How To Get More Traffic To Your Website

This article is dedicated to helping you better understand how to get more traffic to your website.

As an affiliate marketer, setting up your brand new website is the easy part. This is especially true if it was built using WordPress. If you need help to create your first website, please click here.

The next piece of the puzzle is learning how to get more focused website traffic so that they will buy from your site.

We all want to make sales ASAP….. I mean everyone’s got to eat and pay the bills right?

Getting your first paying customer is a SIGNIFICANT milestone for any business.

I still remember the buzz and the joy that I felt when I got the message that I made my first sale. It felt so amazing.

Why? Because I knew that if I could get one person to come to my website and then go on to purchase something, then I could get 2…. and then 3…… and then go x10 and really start to crank my business!

Hot Tip #1

Please try to avoid falling into the trap of making your website “perfect” before you go out and put your effort into attracting new website visitors.

Your site will ALWAYS be a “work in progress” and it’s important to always put effort into attracting new website visitors so that your site can have momentum…. AND hopefully you will make a few sales.

There is nothing like the momentum of having website visitors and actually real paying customers to keep you motivated and keep you moving forward with your website.

You will only know that you are REALLY improving and growing and building your business up when it is live and out there for the whole world to see and interact with.

Track Your Results

When we first start out with our website, it can be a very lonely sitting at our computer typing away at the keyboard…. not knowing if anyone will find our content or not.

The saying from that classic move going over and over and over again in our head….

“If you build it, they will come”

Source: From The Movie – Field of Dreams

The only way to confirm this for your website is to activate data tracking.

The best tracking software that is available on the marketing and totally FREE is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is part of the Google Marketing Platform and it is free to join.

Click here if you need instructions on how to set this up on your website.

This is the best way to know that Day 1 when your website first launched you had zero visitors…. and now 3 months later you have more……. and then 12 months later your whole business has started to really snowball and now you have HEAPS of visitors.

Where Should You Spend Your Marketing Time?

The nicest part and the most confusing part about marketing is that there are so, so, so many different choices out there around how to spend your time and what marketing channels you should be focusing on.

Some people say you should focus more of your time creating content (blogging) and adding value that way.

Some people say you should focus more of your time on social media.

Some people say you should just pay for advertising and drive traffic that way because it’s faster.

Some people say you should just do email campaigns (you will need at least a small database list first).

There really is no “one size fits all” approach to marketing.

Let’s look at a few of these ideas in more detail.

Low Hanging Fruit

I really like this expression because it perfectly sums up where you should put your energy.

This expression is all about the fruit that you can quickly and easily reach at the bottom of the tree. This way you can get your fill before having to worry about all the “hard stuff” at the top of the tree.

The best low hanging fruit for your business is…

1) Tell Your Family & Friends

When you first launch your website, tell your family and friends and ask them to help you get the word out about your website and the wonderful things you are doing.

They don’t have to buy anything from you (but it’s great if they do!!) – it’s enough that they are helping you spread the word about your business and share the great things you are doing.

It’s really nice to feel supported and it’s great nice to see your website name being displayed in different places and in different formats.

Bonus Tip:

Depending on what your website topic is about, think about offering a bonus tip or bonus give away to really encourage people to follow the links and visit your store.

Perhaps you might even offer a % off discount code or a free give-away depending on your industry and target audience.

Social media accounts – I will talk more about social media accounts in the next section, but in terms of low hanging fruit please don’t forget to add your website links to your social media accounts. Usually there are spaces provided for these links in either your “home” page or your “about us” sections. Different platforms have different spots, but almost all of them have at least one option for you use somewhere so that your followers can “Follow me” back to your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is when your website suddenly ranks on Page #1, Position #1 on Google for keywords that you wrote about on your blog post.

SEO is in the low hanging fruit bucket simply because it’s free and a WONDERFUL source of free traffic.

This is the #1 method used by people who have a “blog” as part of their website. The key with SEO is using software to help you decide which keywords you should target. Sometimes the smallest change can have a HUGE difference in results.

Click here to read how adding / removing an apostrophe can increase your results by a MASSIVE 30%.

The SEO software I use and recommend is Jaaxy.

Special Bonus: For reading my article this far you can have 30 free searches to see if it can help you as well. Click here for the link below.

Social Media

Web Blog

For lots of small business owners, social media is a wonderful marketing channel that really helps them build and connect with their audience for little / no fees.

Did you know there are currently over 1,000 different social media platforms to chose from – and new ones are created every day!

There are two main types of social media platforms:

1) General accounts examples include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram. These “general” social media accounts aim to attract a very large network of worldwide users.

2) Niche specific social media accounts. Every niche that you could imagine has a much smaller “spin off” social media group. These are usually on topic specific ideas.

You can find out niche groups about specific topics by opening up Google and typing “Google Groups + Topic Name” and see what results come back.

For example if I wanted to talk to people who really like my chosen topic – coffee, then I would type in “Google Groups + Coffee” from there I got a list of different search results.

I clicked on a link to a group in my local area that regularly meet up and talk about “coffee”.

Now it’s your turn. Is there a business idea or a niche topic that you really like that you would like to see if there is a group of like-minded people out there on the internet for you?

Social media

The beauty of social media is that most accounts are usually free to set up and join. Most social media platforms accept you instantly. Most of the larger social media platforms have a smaller “mini-group” within them, that you can apply to join.


Facebook is good because LOTS of people have an existing Facebook account and many of your target audience will be on Facebook regularly.

Facebook will also allow you to publish a business page dedicated to your website.

Facebook will also allow you to run ads promoting your site if that is what you wish.


Facebook has a lot of problems at the moment due to being called “Fakebook”. They are losing users by the second due to privacy concerns around users data.

Facebook has lots of users today…. but at some stage in the future….this platform might be dead.


Instagram is owned by Facebook and is largely a visual medium.

It is very popular with millennials and this platform might work really well for your website if you sell very visual items like fashion, jewelry and holiday.


Pinterst is a very visual social media platform that is popular with women. Pinterst is very popular and it’s possible to get large amounts of traffic through both free and paid methods.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click is essentially when you “buy” advertising under a fee for service arrangement. You agree to pay a fee is someone clicks one of your links and then comes to visit your website.

PPC is really a “mixed blessing” for many people though. This is because it is one part science and one part art!

People that understand PPC can make a lot of money by using it…. people that don’t understand PPC can lose a lot of money really quickly.

If you would like to read some great advice on how to do PPC properly, please click here.

Will You Join Me In A 30 Day Challenge?

Affiliate marketing is all about finding out the best marketing channels for your website and your target audience. That’s the key to getting more website visitors and that’s the key to more sales.

So…for the next 30 days let’s focus on using different strategies to drive target traffic who are interested in your topic to your site.

Which method would you chose?

Will you do more social media? If yes, which platforms and how many mins per day? Will it be one block or will it be smaller chunks eg 3 x15 mins per day.

Will you do PPC advertising?

Will you write more content to really boost up your SEO?

Let’s skyrocket our visitor traffic together. Please feel free to leave any comments, hints or suggestions in the comments field below.

Thank you for visiting today.

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