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Affiliate marketing is easily one of the most popular ways to make money online. But the secret to making enough money to earn a full-time income is to learn affiliate marketing from people who already have the knowledge and experience that you want to eventually have.

Let me start at the beginning.

Affiliate marketing is when you (the marketer) recommends products / services to your website visitors and when they click on one of your special links and then go off and buy the product, then you earn a small commission on the sale.

The top 4 steps you need to do are

1) Pick a niche or topic to talk to your website visitor about.

2) Create a website.

3) Apply to join an affiliate program the is a good match for your niche.

4) Attract website visitors

It sounds pretty straight forward right?

Well it is, especially when you have step by step training to help you along the way.

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Top Tips for New People

1) The first thing you need to do is to pick a niche (topic) to talk about.

Now for many people this is easy, they simply pick their favorite hobby or something to do with their current work that they already know lots of information about.

Some other people who are new to internet marketing might need help in order to drill down to their favorite niche.

Some quick tips to think about are which choosing your new niche are

A) The whole industry is NOT a niche.

I was helping a friend the other day who wanted to start a Home Entertainment niche website because they knew a lot about the topic.

On the surface this might seem like a good idea. Unfortunately though the Home Entertainment industry is a MULTI-BILLION dollar market. This is simply too big to get any sort of “cut through”. It’s simply too hard for one person typing away on their computer to compete against large manufacturers and other established leading industry players.

If you want to stand out on the internet, you need to stay away from reviewing the whole industry and review just one part of the industry you think you could make the biggest difference in. You need to stand out in a very crowed marketplace.

In my friend’s case we stripped the industry right back and he chose to focus on audio visual equipment as his niche topic. This was because it was a good match for his level of professional skills and experience.

B) What problems will your website solve?

What I mean by this is the same topics may seem perfect on the surface, but when you start digging deeper into the topic you will see the different website visitors are looking for different answers from you.

An example would be with Microwave ovens.

On the surface this topic seems like a really good pick. I mean there are regularly some microwaves that are best-sellers and readily available from affiliate programs like Amazon and other leading suppliers so it must be a great pick right?

Well the answer is both yes, and no depending on your target audience and the solutions they are looking for.

Please allow me to explain.

When you look at the microwave oven niche you can see the different people have different problems with microwaves.

Some people just want to buy a microwave oven (any oven will do).

  • Some people want a certain style of microwave cooking, for example convection microwave oven.
  • Some people want to buy just the microwave oven plates on a particular model.
  • Some people are researching different Tupperware (plastics) the can be used in a microwave safely.
  • Some people want to know risks about microwaves and cancer.
  • Some people want to know about microwaves and their impact on our overall health.

So you see how in the microwave oven industry, different people are looking for different sorts of information.

In marketing, we call this a different target market. They are different people having different problems and they are looking for different solutions.

If you need help on how to pick a niche, please click here.

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2) Create a website

After you have decided on which niche your website will focus on, you will need to create a website.

Once upon a time you had to stay up really late until 2am in the morning and struggle around trying to learn HTML code to make a website.

HAPPILY those days are over!! Yeah!!

Today, easily the most popular tool on the world wide web (WWW) is WordPress. WordPress is basically a website template the comes with of thousands and thousands of free themes the let you customize your website to your hearts content.

WordPress websites are easy to set up. You can be set up and running in a very professional looking template in as little as 5 minutes or less (same people can do it in 30 seconds).

Take the 5 minute WordPress challenge today. Click here to give it a try.

3) Apply To Join An Affiliate Program That Is A Good Match For Your Site.

The key to doing affiliate marketing successfully is learning how to match what your customers are looking for with product/solutions the will solve their problems.

So the easiest way to start to find companies the offer affiliate programs in your niche is just to type in “niche name + affiliate program”.

For example, if my niche was coffee then I would simply type in “coffee + affiliate program”.

As you can see there are over 5 million companies the offer affiliate programs in the coffee space. With a range of programs the big, I am sure to find something the suites my clients.

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Apply to Join The Major Programs

Another great tip is just to apply to join the major affiliate programs.

Usually all the major programs have a great selection of brand name companies and quality products to choose from.

Some choices for you to think about are:


They are a long term industry player. They made a name for themselves offering digital products. They have now branched out into physical products as well.

CJ (Commission Junction)

CJ offers a great range of brand name products for you to choose from. They have a great members’ area dashboard as well.

Wealthy Affiliate

They offer great training on how to do affiliate marketing successfully. Signing up to join their affiliate program is free and they come with a lifetime cookie. Click here to join.

Learning how to do affiliate marketing from professional affiliate marketers is the fastest way to turbo charge your results.

We all get stuck at different points along the journey.

Some people get stuck with the technical things like how to set up and configure a website correctly.

Some people get stuck with SEO and attracting website visitors to their site.

Some people get stuck at the basics like how to select a niche to earn money from.

Some people get stuck with the advanced stuff, like how to do Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and make a profit. (Click here for my PPC Training)

What ever area of affiliate marketing you need help with, we can help you. Click here to ask questions and get help TODAY!

For my top tips on Affiliate Marketing Companies: Top 10 Tips To Get Accepted, please click here.

4) Attract Website Visitors

Of all the steps listed above easily you will spend the most amount of time looking to attract website visitors.

There are lots of different ways to do this including

1) Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

For same great tips on improving your SEO, please click here.

2) Social Media Account

Social media is a very popular way to build up your personal following.

For same great advice on ways to build up your personal social media following on the following platforms, please click here.

3) Paid advertisements including PPC

Paid advertising is a great way to get visitors to your website if you know what you are doing.

If you are just starting out it is a horrible way to lose lots of money very quickly.

If you would like same great advice when it comes to PPC advertising, please click here.

Was this article on Learn Affiliate Marketing helpful? Did you learn anything for the first time? Did you get a refresher on things you already knew? Was any tip more helpful the anything else?

Please feel free to leave any comments hints, tips and thoughtful suggestions regarding learn affiliate marketing in the comments field below. Thank you for stopping by today.

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