How To Make Money From ClickBank For FREE

What Is ClickBank Anyway?

ClickBank is an affiliate network company. This means that they contact lots of different manufacturers / content creators and allow them to promote their products / services to affiliate marketers who can then pick and choose which products work well for their audience and their niche.

It’s like a giant “billboard” or a giant “marketplace” for affiliate marketers to go and select products from.

Screenshot of ClickBank Website

ClickBank built their reputation as the “go-to” place for digital products and they were a world leader in this space for a very long time.

….. and then Amazon came along and did a wonderful job with physical products.

Now ClickBank is starting to offer a range of physical products as well.

Lots of affiliate marketers sign up for ClickBank because they are such a well-known player in the affiliate marketing industry.

ClickBank are a very large and trusted industry player who claims to have over 6 million registered users and help facilitate around 30,000 sales per day. Source: Wikipedia

People new to affiliate marketing often purchase one of these ClickBank digital products with the intention of doing a product review for their audience.

They buy the product and go through the training and wonder how anyone could make money with this product and then write up their product review.

They then see if any of their random website visitors are interested in purchasing this product as well?

Best Parts of ClickBank

The best parts about ClickBank is that it is…

1) Free To Join

2) There is no screening process for ClickBank – so you are guaranteed to get accepted! 90% of all programs don’t have a screening process either.

3) There are no commission cap (yeah!) or any other complicated terms and conditions to get your head around.

4) You can select products that you want to promote and get started right away.
5) You can see your sales and commission earnings updated regularly.

6) Many products earn commission on the whole sales funnel process, not just the initial sale. This “bonus money” is great and can really help to boost your bottom line.

7) Advanced affiliate marketers – can start creating products and put them out on ClickBank for other affiliate marketers to promote immediately.

So Why I Recommend ClickBank To New People

It’s free to join, you can get started immediately

ClickBank are pretty user-friendly and not super overwhelming for people who are new to the industry.

So it’s great to start immediately without having to prove a track record!!

ClickBank have been around so long that people feel comfortable buying from companies that are promoted via ClickBank, so more sales = more revenue (hopefully)

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Lots of high commission products – 75% sales commissions are GREAT! Most products are between 5%-75% commission.

ClickBank have products that you can sell to most countries of the world.

Many vendors offer commission on the entire sales funnel with long cookies.

ClickBank does all the complicated technical stuff to make your life a lot easier.

My #1 advantage of using ClickBank is that they can help you identify good selling products and they can take care of the transaction side of the process for you so you can focus your time and your energy on helping your clients.

ClickBank has a reputation of offering LOTS of really bad digital products (scam & scam alert type products).

ClickBank is so big that there can often be lots of competition for the best products and top sellers. Gravity scores could help you pick a better performing product though.

You will need to pick a product and do the work before you will know if the product is a good seller or if you have wasted your time and energy on picking a bad / dud product.

What I Do

The hardest part of affiliate marketing is actually figuring out how to get quality traffic to come over to your website.

Once they are at your website you then need to figure out which products would interest them the most.

Many people consider affiliate marketing to be like a form of fishing with lots of rods in the water.

You will do lots and lots of work and not know if you will get paid for all your hard work or not.

So what I recommend is to look at products in your niche and see if there are any products that match the needs of your audience AND offer to pay you over $10 per sale.

Higher commissions are better (sometimes), unfortunately many “junk” products offer higher commissions just so that they get money as well. So you will need to balance out quality products and commissions large enough to make it worth your while.

If you need help to pick a niche for your site, please click here.

Top Tip When Picking A Good Product

Screenshot of sample products available on ClickBank

Have a look at the “gravity” score. A score of zero means that no one is promoting the product and no one is making any money from this product. While it is true that all products do start off initially at zero….. some bad products never leave this starting position. If you are just starting out with ClickBank you are better off-putting your energies into products that are actually selling.

If you like the look of a product go and check out their landing page, the sales pages, and see if you like the look of the sales material.

Is it well written or filled with non-stop “hype?” Is it something that your audience would appreciate or would they run a mile instead?

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You Have Picked A Product To Promote, Now What?

Now that you have found something that you would like to promote, the next step is to so some keyword research (for SEO purposes) on that product or that author.

Put the title of the product into your search browser and see what results come back.

Click on all the top 5-10 results and see what the competition are doing.

What do you like about how your competition are marketing this product / what can you improve on?

With search engines you will have two main ways to promote this product.

1) Search Engine Marketing (SEO) and you are hoping to rank on Page #1 Position #1 of Google so you can get lots of FREE organic traffic.

2) Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). Some commissions are so large that you will want to pay advertising fees to get website visitors to come to your site and read your blog post about a product.

If you could find a product that is offering $30.00 commission per sale and comes with $0.10 c PPC advertising fees, it could be worthwhile to run a campaign and see if you can generate a profitable number of sales to make it worth your while.

If you would like some more great tips on PPC please click here.

That is what marketing is all about. Experimenting with different promotions strategies to see where you can find some profits.


ClickBank is a large, well-established industry player that can help you identify digital or physical products that could be a good match for your niche. They can also help you with the transaction side of things so you can focus your energies on creating more content and getting more website traffic.

As an affiliate marketer, high commission products are great to have on your site because they help give you an income boost.

You can also swap and change products over quickly and easily by changing your links over.

More traffic = more conversions = more sales

Was this article on How To Make Money From ClickBank For FREE helpful? Did you learn anything new? Did you learn how to do things differently? Do you think you will do anything differently in the future?

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing ways to make money online and with good reason.

EVERYONE wants to learn how to make money on line the right way and be their own boss and work from home.

….but unfortunately there are lots of scams out there. You need to get quality advice and stay away from sharks that promise the world and delivery very little.

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