How To Sell Photos Online

Do you love photography? Are you a professional photographer or someone who does it as a “side hustle” for some extra cash?

Leaning how to sell photos online and get some extra cash for an unexpected bill or make enough for a full-time income is a great thing to do.

HEAPS of people have made a ton of money selling photos online and you can too.

Photos and artwork are actually pretty easy to sell online. Perhaps you even have a few favorite sites saved on your internet browser?

Photographer - male
Photographer – Male

Top 4 Reasons Why Selling Photos Online Is So Successful

1) You Keep 100% of the Profits!

This is absolutely the #1 reason why so many mature and professional photographers create their own website.

YOU get to keep 100% of the profits. There are no “middle men” or agents fees or selling commissions or anything like that.

YOU set the price you want and YOU get to keep all the profits of the sale.

Keep the money in your pocket!

2) The Internet Never Sleeps

You can purchase quality photos and videos 24 / 7 days per week from every country in the world.

3) You Can Ship The Products Digitally In An Instant

Lots of photos are sold digitally and “shipped” via the internet with the speed of a mouse click. This includes videos and static photos.

You can pick the image / video that you want, you can pick the quality (size) of the image and you can pick the method of delivery.

You can even arrange for someone else to manually print out the photo and put it on a canvas or other artwork for you and then ship it out via standard delivery methods.

4) You Connect With Your Audience

By having your own method of selling your photos on line you can connect with your audience instantly. You can really get to the heart of what sort of photographs / videos that your audience wants to see you create. You can also get instant feedback and first hand comments without the risk of getting any “mixed messages” from gallery owners or sales agents who have their own agenda.

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8 Best Selling Topics (Niches)

Photos by the sea
Photos by the sea

Here are some best selling topics to get you started. Obviously you can pick any niche or topic that you like.

  1. Photos of people in general (any age)
  2. Photos of people at work eg at their desk, doing building site work, driving in cars etc
  3. Photos of travel
  4. Photos of great architecture
  5. Close-up photos of food
  6. Photos of general everyday items, eg kitchen gadgets, basic hardware items, computers etc
  7. Photos of the natural world eg sunrise / sunset
  8. Photos of animals

“No one is smarter than you, no one is better than you, they just figured out a way get there first”.

Brian Tracy

I usually recommend you having two (2) main strings to your “website’s bow”. You can have lots more of course, but I usually recommend these two (2) to get you started.

1) Build a main website

This is the “core” of your website and will showcase the main images/ videos that you want to show your website visitors.

It will also be the main way that a website visitor will know if they want to hire you or not.

If you would like to experiment with a free WordPress Website (SiteRubix domain), please click here.

2) Add some e-commerce to your site.

We all want to sell stuff on line and make money right? The easiest way to do this is simply to add a basic shopping cart to your main site so that if one of your website visitors lands on your site and really wants to purchase something then they can quickly and easily with the click of a button.

Here are some great tips to help turbo charge your efforts online and make you more successful faster!

The secret to your success comes down to a few things:

shopping trolley and a website
Shopping Carts are a great way to earn extra $$

1) Create A Website To Showcase Your Amazing Work

Step 1 is to set up a website to showcase your amazing work.

I usually recommend a WordPress website because it is free and easy to set up.

You can also add plug-ins. Plug-ins are basically a small piece of code that someone else has created so that your website can do something very specific.

An example would be an “e commerce plug in” that would power your shopping cart so that you don’t have to do the programming or a “social media plug-in” that would manage your social media accounts to make your life a lot easier.

Basically someone else has done all the hard programming for you, so you can focus your time and energy on doing what you love the most – being a photographer.

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2) Decide On Your Niche Or Topic That You Love To Photograph All The Time.

Landscape Photographer
Landscape Photographer

Maybe you are wedding photographer.

Maybe you are a local area portrait photographer.

Maybe you like action shots of people at the skate park or running track.

Maybe you like beautiful photos of sunsets and sunrises.

Maybe you take great travel shots when you are out hiking.

Every photographer has a “passion” topic or area of expertise that they just love to photograph constantly.

Do you have a topic that is your “muse” that you just must photograph constantly?

Sometimes your audience will tell you what they want you to photograph more of.

For example a famous wildlife photographer really enjoyed photographing landscapes, but animals kept featuring in his photos. The audience purchased all the animal photos so the landscape photographer became a wildlife photographer.

Sometimes you get to pick the niche and sometimes your audience will help you decide.

The easiest way to earn enough money selling photos to make this worth your while is to build up a following and hopefully sell photos or prints to repeat customers.

3) Get Your Photos Noticed – Stand out with FREE Traffic

The next step will be to get your photos noticed. There are a few things you can do so stand out from the crowd here.

Website visitors are the key to getting sales.
Website visitors are the key to getting sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the best sources of free traffic is via Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Everyone wants to be listed at Page #1, Position #1 on Google.

There are systemized ways for small business owners and people working from home to get there.

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Social Media Accounts

Setting up social media accounts with platforms that have a strong visual focus is a great thing to do.

Focusing on successful social media market leaders is a great thing to do when you are first starting out. This is because they already have a large database of active users for you to tap into and promote your services to.

The Top 3 Questions To Ask When Picking Which Social Media Account Is Right For you.

social media tiles
Social Media Tiles

1) Where Do I Like To Hang Out?

This is about your current social media habits. If you are already use a social media account(s) and are really happy with them, then it’s OK to experiment and see if you can now use them in a business capacity as well as a personal capacity.

2) Where Does My Audience Hang Out?

To sell photos online you will need an audience to sell things too. Different social media channels are more open to sales or business approaches than others.

An example would be Instagram V Linked In. Instagram which is a highly social, very visual social media platform would be more welcoming to an approach to sell photos than on Linked In which is mostly for business uses.

3) Which Social Media Platform Is A Great Match For My Content?

Some social media platforms are best for “static” photos, others are better for short videos. What sort of photographer are you and which platform best reflects your artistic talents?

So basically, the #1 social media platform for you is a platform that is a great fit for you, your audience and your content.

If you are just starting out and still now sure, then some established platforms to get you started include:




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Sell Your Photos via existing Photostock Websites

Another way to make money online is to sell your photos through existing stock photo websites.

Terms and conditions and payout minimums change over time, so please check current payout amounts before joining any of these programs.


50% royalty fee and NO exclusivity.


Shutterstock has a HUGE database of photos to purchase from – 225,909,319 royalty-free stock images and counting.

They offer 20% revenue share on the net sales and a 30-day cookie – nice!


88 million stock images, world’s largest stock community, 23 million users


Contributors earn 15% from each download. Exclusive Contributors earn 22-45%.

iStockphoto is part of the Getty Images group. You will need to apply to join this program.

So as you can see the internet makes it easier and easier to sell your photos online. You can be a successful photographer online whether you focus on still photography or video photography, the choices are out there.

Was this article on How To Sell Photos Online helpful? Did you learn something new? Did it only cover things you already knew about? Have you tried selling your photos online before? Did it work, did it not work? What do you think you would do differently moving forward?

Please feel free to leave any comments, hints or suggestions in the comments field below.

Thank you for stopping by today.

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16 thoughts on “How To Sell Photos Online”

  1. I been thinking lately about taking my own photos, because it will save me money plus it adds originality to my website.  I didn’t have the slightest idea that I could actually sell my own photos for profit.  It’s definitely a very simple way to make extra cash at any age.  I am so grateful for coming across your article, because it has encouraged me to take as many photos as I can.  More pictures more money.




    1. Hi Dora,

      Thank you for visiting us today and for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I really appreciate that.

      Well done about thinking how to make extra money online. We all need a side hustle and getting extra cash from a hobby that you love is a great thing to do.  

      I am happy that we could share a few new ideas with you.  I hope you get to make some extra cash by doing this.

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  2. Hey Glenys,

    A big thanks for sharing an opportunity to earn some extra income for selling photo online. You have shown some great ways to sell photos online such as building your own website and selling your photos on existing Photostock sites.

    But l think building your own website is a daunting task especially those without any experience. Further you have to do your own marketing, site maintenance, etc. I would prefer to sell my photos on existing Photostock sites although l need to share some revenue from the sale. l am only focus on take beautiful photos and the sale is taken care of. 

    For those photographer lovers, they can apply some of the strategies in this post and make some real money.

    Best regards.

    Shu Hyen

    1. Hi Shu Hyen,

      Thankyou for visiting our site today and for sharing some of your knowledge and experience with us. I really appreciate that.

      You are right of course different people are looking for different levels of involvement online. Some people just want something quick and simple – so something like Photostock might suit them. Simply uploading photos and sitting back to make a little bit of money as “bonus” money could work really well.

      Some other people would want to have control of the whole process from start to finish.  So they might want their own site and then control everything from there.

      Luckily the internet gives us options for everything.

      thank you for sharing your experience with us today.  If you are looking for any follow up idea about how to make some extra money online, you can try this one How To Sell Stuff Online

  3. This post was enlightening.Great topic and many niche ideas explored. I also like that you also used the opportunity to introduce your readers to the best platform in building their business. Awesome you have provided niche ideas and the steps in building a successful website in one package. Indeed a good way to make money after 50.

    1. Hi Brenda,

      Thank you for visiting our website and for sharing some of your knowledge and experience with us. I really appreciate that.  Thank you also for saying that you think Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for building their business.

      I agree with you.  I think that the step by step training is the best way for people who are new to the internet to really understand what it takes to start a website from scratch, then join affiliate programs so that they can earn money for all their efforts.

      I think that everyone needs to earn a few extra dollars online – you don’t have to be over 50, we all have bills to pay.

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  4. Hi Mat,

    I had no idea on how to sell photos online. I do have a friend who takes excellent wildlife photos including leopards, elephants and bears from her frequent visits to local national parks. She may like to sell her photos online and I shall recommend this post to her. Thanks for the information 

    1. Hi Aziza

      Thank you for visiting us today and for sharing your personal experience with us. Together we all grow and learn faster.

      You must be very lucky to have a friend who enjoys taking wildlife photography. Looking at animal photos is one of my favourite things to do.  I hope that you really enjoy it as well.

      I hope that your friend can make a few dollars selling her photos – we all have extra bills to pay so any help we receive will be welcome.

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  5. It’s totally interesting to learn that I can make money by taking and selling photos online. I didn’t even know that this is possible. I’m a fun of taking photos and I have thousands of them lying on my hard disk so you have given me a wonderful idea that I can start making money from all these photos.

    Just  a concern, do I need to edit the photos by photo shopping or doing anything more to make them look better? Some of my photos are 10 years ago, do you think they are of any value upto date? 

    Wishing you success 


    1. Hi Paul and thank you for stopping by today, I really appreciate that.

      Paul, I am sure that there are many people just like you who enjoy taking photos and have HEAPS of them at home on their hard disk drive or an old digital camera / phone lying around somewhere.

      It’s true that many of your old photos could be interesting to someone today – maybe even interesting enough for them to pay you a small royalty fee to use them.

      As for updating them – I haven’t seen any of them so I cannot comment for certain, but I think that if you review them and judge them to be of acceptable quality for today then they should be ok.

      I mean really, it’s upto your customers to judge if your photos are worth paying for isn’t it?  Experiment and test the water – put a few up there and see how you go.

      You might make a few $$ to help you out with an unexpected bill.

      Thanks for stopping by today. If you are looking for tips to help you get accepted by every affiliate marketing company that you apply to – please click here Affiliate Marketing Companies: Top 10 Tips To Get Accepted

  6. Hello Glenys,

    I enjoyed reading your article as I was unaware of being able to sell photos online, much less the rates at which they are sold. I am not personally a photographer (other than food), but I have a few friends who are great photographers, and I’m sure they would appreciate this information if they don’t already know. Great article and I’ll pass along your page to my friends.

    Thanks again, and best wishes to you and yours,


    1. HI Matthew,
      Thank you for stopping by today and for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I really appreciate that. Thank you also for your kind words. They will encourage me to write more articles like this one.
      I hope that your friends with a love of photography can make a few extra dollars online to pay for some new equipment or maybe even to pay for a nice family holiday.
      Thank you for sharing. If you are looking for some great tips to get a yes from every affiliate network that you apply to join, please click here

  7. I always enjoy coming to this site, I always get great information that I can use with my own sites. This is such a great idea for a photographer, something I am not. I do have a friend that really enjoys capturing that perfect picture and will share this site with him as I think It would be a wonderful way to sell his photos and much easier as well.

    1. Hi Dena,
      Thank you for visiting today and for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I really appreciate that.
      In today’s day and age we all need a “side hustle” to get a few extra $$ happening. We all have an unexpected bill from time to time and we all need help putting food on the table and a roof over our heads.
      Photography is a really great “side hustle” and lots of people can benefit from following these techniques.
      If you are looking for ways to help get a yes from every affilaite company that you apply to join, please click here

  8. Great post on how to sell photos online!
    I actually have never thought of selling photos online as a way of making some extra money but this is actually a very good strategy!
    You have outlined some great ideas in this post to make it work!

    1. Hi John,
      Thank you for stopping by today and for sharing your experience with us, I really appreciate that.
      Thank you also for saying that you are open to selling photos on line as a way of making some extra money. We all need extra cash to help pay for an unexpected bill or even just to treat ourselves every once and awhile.
      I wish you all the best for the future.
      If you are looking for different strategies to get accepted by every affiliate program that you apply to, please click here

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