How To Build A FREE Website – 23 Easy Steps


How to Build A FREE Website in 23 Easy Steps

Hello, this blog post is all about helping you build a FREE website in 23 easy steps!

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How to build a free website is really easy

Check, source Pixabay,

Yes, creating a website from scratch, creating original content that helps your customers and then being rewarded by ranking on Page 1 of Google really can be that straight forward.

How to build a free website - 23 easy steps

WordPress, source Pixabay, HypnoArt

And that’s where this blog post comes in.

Many people are curious about building an online business, but they can get a bit confused about how technical or simple the process really is.  Don’t let the 23 steps put you off, it really is wonderful.

We will take all the mystery out of how to build a WordPress website and then get you up and running in no time at all.

In this training blog we will be choosing a Domain Name, choosing a website theme and then hosting it on a sub-domain so that it is a real live website that you can show to your family and friends.

As this is a training blog, I only want to use FREE things to get you up and running. Is that OK?

So to make that work, we are going to use a FREE website builder on a sub-domain called “SiteRubix”. Your website will be housed here and you can visit your website at anytime over the next 6 months for FREE.

If you would prefer to watch a step by step training video on how to build a WordPress website for FREE, please click here.

How to build a FREE website in 30 seconds literally

Screenshot: Building Your Website In 30 seconds, Literally.

 The Steps That You Need To Build A FREE Website

Step 1: Enter a possible Domain Name into the Domain Name checker (please note that only FREE SiteRubix domain names are available for this trial).

Step 2: Then click on the Blue Button to “build your website”. This will activate all the back end technical hosting needs so you don’t have to do it.

How to build a free website, this is step 2

This is the screen you will see for Step 2

Step 3: Then you will come to a screen and the default #1 has been selected for you.

Step 3 (part 2) To activate this free website you will need to activate a Wealthy Affiliate Account.  Don’t worry you will NOT be asked for credit card details anywhere.
How to build a free website, this is step 3
If this is your first time with Wealthy Affiliate, you will get a welcome message from the business owners Kyle and Carson.

You can now do a tour of Wealthy Affiliate if you like or continue on with setting up your FREE WordPress website.






How to build a free website - this is step 4

Step 4

Step 4: You will then be asked “what kind of website do you want to build?”

Please select option #1 – On a FREE Domain.


Step 5: Choose a domain name for your website (it has a #2 on the instructions)

How to build a free website - 23 easy steps this is step 5-7Your name will automatically be given the extension   Once the domain name is set up and your website is LAUNCHED, then you cannot change this step.

If you need help on how to pick a good domain name, please see this blog post that I wrote earlier. Click here.

Please make any changes now.

Step 6: Enter a title for your website (this can different to your domain name).  It is the “Company Name” of your website.  There are many examples of where the domain name and the company name of the website are two different names, this is how you let clients know about the two names.   (It is down as #3 on the list of instructions.)

Step 7: Choose the design (or look) of your website.  (It is down as #4 on the list of instructions.)

Here you can choose from over 2912 different themes and designs.  ALL of these great designs are free.

Please feel free to look around at some of the great choices that you have, but don’t spend too much time here.  Later on I will teach you how to change a theme to one that you like more with just a few quick clicks of a button. So don’t worry about your choice not being “perfect” for the moment.

Step 8: Click on the theme that you like.

So just pick one that you are OK with for the moment and we will work out our favourite theme in step 12-17.  If you are completely stuck for the minute, please just pick the OMEGA theme.

Step 9: Please select the green button with the words “Click Here To Build This Site!”

How to build a free website, this is step 9

Step 9

The automatic WordPress website builder will now kick into gear.  Your website will be ready in just a few moments.  The final installation may take 1 or 2 minutes.

Step 10: You can now double check the

URL of your website & the Admin logon URL

You can take a screenshot of these details so you can log in later on.

Please note that if you reset password, then ONLY you will know your password and site support won’t be able to log you back in in-case of emergency.

How to build a website, this is step 10

Step 10

Step 11: When you are happy that you can log on with confidence, click the blue button for “Login Now”

Congratulations, your website set up is now complete and your website is ready to be published!



Now Let’s Look Inside Your Real Live Active Website

Step 12: When you are logged in, you will see the “WordPress Dashboard”. This may look slightly different depending on which theme you chose or if you are on a desktop computer v’s your mobile phone v’s a tablet.

How to build a FREE website - 23 easy steps

Step 12 – This is what the WordPress dashboard looks like

Step 13: As someone that is new to either WordPress or building websites, please make sure that all the “screen options” tick boxes are checked.

This way you will have access to all the dashboard information and you won’t miss anything.

How to build a free website - this is step 13

Step 13





Step 14: Then on the left-hand side, click on Appearance, then customize your site.

How to build a free website - this is how you customise your site.

This is how you customise your site

How to build a free website - this is step 15

Step 15

Step 15: Now is the time to change your website’s theme.

Click on Active theme (mine says Omega, yours might say something else).

Then click other button with the word “change”.

You can now click the menu bar that says “search themes” and then go looking around for one that you like.


You can choose from one of the default pre-installed themes

or you can select the blue tick box and then have a look at the 2000+ FREE themes that you can choose from.

How to build a FREE website - this is how you customise your theme

This is the blue tick box to look at 2000+ WordPress themes

We will take a quick look at several very popular themes.


  • Omega
  • Hiero
  • Sydney
How to build a free website - here are some free themese for you.

Theme names: Omega, Hiero & Sydney

Step 16: If you click on a theme that you like, and activate the theme descriptions you will be given a long list of words that you may not understand.

Words like:

  • Sidebar, left or right or both
  • Footer
  • Background image
  • Slider
  • Logo or header image or both
  • Are there blog options?

Step 17: Don’t worry too much about any of the words listed above.

In the beginning it is OK just to pick one that you like the look of.

Thumbs up to how to build a free website in 23 easy steps.

Thumbs Up, source Pixabay, TeroVesalainen

Just pick one because you think it “looks pretty” or pick one with lots of choices or perhaps even just pick one with a more simple design style. All choices are good choices at this stage.

We are really just after something that we can use to create the first version of your website.

Later on when your skill and confidence levels are higher, you will be able to change the appearance of your website theme with a few quick simple buttons.

Step 18: Click on the Theme that you like.  It will now be added to your website.


Step 19: If you hit the blue “publish” button, you will now have a real, live website.


How to build a free website - 23 easy steps this is how you view your view site.

Step 20

Step 20: to go to your WordPress Dashboard which is the default as part of your website.  Go to the far left-hand side of your computer screen.  Hover your mouse over the name of your website and then hit “visit site”

You will now be able to go and see a real live preview of what your website looks like.

Step 20: You can now play around with your website and customise it to your hearts content.

Smile, how to build a free website in 23 easy steps is totally free.

Smile, source Pixabay, Perianjs

**Don’t worry regardless of what you click on or do, you won’t “break” your site this way.

Everything can be reset back to the default settings if anything goes horribly wrong (which won’t happen anyway).

Step 23: Advanced customizing.

If you are feeling confident, please feel free to play around with menu items, customizing your sidebar, adding your footer menu, adding anything you like really.

That is the beauty of free “demo” websites like this. You can really experiment and play around with things to see if you like it, before you decide if you want to keep it or not.

How to build a free website is the very definition of success.

Victory, source Pixabay, NovelBestSeller


Congratulations you have now made your very first WordPress website.  You should be very proud of yourselves. LOTS of people dream about doing this, but only a small few actually do.

If you need to see a step by step video about how to build your very first WordPress website, please click here.

How to build a FREE website in 30 seconds literally

Screenshot: Building Your Website In 30 seconds, Literally.


How to build a free website - success hand clapping

Hand Clapping, source Pixabay, Rawpixel

I hope that you found these instructions really useful.

How to build a free website - every problem has a solution

Problem / Solution, source Pixabay, Geralt

It is my aim to take some of the “mystery” and confusion out of building websites. By doing that I hope to be able to get you started to build your own online successful business today!

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Was this training on How to Build A FREE Website – 23 Easy Steps helpful? How did you feel the first time you tried to build a website. Did it work for you? Did it not work for you? Were you scared or did you have any major technical problems? What went really, really well for you?

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts, comments or suggestions in the section below.

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22 thoughts on “How To Build A FREE Website – 23 Easy Steps”

  1. This is a great step by step post you’ve written here on building a website. Very easy to follow for a newbie.

    I haven’t heard of the Siterubix website builder before, but it does make the process look simple. Is it free?

    Maybe the hardest part of building a website is actually adding the content, coming up with things to write about and finding images to suit the content. Using WordPress certainly looks straightforward enough.

    1. HI Darren,

      Thank you for stopping by today, I really appreciate that.

      Yes, it really is very easy for anyone to build a WordPress site from scratch, even if you don’t have any computer skills.

      SiteRubix is totally free. In fact I have negotiated a special deal for website visitors who come through my training site where they can have x2 SiteRubix websites for free.

      I agree with you. Setting up the website is the easy part. Once it is up an running the real work kicks in. Now you have to find content, research quality keywords, find out how to get traffic, research royalty free images to make the site more appealing to website visitors etc, etc, etc.

      If you are looking for royalty free images for yourself, please click here Where To Find Free Website Pictures – 29 Awesome Sites

  2. Hi, Glennys!

    This is a great step-by-step training.

    Even though building a website these days is really easy, it’s natural that beginners feel a bit nervous and lost at the beginning. Your article takes all of those feelings away, clearly showing how simple the entire process is.

    The videos also help a lot.

    Great job!

    1. Hi Eliane,
      Thanks for stopping by. Thank you also for your kind words. Yes, this training actually took longer to put together than what I expected. I was just really particular with all the screen shots.
      Thank you for recognising that this training will make is SUPER easy for any new comer to get started right away.
      You sound quite experienced, if that is correct if you are looking for new ways to help improve your website ranking, please click here
      thank you again for stopping by

  3. Well, Glenys. That’s about as comprehensive a step-by-step breakdown of building a website that I’ve seen. Isn’t it amazing how easy it’s become? It wasn’t too long ago that only the “experts” could build a great-looking site. You had to know code and stuff. Now you just have to know how to click your mouse. Isn’t progress grand? It opens up a new online world for nearly everyone.

    1. Hi Grant,

      Thank you for visiting us today, I really appreciate that.

      Thank you also for your kind words. It actually took a long time to get all the screenshots and all them onto the post. This way EVERYONE will know what steps they have to take and how easy it is.

      Everyone has different learning styles, some people have to watch a video, some people read a book, some people need to have things explained to them in a step by step fashion.

      I agree with you that it wasn’t so long ago that only “experts” were able to build a good looking site. Personally I used to know HTML, but my skills are so low at the moment, that I can only really do basic coding in WordPress. 

      The internet has come along in leaps and bounds and lots of people are available to take care of all the heavy coding for you so that you don’t have to worry about the “technical stuff” anymore.

      That is such a relief. Now I spend my time focusing on writing quality content that offers value to my readers.

      You sound like you already have a website and are well on your way to achieving great things, if you would like to learn how to take your website to the next level and get included in Google Alerts for free, please click here How To Add YOUR Content In Google Alerts For FREE

  4. Thanks for this very detailed and easy way to create a website. Being a member of wealthy affiliate myself, I can say that everything you said is correct, and creating a website literally takes less than a minute to do.

    Even people that have no technological skills will be able to do this very easily.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thank you for stopping by today, I really appreciate that.

      Thank you also for sharing a little of your personal story with us today. I think that it’s really important for people to realise that there are literally MILLIONS of people on the internet who are making money on line and the more that my website visitors are around other people going down this path, the easier they will understand that this path really is.

      Thank you for saying that even people with no technology skills will be able to make a website very easily.

      If you are looking for ways to use Google tools to help improve your website, please click here Google WebMaster Tools For WordPress

  5. Hi Glennys,
    Thanks for sharing this great post which is great for newbies. I think it’s great that you’ve included lots of pictures that would help the likes of me get up and running on the platform that you’ve shown. You mentioned that the site is free for 6 months. What is the cost thereafter?


    1. Hi James,

      Thanks for stopping by today and sharing your thoughts with us.  I really appreciate that.

      Thank you for liking the step by step guide – yes it really did take a long time to put together.

      I really did want to make it so easy that anyone could follow along and not get confused.

      The free WordPress based SiteRubix platform is free for upt 6 months.  If however you really like WordPress and want to continue learning with Wealthy Affiliate, then you can pay the on-going training rates of $0 for the first month then $19 and then $49 per month.

      The beauty of this model is that you only start paying for goods and services AFTER you have had a generous free trial and have worked out if this system is for you or not.

      You sound like you already have a website, if that it true please have a look at some of my tips on how to improve your website ranking Top #3 Ideas of How To Improve Your Website Ranking

  6. Hey this is a really good article, very good use of pictures for each of your steps. I am wondering how you added that bar so anyone can create there website right there from your article? that is pretty cool and each one of your steps is informative and really shows how easy it is to build your first website!

    1. Hi Justin,

      Thank you for stopping by today, you are very welcome here.

      Thank you also for your kind words. Yes, I really wanted to make this step by step walk through as simple as possible so that everyone would know that they could do it for themselves if they really wanted to.

      My overall aim with this website it to take a lot of the fear and mystery out of building a website so that more people will have the confidence to just jump in and start building an online business TODAY!

      Thank you for saying you appreciated how easy my steps were.

      You sound like you already have a website, if you would like some hints about how to improve your website ranking, please click here Top #3 Ideas of How To Improve Your Website Ranking

  7. A great explanation! Sometimes we can forget that a person wanting to build a website has never seen a dashboard before. And other basic features of WordPress.
    I use Wealthy Affiliate and certainly have found it the epitome of step by step (so you can’t get lost) training.

    1. Hi Dianne,
      thank you for stopping by and sharing your knowledge and experience with everyone today. I really appreciate that.
      You are right, sometimes after we have gained a little bit of experience with something, we forget that there are ABSOLUTE new comers to the world of website, WordPress and the internet. We forget that lots of people need step by step instructions to get them moving forward.
      Thank you for recommending Wealthy Affiliate. I also use them and have found them to be wonderful.
      If you would like to read a product review that I wrote on Wealthy Affiliate, please click here
      Thanks again for stopping by

  8. Hi Glenys,
    It is an informative article on building website. Thank you very much for your efforts. This article provide detailed instruction on how to build a website from scratch. I will definitely recommend anyone who would like to establish a website for any purposes.

    1. Hi Anthony
      thank you so much for visiting today. I really appreciate that. thank you for your kind words. I always try to offer simple easy to follow advice to people. Beginners can feel overwhelmed with what they have to do.
      thank you again for visiting today. If you need help to lift your website rankings, please click here

  9. This is certainly a very concise article that is helpful for those who want to experience building their own website. I went through this process and certainly enjoyed every moment that created achievement! There were some failures also, but I learned from them and moved forward.

    1. Hi Tanya,
      thank you for sharing a little of your knowledge and experience with us today. I really appreciate that. You are right, building your very first website can seem a little overwhelming, but like many things in life, if you get the right people to help you then it really is just a step by step path to success.
      I am happy that you were able to build your first website, then learn from it, refine it and then build some other websites as well. by experimenting and pushing ourselves we can all learn and grow.
      If you would like to know how to get more website visitors, please click here

    1. Hi Bishal,
      thank you for visiting today. I really appreciate that. Thank you for your kind words. I always try and create fresh relevant content that will help website owners and it is wonderful to hear that people are bookmarking my website.
      I hope that you will go on an build your own WordPress website one day. It really is quick and easy to do.
      If you ever need help on what you should do, please feel free to look at this training program that I recommend

  10. Hello Glennys,
    What a great instructive post you have written – it is really easy to understand and follow through!
    Anyone can build a website with ease with this easy to follow post.
    I will now know to refer your post to those who need help building a website.
    Cheers – Orion

    1. Hi Orion
      thank you for visiting us today, I really appreciate that.
      Thank you also for your kind words. I wanted this post to be as straight forward as possible. when people are just starting out, it is really easy to get overwhelmed by too much of this or that. The feeling of overwhelm may mean that you feel that you just can’t get started. This post is all about making people realise that it’s easy to get started. Like many things in life that look complicated at first, when you slow down and work through things one – by – one, the task was actually a lot easier that you thought.
      You sound like you already have a website, if you would like some tips on how to improve your website ranking, please click here
      Thanks again for visiting us today.

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