How To Sell Stuff Online

This Article Is All About: How To Sell Online And Make Money!

In life, we all need some extra cash to help pay our bills. Sometimes we need a little bit of money to help pay an unexpected bill, sometimes we need to make enough to earn a full-time income.

What ever your goals are for earning a few extra dollars on line, learning how to sell something online will definitely help you out when you need it most.

Need more $$

The internet has made things super, super easy to reach out and attract website visitors from every corner of the globe. It literally has never been easier to sell things to customers in far off lands.

With an audience all over the world, the secret to getting enough “cut through” to stand out from the crowd and attract people to your website is to either drill down and really specialize in something OR hitch a ride on an already successful website selling things online and hope that your products can get sold as well.

There Are Two Main Categories of Products and Buyers Online

When selling products online for the first time, you will most likely fall into two distinct groups.

1) People wanting to buy and sell old / unwanted things online 

This category is mostly second-hand goods or unwanted gifts.

2) People wanting to promote and help sell other peoples brand new goods 

This category is dominated by people doing affiliate marketing.

Let’s look at some great ideas for both of these two categories.

1) Unwanted Gifts or Second-hand Items

Not everyone wants to shop at Flea Markets (or Garage Sales)

This option is great for people who only have a few items to sell and don’t have the time or patience for a local garage sale or “flea market”.

There are literally millions and millions of people online and connecting with them over the internet has never been easier.

If your primary goal is just to “de-clutter” and you don’t mind answering customer service inquiries and you can take your time selling things, then this is a great option for you.

Option #1 Advertising Channels

1) Amazon Seller

Amazon is a great place to sell second hand books and any unwanted gifts that you might have. You can list the items for sale one by one.

Amazon has a HUGE database of regular Internet shoppers (customer base) who might be interested in what you are offering.

Some people might be on Amazon for product #1, but then they see your product advertised for sale and they grab that item as well. This is because of their giant product catalog and skills with upsellling / cross selling other products to their customers.

Amazon got started by selling books online, if you have books or other items that post really well then this could be a great option for you.

Hopefully if you use this channel then your item will be picked up really quickly.

2) EBay Partner Network

EBay has been the regular “go-to” for selling second hand items for a long time now. Lots of parents sell their second hand baby goods and baby clothing.

You can list all of your items one by one and hopefully you will be able to ship them out via standard post quickly and easily as well.

Both Amazon and EBay offer you access to a HUGE database of potential customers plus they can offer you privacy and peace of mind that the transaction will go through smoothly (most of the time).

Option #2 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you promote other people’s goods or services and if one of your website visitors clicks on one of your special links, then you receive an affiliate commission as part of that sale.

In order to be successful with affiliate marketing you have too

1) Create a website to promote your products / services through.

2) Pick a topic (niche) to talk about so that people can find your website and know what to expect.

3) Create content talking about products and services that help your clients.

4) Apply to join different affiliate programs to get special cookies or unique ID’s that link back to you.

These cookies are what gets traced so you can get paid your commissions.

5) Work on different ways to get traffic to come and visit your site.

Let’s look at these steps in more detail.

1) Create a website.

Websites used to be really, really hard to create. You used to have to learn HTML coding and do all sorts of complicated things in order to get a website up and running.

Those Days Are OVER!

The internet has come along way since those early days and now we have something called WordPress to help create websites with.

WordPress websites can be up and running in as little as 1 minute and look professional and very easy to navigate around.

Take the WordPress challenge today and see how long it takes you to create a website from scratch. My first site took me around 5 minutes, some people can do it in only 30 seconds. See how you go today by clicking HERE or on the link below.

2) Pick a topic (niche) to talk about.

This is because the internet is just so, so, so big. Website visitors today expect to see websites that are a great match for their needs and special interests.

Think about yourself and how you use search terms on the web. If you type in the word “basketball” you don’t expect to get search results back for a website that also talks about travel destinations or socks do you?

When you drill down to only a single topic you gain more authority in a niche and your website visitors will trust you more.

If you need some help and tips on how to pick a niche, please click here.

3) Create Content

This is the part you have been waiting for. This is where you start typing and you create different articles and product reviews to help your website visitors make buying decisions.

If you would like some help with how to write great product reviews that convert, please click here.

4) Apply to Join different affiliate programs

When you know that there are great products / services out there that would really help your clients, you can apply to join these affiliate programs to get “special cookies” or unique ID’s.

For some great tips on how to get a YES! from every affiliate program that you apply to, please click here.

5) Website Visitors (Traffic)

Just like in the real world, websites need a steady stream of visitors to find your shop and buy your products in order for you to earn enough money to meet your goals.

Some people only have very modest goals and so they only need a little bit of traffic.

Some people have amazing goals and so they need an amazing amount of traffic.

What ever your goals are you will always want to know the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to help you attract a large number of website visitors for FREE from major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

For some extra hints and tips on how to improve your search engine rankings, please click here.

Ongoing Training

If you are looking to earn money selling stuff online on an ongoing basis, then you really should look into learning how to do it properly. FREE SEO traffic is the #1 way that I recommend attracting website visitors….. but Google, Bing & Yahoo change their algorithms all the time.

Don’t get caught out ever again. Learn how to attract and keep website visitors the right way.

Search Engine Optimization works and ANYONE can learn the secrets today. How do I know?

I know because you found my page. I don’t pay for any Pay Per Click (PPC) traffic techniques and the only way you can find my page is through free or ORGANIC search engine results.

The strategy is not a secret – it’s a system that very sustainable and repeatable.

I learnt a pattern of how to do things and you can learn the same pattern as well.

Learn To Do SEO the right way.

Learn how to attract heaps of website visitors to your site.

Learn how to pick headlines for your articles that maximize clicks and helps keeps your website visitors on your page for a longer readership time.

Get lots and lots of help 24 / 7 regardless of the question that you are asking or the time that you are asking the question. No one wants to be struggling alone in the dark @ 2am with a problem with their website…… and the best part is that you don’t have to.

Learn all this through step by step training including free videos.

7 days FREE trial, including 2 free websites.

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Was this article on How To Sell Something Online helpful? Did you learn anything that you did not know before? Did you learn anything new that really helped you out? Was this article full of information that you already knew?

Please feel free to leave any comments, hints or suggestions in the comments field below.

Thank you for stopping by today.

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18 thoughts on “How To Sell Stuff Online”

  1. I have tried selling things on Ebay before but never Amazon and not sure how that works. I never had much luck with Ebay but know many people do. I am extremely curious about learning more about affiliate marketing as I have been playing with that for a while now and have even made some sales. I am thinking affiliate marketing is the way to go.

    1. Hi Dena
      Thank you for stopping by today, I really appreciate that. Thank you also for sharing some of your personal experience with us, together we all learn and grow faster.
      Good on you for trying different avenues to make money. We all need a side hustle right? Everyone needs a few extra $$ to help them with an unexpected bill etc.
      Well done for exploring affiliate marketing. It really can be a great way to make extra $$. I am happy to hear that you have made some sales. I wish you every success with your affiliate marketing business. If you would like to know more about the best blogging websites, please click here

  2. Hey Glenys,

    I like your idea on to  how to sell stuff online.  FYI, sometime l do sell some of my old or unwanted stuff through Advertising Channel. The response are quite good and l got a lot calls wanted to view/buy the stuff. Secondly, selling with affiliate marketing is very popular nowadays. You can promote your product locally or  worldwide.

    Thank you for the tutorial on how to create a affiliate website. It’s simple to follow.

    Best regards. 

    1. HI Shui,

      Thank you for stopping by today and for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I really appreciate that.

      Thank you also for sharing your personal ways that you sell stuff online.  I had not heard of Advertising Channel before. They do not operate in my country.  

      I agree with you that selling items via affiliate marketing is very popular these days. I saw a statistic last night that said Affiliate marketing is bigger by total $ generated than agriculture.

      Wow! Let that statistic sink in a little bit. That is MASSIVE and growing at a tremendous rate.

      I am happy to a part of this affiliate marketing industry.

      If you are looking for ways to help get accepted by every affiliate program that you apply to join, please click here Affiliate Marketing Companies: Top 10 Tips To Get Accepted 

  3. While selling second hand items or things that you don’t use anymore is a great idea for generating cash and having money for something else, I don’t like the fact that you will most likely lose money. I think the only way I would personally sell stuff on Amazon or EBay is if I got goods for wholesale price from a distributor or I get things from a garage sale for cheap and flip it. 

    1. Hi Jessie,

      Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your knowledge and experience with us today. I really appreciate that.

      Together we all grow and learn faster.

      I agree that selling second hand items or things we don’t use anymore is a great way to get some extra cash coming in the door.

      I also like your idea to get access to items at a wholesale prices or garage sale prices (really cheap price anyway).  That is a great way to know that their is a profit margin in there for you.

      We all have to eat right?

      Thanks for visiting us today and if you are looking for ways to help get accepted by every affiliate marketing company that you apply to, please click here Affiliate Marketing Companies: Top 10 Tips To Get Accepted

  4. I’m so glad I found this website, I have wanted to sell a few things from my home for a while now but never knew where to start.

    I have to say though that I was a little bit disappointed when you started mentioning affiliate marketing and creating a website. I really have no clue what to do there, I just want to sell my second-hand things online.

    Is getting my own website a good way of selling second-hand stuff or would using eBay be better for me?

    1. HI Matthew,

      Thanks for visiting us today and for sharing your thoughts with us. I really appreciate that.

      Everyone wants to sell a few items that are kicking around the house.  I mean Christmas is coming and there will be presents to buy etc… why not grab a few extra $ now while we can right?

      I can see how if you just want to sell 2nd hand things for top $ then starting a website etc would be a lot of head-ache for you.

      In that case I recommend just going straight to a website in your local area that specialised in selling pick up only items – it could be Ebay or it could be something specific to the town / suburb that you live in (even Facebook buy  Swap / sell perhaps?

      Thanks again for stopping by today and for sharing your thoughts.  If you are looking for some ideas around how to insert royalty free images, please click here Where To Find Free Website Pictures – 29 Awesome Sites

  5. Hi Glenys

    Some very helpful tips here. 

    Even though I go to Amazon regularly I actually didn’t think about using Amazon with selling second hand books and perhaps other items. 

    I know about E- Bay guess that explains why I have seen some books on Amazon showing second-hand at cheaper prices. 

    As for websites WordPress as far as I am concerned would be one of the best platforms for anyone wanting to create their own website. So much of the so-called bells and Whistles are already there for you along with added support you can get when in need.

    I liked reading this as I said gives me food for thought re Amazon.

    Wishing yo well


    1. Hi Andre,

      Thank you for visiting out site today and for your kind words of encouragement.

       I agree with you that WordPress is a wonderful way to create your own website.  No one wants to be up at 2am doing coding and all that other non-sense…..Personally I would rather be in bed fast asleep – how about you?

      I like that a real developer with skills has put a lot of thought into creating a theme that will help my business achieve.

      I don’t mind paying for premium themes. It all helps our business achieve it’s goals faster.

      I wish you every success with you affiliate marketing business. If you are looking for ways to get a yes from every affiliate program that you apply to join, please click here Affiliate Marketing Companies: Top 10 Tips To Get Accepted

  6. You have given some good suggestions on making money when your pockets are empty. I have used EBay quite a bit over the last few years.  It’s a great place to sell stuff that is just taking up room in your house, but is never used. When I had my jewelry shop, I would put a great deal of inventory left from Christmas sales on there, mark the price to a little above wholesale, and sell it.  Sometimes it would not sell, granted, but often it would, and bidding would sometimes take pieces over the retail value!  Then I would do my inventory in February, with a much-reduced amount of stock.  

    I really like the idea of affiliate marketing, because now I don’t have to buy any stock.  I just have to describe it and list it and hope for some commissions.  It’s a great way to boost my income.

    1. Hi Fran,

      Thank you for visiting us today and for sharing your thoughts with us. I really appreciate that.

      Well done on exploring different ways to make money both in the real world and in the online world.  Well done for being creative with your jewellery store and getting the best $ you possibly could…. we all have to eat right?

      I also like doing affiliate marketing because I don’t have to hold any stock or pay upfront for any items.  I hope that you do really well with affiliate marketing Fran.

      If you are looking for some great tips to get accepted from every affiliate marketing program that you apply to join, please click here Affiliate Marketing Companies: Top 10 Tips To Get Accepted

  7. I am happy anytime i come across the site teaching me how i can succeed online business.I am building my website and i want it to be the root of my online business success. I still learning about SEO and i hope i will get it as it is the most wonderful; tool to use in getting ranked by google.

    When my website will be finished,i will start getting money through promoting some products and that is my dream to get my residual income.

    1. Hi Julienne,

      Thank you for visiting us today and for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.  

      Congratulations on building your site. I hope that it grows into something really successful for you.

      We are all chasing the dream of creating enough residual income to earn a full time income.

      I hope that this dream becomes a reality for you.

      If you are looking for some great advice about how to get accepted by every affiliate marketing company that you apply to join, please click here Affiliate Marketing Companies: Top 10 Tips To Get Accepted

  8. Thanks, a timely reminder that I have a few gifts to re-home. I never considered putting them on Amazon. A very helpful tip.

    Affiliate marketing is something that I have been trying to get my head around. I have a blog and have created content but more training is always a great recommendation.  

    You make the point about SEO, and this is something I still struggle with. Thank you for the link to your post on How to improve your Website Rankings.  These tips will be put to good use.

    A very informative and helpful post.

    Thank you

    1. Hi KerryAnn,

      Thank you for visiting our website today I really appreciate that.

      I agree, I think that we all have a few unwanted gifts kicking around at home that we should re-home!

      Congratulations on your blog post. I know the rush that you get when you create your very first site.  I hope you feel really proud of this milestone as well.  

      Well done on picking a niche and then adding content. Every step moves us one step closer to our eventual goal. 

      SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the #1 way to get lots of FREE organic search engine traffic.  That is the #1 technique that I use for this site and I recommend other people to use it as well.

      If you are looking for some more great tips on how to get a yes from every affiliate marketing program that you apply to join, please click here Affiliate Marketing Companies: Top 10 Tips To Get Accepted

  9. Wow another really great article. You provided lots of information and different ways of selling online to make money. Having your own website is definitely a good starting point if you want to make money online. And SEO that is key to getting ranked. Good job. Keep the amazing articles coming

    1. Hi Ruth,

      Thank you for visiting my site and for sharing your kind words with me. They will encourage me to write more articles like this one.

      Yes, having your own website is definitely a good starting point if you want to work out ways to sell money online.

      SEO or Search Engine Optimization is my #1 way to get traffic to my site. I have had some experience with PPC – but FREE, Organic traffic via SEO is definitely my favourite way to get visitors.

      If you would like some more ideas around how to improve your website rankings and get more free traffic, please click here Top #3 Ideas of How To Improve Your Website Ranking

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