Make Money Blogging Online

Make Money Blogging Online

Make money blogging online

Ecommerce, Source Pixabay, Stevepb

There are five (5) key steps that you need to do to make money blogging online.

The short answer to these key steps are:

  1. Create A Website To Blog On
  2. Select a niche or topic to talk about
  3. Get visitors to read your blog post or website information (this is called “traffic”)
  4. Inspire your visitors to do something on your website.  Things like leave a comment, bookmark your website, subscribe to get your updates or share the information with friends.
  5. Set up multiple income streams based on the type of traffic that you attract or the products / services that you talk about the most.

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Step #1  Create A Website to Blog on

One of the most popular ways to make money on line is by starting a “blog”.

Ok so lets look at what the definition of a blog is.

Definition of Blog, this will help you make money online

Definition of Blog. Source

So a blog is just a “web log” put out by one or more people on a single topic (niche) that they update regularly.

This is great to know.

So now we know that

  1. step 1 is to create a website that will store and publish the information that we produce and
  2. step 2 we need to pick a topic (niche) to produce information on.

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Free 30 Second Website Challenge

Create A Website In Under 30 Seconds, Wealthy Affiliate, Speaker is Kyle

Create A Website In Under 30 Seconds, Wealthy Affiliate, Speaker is Kyle

The WordPress website could have you up and running on the internet in as little as 30 seconds!  Yes really.

I was pretty slow by these standards, it took me around 2-3 minutes to create my first basic fully operational website.  How close can you get to 30 seconds?

Take the challenge today and then leave a comment in “comments” section at the end of the post to let us know how long it took you to create your first basic website.

If you would prefer to see a step by step tutorial on how to make a WordPress website for FREE, please click here.

Step #2  Select a niche or topic to talk about

WordPress websites can help you make money blogging online

WordPress Icon On Tablet, Source Pixabay, HypnoArt

Step Two is about picking a topic (niche) and creating content that reflects this niche.

It is best to write about a topic that you really care about.

Why I hear you asking? Because you will be creating regular content updates and responding to visitor feedback.  If the topic is not one that you really enjoy talking about, then you will run out of things to say and stop blogging entirely.

That’s why it’s best to pick topic that you enjoy talking about.

For more tips and suggestions on how to choose a niche, please click here.



Step #3  Get Visitors To Visit Your Website and Read Your Blog Post (Website Traffic)

After you have done all the hard work by creating a wonderful blog post and then getting it published, the next step is getting people to read it.

This is actually one of the hardest parts of this whole process.

There are a number of ways to get visitors to come to your website including:

The #1 way to get traffic to your website is by selecting great keywords to use as your heading.

This will lead to better targeted search results in Google and Bing / Yahoo.

How Content Can Lead To Mass Traffic, by Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate

How Content Can Lead To Mass Traffic, by Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate


Screenshot of a Google SERP for the word "Chopsticks"

Screenshot of a Google SERP for the word “Chopsticks”

So as an example, if I was selling Chopsticks then a suitable heading would involve the words “Best Chopsticks”.

The thing to remember here is to “think like your audience“.  How does your audience search for that keyword or What do they want to know about that keyword?  This will help you immensely.

The method used to maximise the chance of your post being picked up in the search engines is called “On-Page SEO”.

If you would like more information regarding help with On-page SEO, please click on this link.

For more ideas about content creation and how to attract more traffic, please feel free to click on this link to see a 15 minute step by step video. The speaker is Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate.

Social Media is a great way to make money online

Social Media Icons, Source Flickr

Another way to get visitors to your website is through Social Media Accounts.

By creating social media accounts and then posting the content to those accounts more and more people will become aware of your blog posts and your websites.

  • The top four (4) accounts that I recommend are:
    • 1) Google Plus
    • 2) Facebook and
    • 3) Pinterest
  • 4) The next account that I recommend is something “niche specific”.  Do a google search for internet forums relating to your niche and then try and get a feel for any social media platform that your niche uses more than any other platform.  At the of writing it was said that there were 1000+ social media platforms operating across a wide range of niches and performing different functions.  When you find one that people in your niche like to visit, open an account on that platform and add your content there.
  • If you get stuck and can’t think of a great choice for the 4th platform, then simply open a Twitter account.  You can always add a fifth (5th) platform later.

Step #4  Inspire your visitors to do something on your website

Yes, there are lots of different ways to make money blogging online

Yes, Source Pixabay, Aktim

On of the keys to on-going success online is visitor engagement.

This is a fancy way of saying, “Get Your Visitor To Do Something”.   This is the best way to make your website MEAN something to your visitor.

It could be as simple as inviting your visitor to leave a comment at the bottom of your post.  You could use the sentence “if you enjoyed this post or if you have any additional comments or suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comment section below”.

See what I did there – All comments are welcome, so yes please!!


Other things you could get your website visitors to include:

  • Bookmarking your website, so they can easily come back again later.
  • Share your website via social media.
    • For example, on this website I have downloaded a social media sharing application (“plug-in”) that lets visitors share this information quickly and easily.
  • Subscribe to your newsletter for updates.
    • For example, on this website I could download a newsletter subscription form that would allow members to know when a new post is available.

Step #5  Set up multiple income streams based on the type of traffic that you attract or the products / services that you recommend.

Ecommerce is another way to make money blogging online

Ecommerce, Pixabay, Mediamodifier

The final step is the one that interests most people.

It is HOW do you Make Money Blogging Online?

There are actually a list of ways that you can make money online from blogging. The main differences really depend on your style of blogging and also the types of products / services that you recommend.

Options include:

  • Selling your products or services directly via a website on the internet.
  • Selling other peoples products or services via an affiliate service (also called “Affiliate Marketing“).  The most well known of this is the Amazon Affiliates program from
  • Google Adsense.  If your traffic volumes are large enough, then you can earn money for advertising space on your website.  You earn money when the advertisement is displayed.  The advantage here is that the visitor doesn’t have to click on anything for you to receive money.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising (also called Pay Per Action, PPA).  If your traffic volumes are large enough, then you can earn money every time someone clicks on a banner advertisement on your website.  The difference here is that the visitor must do something in order for you to receive money.
  • Social Media.  Companies are willing to pay for bloggers to talk about their products and services.
  • Fee for Service Blogging.  When you get good at blogging there are may services who will pay a fee to outsource blogging to writers.  It would be nice to be paid for doing what you love.

These are only a few of the options available to you to choose from.

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Was this article on make money blogging online useful. Did this article help you with any ideas about make money blogging online? Do you have any more ideas or would you like to see some other content?  Have you tried any of these methods previously?  Did they work, did they not work? Please feel free to leave your thoughts comments and suggestions in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Make Money Blogging Online”

  1. Glenys, this post is a great explanation of making money online. I use Traffic Exchange surfing websites to get Traffic numbers up too. Our numbers are increasing daily, but not enough to earn an income yet. This post is easy to follow, and lays out the steps we need to take, I’m going to go over it a bit more and see what I need to change. How many visitors on average do you need for adsense/pay-per-click do you know? Thanks. Have a great day.

    1. Hi Tara,
      Thank you so much for stopping by today. I really appreciate that.
      Thank you also for your kind words. They will encourage me to try harder and to write better articles to help people like yourself.
      Thank you also for sharing some of your knowledge and experience with us today, I like your tip to use Traffic Exchange to surf the web and also to get traffic numbers up.
      I am happy to hear that you traffic numbers are increasing every day. That is definitely a very positive sign. I hope that it means you are on the cusp of a wonderful internet marketing business.
      In relation to AdSense. They pay “Pennies on the dollar” overall. As such you will need HEAPS of internet visitors to come by before you can make any money. I know people who started with AdSense after they could get as low as $5. Other people leave it off entirely and chooses to go straight for “product sales” and larger commissions. It really depends on you and what your goals are for the business.
      I wish you every success. Thank you.

  2. Glenys:

    Thank you so much for this enlightening article. You have done a wonderful and thorough job of explaining each step of the process.

    I totally agree with you that one of the hardest parts of the process is gaining traffic. You do a thorough job of explaining ways to do such that. While on this journey, there are many do’s and don’ts to keep in mind with this particular step of building an on-line business. Thank goodness WA is a platform that gives you so many tools needed to be successful – especially when it comes to learning about gaining traffic.

    I truly believe that if you are starting a blog site, WA is the best place to start. The training in WA is second to none and the community is absolutely the best. There are so many encouraging, positive and supportive individuals.

    I look forward to reading more enlightening articles from you. What will be your next blog topic?

    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Yvette,
      Thank for dropping by today and for writing such positive comments about my website. I really appreciate that.
      Thank you also for sharing with our audience today a little bit more about your online marketing experience. I honestly think that building a website is the “easy” bit and that gaining website visitors is actually the hardest part in the whole process.
      I agree with you that step by step instruction when you are first starting out is one of the best decisions you could make.
      I am lucky that I found Wealthy Affiliate and I wish you every success in the future.
      If you are looking for ways to boost your website traffic, please click here

  3. Getting started with a blog is easy with Wealthy Affiliate. I decided that I wanted to start blogging after years of seeing the success of one of my neighbors that has been doing it for 14 or 15 years. When she started she had to learn HTML and CSS code. The thought of that terrified me.

    Of course, things have changed now. Wealthy Affiliate makes it so easy to get started and they have the help available from those who have been doing exactly what you are trying to do successfully for a long period of time. In other words, there is help for you at any point along your journey. I really liked that.

    By the way, when I first started my website, it took me about one minute to get up and running, and that was because I entered something incorrectly when filling out the form. It really is that easy!

    1. Hi Anita,
      Thank you for stopping by today, I really appreciate that.
      I agree with you that way back in the day…… we all had to learn CSS and HTML coding from scratch. I remember writing my first website in HTML and then publishing it and then looking at it and saying “Is that it??” it was so “basic” and “ugly” and “boring” and took soooo long to do the coding. I am glad that WordPress and other website platforms have come along way and are a lot more user friendly now.

      I really liked you honestly in saying that your first website only took around 1 minute to establish because you clicked on the wrong button – he he he!! that is certainly something that I can relate too as well.

      I am glad that you found help at Wealthy Affiliate. Having support along the journey for every step of the way is really, really important.

      I agree with you that you can’t know all things about all topics, so being able to tap into a large knowledge base that can help you out whenyou need it is really, really important.
      If you are looking for ways to help improve your website rankings, please click here

  4. Hello Glenys,
    A Very inspiring and beneficial article. I believe as you that Wealthy Affiliate is the best site to start a business online. Honestly, your article has new ideas about making money blogging online that help all beginners to succeed. I tried some ideas online such as making a store to sell my products. Now I am going to apply affiliate marketing such as Awin, click bank and share a link. I hope I succeed in doing this technique. Wishing you great success in your business!

    1. Hi Rania,
      Thank you for visiting us today, I really appreciate that. Thank you also for your kind words. I aim to help people who are new to Affiliate Marketing access quality information quickly, easily and simply.
      I am glad that you have found quality help by using Wealthy Affiliate. I agree that the step by step training is great for people just starting out.
      I am glad that I was able to help you with some new ideas about making money blogging. There really are a HUGE range of different ideas and strategies that you can use to make money online.
      I am glad that you had the confidence to set up an online store. I hope that it goes really well for you.
      Thank you for your well wishes. I hope that your online store is really successful as well.
      If you are looking for ways to help improve your website ranking, please click here

  5. I would love to have a laptop like that, printing money from the side:) I read you are advising Social Media platforms, and I would add one to it. Instagram!! They really are growing FAST! Take a look at the statistics here
    They tip the 800 million active users, and this is an article from September 2017
    Success further on your road through internetland Glenys:)

    Kind regards, Loes

    1. Hi Loes and thank you for stopping by today. I really appreciate that.
      Yes! I agree with you… I would also LOVE a laptop like that, which simply prints out money from the side. I wonder how much one of those are on Amazon???

      Yes, I am recommending different social media platforms for people. I thank you for your contribution. I have not mentioned Instagram anywhere yet. Thank you for bring it to my attention. Thank you also for letting me know about that article. I didn’t realise the growth of that platform. That is wonderful growth. Instagram must be offering a lot of value to people, otherwise they would not have had that level of growth.

      I hope lots of those readers have the please of visiting your account on Instagram. I know that you will be able to share some good information with them.
      Thank you for stopping by today and sharing some of your knowledge with our readers, I really appreciate that. If you need help on how to lift your website rankings, here are some tips that I recommend.
      Thanks again and all the best.

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