Help Finding Your Niche

Do You Need Help Finding Your Niche?

Do you need help finding your niche on the internet?

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The Internet is just soooo big and growing every day. At the time of writing it was estimated that there are currently over 1 BILLION (yes Billion) websites on the internet (source 2017).  This means that niches are emerging as the best way to get the attention of your audience who care about the EXACT topic that you are talking about (niche). So I have to ask “Do you need help finding your niche?”

This figure is set to continue to grow.

The good news is that it is estimated that the internet can handle an UNLIMITED quantity of unique websites.

This is great news for us.

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By acknowledging that the internet is simply too big and too vast to be “all things to all people”, that means we just have to pick a niche that we like to talk about and then just focus our attention on helping people in that niche.

This really is wonderful news. The thought of tackling 100% of the web is simply overwhelming, but by focusing on an area (niche) that we know lots about or that we find interesting, we are going to be well positioned for success on the web.

According to, the word niche has several definitions.

Picking a good niche can help you make money on the internet.

Definition of Niche, Source,

In internet terms the one we are interested in the third definition, which is a “distinct segment of the market”.

More specifically, our task as a website owner is to find a distinct segment of the internet marketplace (our audience), that we can help.

The thing to remember about YOUR chosen niche is that

  1. Your are going to be writing content within your niche
  2. Your are going to be communicating within your niche
  3. Your are going to be choosing products to promote within your niche
  4. Your need to enjoy helping people within your niche.
  5. Your first niche PROBABLY won’t be your last (so don’t worry about it being perfect)
  6. Any niche can become a “full time” successful business

The reason that we recommend picking a niche that you like is that when I say you will be writing content regarding this niche – I actually mean, you will most likely be writing A LOT of content in this niche.

Many of the most popular websites and the internet bloggers that are making the most amount of money are creating or updating content on their website daily. They are also responding to comments from visitors to their website (ideally daily) and also selecting products to review and talk about to help their audience.

All this is adds up to a lot of activity.

If you GENUINELY don’t like your niche or honestly find it an interesting topic to talk about, then you will most likely “burn out” and move on.

A niche can help you.

Boxing Ring, Source Pixabay, 3Dman_eu

Personally, I don’t like the violent sports of boxing or Mixed Martial Arts fighting, so I couldn’t write about this topic daily. I freely acknowledge that there are lots of people (mostly males) who really, really enjoy this type of fighting and consider it a “Sport” or “entertainment”.

This group of people would be perfect to write about a MMA Fight Club Website or a Boxing Website. This then allows me to create a website in a niche that I enjoy without the fear of having these people as my competition.

So by acknowledging that we should only really focus on niches (or areas of interest) that we are naturally good at or drawn to, then we can go about creating a high quality website full of wonderful tips, hints and suggestions that will really help our audience. This in turn will result in traffic and return visitors.

What else do we need to know about niches?

When choosing which niche to write about in the beginning,

  1. start of broad – eg Food
  2. then go a bit more specific – eg Restaurant Food, fruit and vegetables or drink   **I will pick fresh fruit and vegetables
  3. Then a bit more specific – eg Fresh Tomatoes
  4. Then a bit more specific – eg How To Grow Fresh Tomatoes
Growing vegetables is a great example of a popular niche.

Tomatoes, Source Pixabay, Logga Wiggler

We will cover blog topics in a later post, but for now just know that by selecting a niche looking at “How To Grow Fresh Tomatoes” as my starting point, I can now “flesh out” (OK I meant that one!) different topics concerning fresh tomatoes.






Some brainstorming blog post topics for growing tomatoes might be:

  • How to prepare the soil
  • How to test soil PH
  • How to alter soil PH for tomatoes
  • How to identify weeds in your garden
  • How to move plants from garden bed 1 to garden 2 bed safely
  • How to build a garden bed for vegetables
  • How to select good quality vegetable potting mix or garden soil
  • How to select quality seeds
  • How to grow tomatoes from seeds
  • How to grow tomatoes from seedlings
  • How to stake your tomatoes safely to maximize harvest yields

and so on…..

I am sure you get the idea. Your blog post will simply cover every step in the process so that your audience can get all the information that they need.

The purpose of writing the blogs post is to BE OF SERVICE to your audience.

When a website visitor (new audience member) comes onto your website, you will be unclear as to their prior knowledge or understanding of the topic. Because of this don’t be afraid to break down each of the steps involved in the process one by one. We will add navigation help latter on. That way if the website visitor has existing knowledge of your niche topic or they are a returning visitor, they can jump to the exact page (or post) they would like to get information from.

This creates a “win / win situation” for everyone.

Another Hint When Selecting A Niche Topic

Help when choosing a niche

Tiny Plant, Source Pixabay, Engin_Akyurt

With a niche, please don’t be afraid to go “too small” on the niche topic.

In the beginning your technical website skills and SEO optimization will be fairly low.

By starting out on a smaller topic niche you definitely stand a better chance of ranking on Page 1 of Google and getting lots of free traffic. Just so you know, writing a website Post and then having it ranks on Page 1 on Google is considered really, really good and is the ultimate aim of all bloggers.

For another explanation regarding how to select a Niche, please click this link to see an explanation of how to select a niche within the Fashion Niche. This simple 4 step formula will take you from the broad, but SUPER competitive Fashion Industry to a specific and rank able niche within Fashion quickly and easily. Click here to learn more.

If you are still stuck, here is a list of the top 10 niches on the internet in 2017. The Author is a business associate of mine, Carol.

  1. Fitness and Weight Loss:
  2. Health:
  3. Dating and Relationships:
  4. Pets:
  5. Wealth Building:
  6. Making Money On The Internet:
  7. Self Improvement:
  8. Beauty:
  9. Technology and Gadgets:
  10. Personal Finance:

Carol has fleshed out some more information regarding these topics. It is a great blog post and well worth reading. While you are reading it, please feel free to have a pen and piece of paper handy, you might get some real insights and inspiration to help you nail down your final niche. To see what she has written in full, please click here.

ALL Niches Have The Potential To Be Profitable

Top tips to picking a niche that is profitable

$2 Euro, Source Pixabay, Stux

The one final thing I would like to say on niches is that ALL niches are potentially very profitable.

The other thing is that please remember, in the beginning your website skills may be low, so it’s OK to pick ANY niche to just get the process started and then after a while when your skills are higher, you can easily change to niche 2 / website 2.

The second website will be finished in a fraction of the time that it took you to build out the first website.

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Also, I would really like to know.  Was this article on “Help Finding Your Niche” really helpful?  Please let me know in the comments and feedback section below. I really like talking about anything to do with the internet or market and niches. Please feel free to add any comments, suggestions points of interest in the comments below.

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