Help Writing Website Content – The Top 4 Ways People Get Stuck

We all need Help writing content from time to time

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Help Writing Website Content

Now that you have your WordPress Website up and running, you may be asking yourself how do I get more ideas to create fresh content that my audience members (traffic) demand from me? If this is you, then you have come to the right place, today we will be offering help writing website content.

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There are a bunch of reasons why you would be stuck trying to write fresh content. Sometimes it is because you are not sure what you audience is hoping to find when they visit your website, sometimes it’s because you don’t know what to write about to get going. Here we look at some of the most common reasons that people get stuck with what to write for their website and hopefully we can get you unstuck.

When You Are Stuck With Writers Block

When you need writing content for your website.

Writers Block: source Pixabay, Lukasbieri

Sometimes when you sit down at your computer, hands on the keyboard ready to start typing…well… you just kind of freeze up. When you are not sure what to write or how to go about framing the thoughts in your head, it can often feel well “not good enough” and it’s hard to get started.

If this happens to you don’t worry, it used to happen to me all the time when I first started out. When my website was fresh and brand new, I was really sure about the first 5-10 topics (web page Posts) that I wanted to write about and then after that, well….I just kinda went blank. It’s like I covered all my “best ideas” or “red hot topics” and I just wasn’t sure how to go about things for that next wave of content creation.

How I got over this writers block was to explore “Keyword Headings”. In the industry this is referred to as “Search Engine Results Pages” (SERP).

Here it is just simply a matter of typing into the search engine some Industry keywords which you know are relevant to your industry and then seeing the results appear in the “auto fill” drop down menu. This idea is really very powerful for niches where there is one clear “source keyword” and then lots of small spin offs or “tweaks”.

A great example of this is “Basketball” and then the auto fill that appears.

For some people reading this now, this one idea might be enough to get you moving again.

If you would like to see a step by step instructional video on this topic, please click the link.





When You Are Stuck Because of Keyword Research

Another major reason that people often get stuck with what they should write about is because of keyword research. When we are on the Internet as part of our industry research we will all visit at least a few of our competitors websites. Many of these websites may be low quality or appear to be of a much “lower standard” than our website.

**Don’t be afraid to boast and be really proud about your new website, you have worked hard to bring your ideas to life.

As part of your competitor analysis we would have also done a quick Google Search on an important industry keyword that is relevant to your website – and then HUH Shock, Horror! Your competitor has out ranked you on Google.

How can this be?

  • You know that your website is of a higher standard,
  • you know that your content is better,
  • that your graphics are better,
  • and that overall your website is definitely better that your competitors sad and sorry looking outdated website
  • AND YET Google ranks them higher up the search results page and they get more traffic.

And you know that unless your website can get a steady flow of traffic, then you won’t make much money.

How can we fix this?

We all need help writing keywords for better SEO

Screenshot of video training on Understanding keywords for SEO

The answer is by doing smarter keyword research.

If you need a video to teach you how to do really smart keyword research to boost your SEO, please click here.

Now, I value my time and I am really busy most days so what I do to accelerate my results is to use a computer based program to help me. I mean we are doing work on computers over the Internet, so why not tap into some of the most powerful tools available – ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE FREE!

The benefits of using this program is that when I have an idea for some content that I want to write, I can do a quick Jaaxy search and then see how much TRAFFIC one keyword gets over another. As we all know the main body of content is almost identical between one keyword heading and a second keyword heading, so why not just make a tiny, slight adjustment and then have a shot at getting a higher level of traffic.

This one tip could literally double your current website visitor traffic numbers overnight!

I wrote a blog on how to find quality keywords to boost your SEO.  To read more about it, please click here.

Yes, the software program I use if called Jaaxy and you can have 30 free searches. Click here to claim your free search results now. 

When You Are Stuck Because You Need More Audience Feedback

A pen and paper can help overcome writers block

Writers block, source Pixabay, MiraDeShazer

This situation happened to me once. I had just started my brand new website on a topic that I only knew a “low to medium” level of information about. So I started out writing what I wanted to write and then I just sort of lost my sense of direction really. I wasn’t sure what my next post should be about, so I stopped. I really did hit that mythical “writers” block that people talk about.

How did I overcome this problem?

Luckily for me, when I started my WordPress Blog, very early on I activated the commands to turn on “Blog Comments”. By taking the time to activate this one simple little tick box it allowed for my website visitors (traffic) to leave some comments / hints / suggestions about things that were relevant to my website topic.

From the feedback I received from real people I was then able to create a whole blog post dedicated to helping solve the problem or answer the question that people were asking.

This change of tact really got me going again and added enormous value to my readers. I was definitely really grateful to learn this one tip.

If you would like to learn how to turn on Website Comments on your website, please click here.

Another benefit of enabling Website Comments is that the website visitor will leave a comment. Let’s say that comment is anything from 3-4 sentences to a whole paragraph long (say 100 words). You then have to reply to this comment. In the interest of wonderful customer service you try to be as thorough as possible regarding your answer, so your answer is 1-2 or perhaps even 3 paragraphs long sometimes. Now you have just added 200+ words to your post in your answer.

So in total you have possibly added 300-500 words of quality content that your readers are interested in. Your website is longer and of a higher standard that many of your competitors. This will definitely help to improve your quality score with Google rankings. AND as the absolute icing on the cake, by engaging with your audience and giving quality answers that are really helpful and on topic, you have added value to your customers and really helped your business to grow.

When You Are Stuck Because You Need Help With Images

Today’s website visitor is looking to be “engaged” with your content.

If the reader is enjoying the visual appeal of your content, then they are more likely to stay on your page for longer and to read more of your information or to watch a video for longer.

If they do any of these things then they are more likely to leave a comment on your blog post or to even buy a product that you recommend – yeah!

Quality royalty free images are a great way to help with this process.

Three of my top sites that I use all the time are WikiCommons, Pixabay and Pexels.

I have written a blog post titled “Where to find free website pictures – 29 Awesome sites.”  Click here to read more.

 When You Are Stuck Because you Need Help With Topics

Sometimes you get stuck because you don’t know what topics you should write about next. This is especially true for brand new websites after you hit the 5-10 Post mark and also for established websites after you hit the 100+ Post mark.

A great tool that I use to get going again and get over my writers block is simply to ask some people who know a little about the topic what they would like to read about.

You could join an online forum relating to your niche and ask people what topics they either like to talk about or at stuck with that relate to your niche.

Some great sources of information on this topic also include Google Alerts.

By setting up a Google Alert on your computer, then when some new information on your topic comes up all you need to do is rework the content so that it is better match for your target audience.

Then share the new information with your social media network.

So the steps are

1) Set up Google Adword Account

2) Open to information on the topic that you care about

3) Rework the information into a new Website Post in a way that your readers would appreciate hearing about.

4) Share this new Post with your Social Media Networks and also your newsletter subscribers.

**Make sure to let them all know that you are a wonderful source of current, up to date, cutting edge, industry relevant new content that offers value to your readers.  Google Alerts really could be a win / win for everyone.


A huge congratulations to you for getting your website up and running. That part really is the hardest part. Now that it is up and running and live, hopefully some of my top 4 tips for overcoming writers block will get you moving again in no time at all.

If you would like more helpful hints or suggestions from the #1 source that I use to help build a successful business online, click here

What is your best tip for overcoming writers block? How do you get moving when you are really stuck. What advice would you give someone who is just starting out with their first website? Please feel free to leave any website comments, hints or suggestions in the comments field below (yes I do have it turned on and I LOVE audience feedback).

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14 thoughts on “Help Writing Website Content – The Top 4 Ways People Get Stuck”

  1. Thanks for posting this topic, I have been trying to get past what to write about for some time now. I have been disappointed in my self and in my website as I just can not get it going the way I want. I sit in front of the computer and try to come up with something but the idea just don’t come.

    I want to let you know how much you have helped me as I have went to your Jaaxy link and found it is wonderful. I was able to put in a few keywords for my niche and have come up with 11 different post that I can write. I am so excited now and feeling much more confident and motivated. I plan to start writing right away and want to give you a big THANKS. You have an awesome site here.

    1. Hi Dena,
      Thank you for visiting our website today, I really appreciate that. Thank you also for sharing some of your personal experience with us. That is how we all grow and learn faster – thank you for that.
      Thank you also for saying that you are still learning and still trying to figure out how best to convey the information that you want to share with your audience.
      Thank you for your kind words that we have inspired you to try a few new keywords. I am glad that you got some value out of Jaaxy. I am glad that you have a new direction and a new purpose with your writing.
      We are very happy to help.
      If you ever need some extra tips on how to overcome writer’s block, please click here

  2. Thanks for this post Glenys, this is really helpful for me – I have been stuck on one of my blogs for a while – mainly because it is a niche that I am not familiar enough with, yet want to develop it. Having read your post has inspired me and given me some good direction on how to find more topics to write about.
    I really like your style of writing too, it is so easy to follow and connect to your message – thanks for that.
    All the best and see you at the top of SERPS!

    1. Hi Orion,
      Thank you for visting us today. I really appreciate that. Thank you also for your kind words of encouragement.
      I am glad that we were able to help you today. I too have been stuck with “writer’s block” and not really known how to move forward. Once you think about things logically it really is very easy to move forward to grace and clarity.
      Thank you also for your kind words about my writing style. I aim to have a “smooth” writing style that makes it easy for people to follow – especially new people to internet marketing.
      I am glad that we were able to help you get over your “writer’s block”, if you are looking for ways to help improve your website traffic, please click here
      Thanks again for stopping by

  3. SERP- Did not know about this search engine results pages, well I guess I knew a little but had no idea that there was a name for it. I agree with you on keyword research is the way to go to get ranked in google at least for me it works. Of course I use Jaaxy and it is a tremendous tool and couldn’t live without it. Thank you for this post very informative .

    1. Hi Bobbi,

      Thank you for stopping by today. I really appreciate that.

      Thank you also for your kind words. One of the goals of this page is to deliver quality information to people to help them out and get them to achieve their goals faster.  If I could help you out with quality information today – then I feel my job is done.

      Thank you also for sharing your knowledge and a little bit about your experience with our readers. Together we all learn and grow faster.

      I am glad that you use a SEO Keyword tool to help you out. I hope you get more / better targeted traffic as a result.

      Because you already sound like you have a website if you need some help on how to improve your SEO, please click here Internal Links For SEO

  4. Very nice looking site. All your links work and you have nice pics that match your content. I hope you get ranked so those who are 50+ can find your site!

    Has this site made you any money? How long have you had it up?

    For me the thing I can say is that the floating social media icons would make me bounce from your site. That however, is just a personal preference.

    1. Hi Tim and thanks for stopping by.  I really appreciate that.

      I think it is your first time visiting our website, so an extra welcome to you.

      Thank you for your positive feedback.  Your kind words are really encouraging.  I really hope that I get ranking by the major search engines and that people can find my site as well!

      You are right, this site is an Affiliate Marketing website and it is set up so that if people click my links, I earn a small commission. This website is in the building phase at the moment and has not been up for very long.  I am hoping to get more website traffic and the site matures and more and more people know about it.

      Thank you for your feedback on the social media icons.  Good to know.  Thank you for sharing.

      You sound like you have a website up and running at the moment as well.  Is that correct? If yes, if you would like some extras ideas about how to improve your website ranking please feel free to check out this article I wrote

  5. One of the easiest ways for me to get past writers block like you said, is to simply ask people in my niche what they want to know more about.

    This can be done by site comments, going to forums, or Facebook groups.

    IF you look around for a few minutes, then you’ll start to get all sort of ideas.

    1. Hi Michael and thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and experience with our audience today.

      I think we are on the same page with your technique to simply ask people in your niche what they want to know about and then start writing content around that.

      I like your suggestions about going to site comments, going to forums and I like your social media suggestion around Facebook groups.

      Thank you for sharing your valuable experience with our readers today.  If you need tips on how to improve your SEO, please see these other helpful blog posts that I have written Internal Links For SEO

  6. Great tips for overcoming writer’s block. I get it often. I get stuck and just can’t get unstuck. I do have google alerts set up and that helps tremendously. I also pay attention to magazines in my niche. Sometimes a lightbulb goes off when I see an article.
    I also use the SERP as you mentioned. It gives me an idea for some keyword that people are searching for. That is so helpful. However, there are times where I am stuck stuck stuck and just have to get my mind on something else.
    Using Jaaxy is also very helpful. Jaaxy is a unique keyword research tool.

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      Thank you for stopping by today. I really appreciate that.  Yes we all get writers block from time to time – even me!  I am glad to hear that you tried different techniques to help get you going again. 

      I really like your idea to subscribe to magazines in your niche. I agree that often a lightbulb can really go off when we see something that catches our eye in a magazine.

      That was a great tip to share with our readers. I am really happy that you came by today to share some of your knowledge and experience with our readers.  Together we all grow and learn.

      If you ever need a source of royalty free images, please feel free to read Where To Find Free Website Pictures – 29 Awesome Sites

      Thanks again for dropping by.

  7. Yeah, it’s quite easy to get the “writers block”. It happened to me a lot of times! Recently I discovered a great way to find many topics to write about in a couple of minutes. Jaaxy has this feature called “alphabet soup”. You basically input a keyword or topic and let it do its work. There’s hundreds of suggestion and if you’re lucky enough, you might even get 10-20 new ideas for future content.

    1. Good morning and thank you for stopping by today. I really appreciate that.

      Thank you for sharing some of your experience with how to overcome the dreaded “writers block”.  It really can happen to anyone at any time. 

      I was happy to hear your suggestion about how you SEO Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy really helped you to overcome your writers block and get moving again. I wrote an article on Jaaxy, people who don’t know about this tool can read it here SEO Software Reviews – Jaaxy Product Review

      Thanks again for stopping by and good luck with your website.

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