want to buy this product or not.

Some vendor pages look really professional.

Some vendor pages contain a lot of information that helps your customer make a buying decision.

The more sales that you can make = the more money you earn.

Some Things I Really Like About ClickBank

Some things that I really like about ClickBank are:

1) It pays higher commissions (av 50-70%) which are better than lots of other affiliate programs out there.

2) Customers have a 60-day money back guarantee. It’s great that your customers can have a 60-day money back guarantee so that if you accidentally recommend a product that is not a good fit for their needs, then the customer can return it for a refund.

3) The Gravity score lets me know which products are selling well and which ones I should put my time and money into.

4) Get paid for the whole sales pipeline. Many ClickBank sellers allow you to get paid for the whole sales pipeline and not just the first sale upfront. ClickBank call this “re-bills”. You can see if a particular product offers “rebills” or not by the icons at the bottom of the summary information. It also gives you a guide as to how much money you could reasonably expect to make per month from rebills.

Rebills are also really nice to have because most products have a low starting price and the up sells are usually for more money. More money = more commissions

Overall Bonus Tip

An extra bonus tip that I would like to give you is that now you are professional affiliate marketer it’s OK to approach companies and say that you.

You need a regular supply of products to talk about on your website so you can help your audience decide if that particular product is helpful to them yes / no.

Companies want to sell their products/ services and you are a professional affiliate marketer. As soon as you have your website up and running and as soon as you start getting some traffic I would approach different companies and ask for some product samples so that you can talk about their products.

You all have the same end goal. The company wants their products out there in the marketplace and for people to be talking about the products so that other people can discover them as well.

Please send any company that you would like to work with an email with your website link and tell them you have discovered one of their products and you would like to do a product review on it. Many companies will say yes, some will also say no, but there are only so many hours in the day.

Spend your time on the companies that will give you and your business the best results in the shortest possible time.

Was this article on Make Money With ClickBank helpful? Did it help you make a decision if you would like to know more about this product or not? Were there some key things I forgot to talk about.

Have you used ClickBank in the past? Did you buy the products or were you promoting a vendor’s products? Please feel free to add your personal story in the comments field below.

Thank you for visiting us today.

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