Google WebMaster Tools For WordPress

Google Webmaster tools For WordPress (Old Name: Google Search Console)

Google has some amazing Google WebMaster tools for WordPress.  These tools help website owners understand the performance of their websites.

If you need a place to teach you how to build a WordPress website, please click here. Google Search Console for WordPress is great for helping to build websites

The main ones that I personally use are called

Google Analytics and Google WebMaster Tools

Why do I use these two tools?

Google Webmaster Tools for WordPress has many example metrics to look at

Screenshot Google Webmaster Tools

The reason that I use these two websites is that as a website based business owner I really want to know how many visitors come to my website (website traffic). I also want to know which countries they are coming from and also are they visiting my website from their computer or from their mobile phone or their tablets?

Why do I want to know this?

I want to know website visitors so I can tell that my website is getting more and more successful every day.

I want to know where they come for so I know when I should write in English (US) or English (UK).

I want to know if they view my website on their mobile phones or a computer. This has to do with my screen layouts and where I place information. It also has to do with my page loading times. Mobile phone processors are often a lower slower compared to a traditional desktop computer and if I have a very slow loading time, the website visitor might abandon my website before it has even opened up.

Google Analytics

This allows me to know all this information on one clean and easy to use dashboard.

For a full breakdown of how Google Analytics can help you, please click here to go to the main website.

Google Webmaster Tools (old name was Google Search Console)

For a full breakdown of how Google Webmaster Tools can help your WordPress website, please click here to go to the main website.

Many website owners share a common problem. After they have created a beautiful and relevant website post full of amazing content that really add’s value to their audience, they hit the “publish” button, sit back and wait…. wait for brand new traffic to discover their brand new content and visit their website.

Google Webmaster Tools For WordPress can help you with a PPC campaign

Business, Source: Pixabay, RawPixel

ALL website owners know that unless you are willing to pay the big bucks to run a Pay-Per-Click Ad campaign on Google that you have to wait for GoogleBots to sweep your website, find the new content and then “rank” the content so that you can begin to appear on the Google Search Engine Results Pages.

Waiting…. waiting…. waiting…. all this constant waiting can really hurt a new business website owner. You want traffic NOW!

Does this problem sound familiar?

Google Webmaster Tools is the fastest way to help get your brand new website blog post indexed in google.

How do I do that I hear you asking?

Simple, by getting a unique tracking code and then adding to your website, Google will be able to track many unique things about your website.

Click here to watch a video to learn how to get your unique Google tracking code and then add it to your website.

My second (2nd) main reason for using google Search Console

Another key reason for using Google Search Console is to find out keywords which are interesting to your audience.

Google keeps a track of what they THINK you were trying to rank for as your SEO Keyword when you wrote the blog post. They also keep track of the sort of blog post pages that you have written that are appealing to your audience.

For a breakdown of the new Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console, please click here.

Author: Loves Data                                         Date:  Jan 25, 2018

All you have to do is look under “Search Queries” and you will see the exact keywords that your audience (website visitors) are typing in which lead Google to show your website in their answers, which then lead the website visitor to you.

My top two reasons why it’s an advantage to know this is

Google Search Console for WordPress is great to information1) If you know that an audience is ‘hungry’ for information on a set topic, then you can write more blog posts that focus exclusively on those EXACT MATCH keywords that your audience is searching for. By creating a series of blog posts around a core theme you can establish yourself as an authority figure in that niche topic area. This will result in a higher “quality score” from Google, which should boost your SERP and hopefully get you on Page 1 of google for all the keywords around that one central keyword selected.

An example could be that if you own an online website business that focuses on Digital Cameras (in general), but you notice that a lot of your traffic seems to be people searching on “Mirrorless Camera’s under $1000”, now you know to refine your website to only focus on Camera’s under $1000 and more specifically Cameras under $1000 AND are mirrorless. This will give you a great user experience rating.

2) If the keywords being searched for by your audience are only part of a larger article, now you have the opportunity to flesh out that topic in full so that your audience gets to know a lot more information on that topic and you are adding more value to your website visitors.  You will be surprised how a comment or a brief paragraph may actually be a topic that interests many of your readers and so the opportunity to give them quality information in full is a valuable one for both you and your customer.

3) If you know your niche well you can spot emerging trends.  By knowing your niche really well, when you are reviewing all the “exact match keywords” which have been typed into the search engine queries. You can then look for themes or slight variations which might give you a really good clue about upcoming industry or competitor trends.

Google Webmaster Tools for WordPress can help your businessAnother feature I really like about Google Webmaster tools is

Another feature that I really like about Google Webmaster tools is the “crawl” feature. Here you allow Google to “crawl” your website and let you know of any errors – very important.




Fetch as Google is really useful for helping to get your website indexed quicker that it would have otherwise have been indexed.

Also, by fetching as google you can update the GoogleBot regarding new content on the website right away. The main advantage of this is the hope that by being indexed sooner, your site will appear in the Google SERP rankings quicker than if you did NOT do this step.  Time is money right?  The sooner your customers know all about your website the sooner you can start getting free traffic right?


If you would like a video walk through about how to “fetch as google” from a Wealthy Affiliate member, please click here.

If you would like to learn how to build your own Free WordPress Website, please click here. Google Webmaster Tools for WordPress can really help your business grow

Do you use Google Webmaster Tools or Google Analytics at the moment?  What features do you like the best?  What is not working for you?  What other parts of Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools is helpful for your WordPress website.  Is there anything that you are having trouble with or would like to see changed?

Please feel free to leave me any comments, hints or suggestions in the boxes below.  Thank you for visiting us today.

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10 thoughts on “Google WebMaster Tools For WordPress”

  1. Excellent post, very well outlined and really enjoyed the graphics and the video. It was not only helpful, but got my attention and was an enjoyable read! More importantly, the Google Search Console is an incredible tool that I was not aware of before and you showed me some ways that I can begin using to get more clients myself. I am glad I read this and hope to find more information I can begin to put into practice, as well.

    1. Hi JP and thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your positive comments.

      I have been using Google Analytics a lot, but now I know that I really need to ramp up Google Search Console as well.  I can definitely see how using the two tools together will really help with keyword selection and blog topic selection and also audience enjoyment.

      I am glad we can help you out today. If you need extra traffic, please take a look at some of my tips on how to use internal links to lift SEO Internal Links For SEO.

      Kind regards,

  2. A nice and informative post about the google webmaster tools. I’m currently using Google analytics to keep track of the track that come to my website and it is a very nice tool to have, even if it can be a little demotivating in the beginning with the lack of traffic viewing my content and all.

    1. Hi Amhil,

      Thank you for visiting our website today, I really appreciate that. Yes I agree in the beginning it can be a real challenge to stay motivated when you don’t have any traffic.  I remember looking back at when I first started and thinking “Is this the best use of my time? What am I doing? No one is even looking at my information”.  I know one of the best things that got me through those times when I had a lack of confidence was to remember my WHY. Remember WHY you wanted to build an online business in the first place.

      Stay true to yourself and your audience and then you will be writing amazing content that will naturally attract quality traffic.

      If you need a source of royalty free images, please have a look at this blog post that I wrote Where To Find Free Website Pictures – 29 Awesome Sites

      Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. Hi Glenys!

    This was a good refresher on Google analytics and the entire console. I usually watch my analytics from my WordPress dashboard, so when I actually log onto Google, I’m a bit shabby. I didn’t realize the tracking code helped with indexing, I thought it was more so for tracking and adsense. I’ve been meaning to go over there to check my Search engine rankings on certain articles. Thanks for the refresher and reminder!

    1. Hi Tiffany, Thank you for stopping by.  Yes Google WebMaster tools are improving and adding new features and benefits all the time.  It really is a wonderful resource to anyone who is serious about growing their online business.  The tracking code can help you find a HUGE amount of quality information to really help your business grow and thrive.

      I am happy to have helped you with a quick refresher.

      If you need a refresher on How To Find Good Keywords For A Website please feel free to check out this article.

  4. Awesome post!

    In fact, I just added it to my bookmark bar. I was completely unfamiliar with some of this info, except for Google Analytics.

    Is there a cost to this? I will need to look into this soon, because I am running a blog, and I am curious about how to boost my SEO beyond just targeting good keywords.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Hi Jordan,

      Thanks for stopping by today and your kind words.  It really lifts my spirits to know that I have helped people.

      Google Webmaster Tools is a wonderful program and the best part is that it is 100% FREE!  For my business I use the combination of Google Analytics, Google WebMaster Tools and Google Trends.  By utilizing all of these wonderful free tools, then you can get some fabulous analytics (metrics) that can really give you the edge over your competition.

      You mentioned that you are running a blog.  The #1 thing that I look for is things that my competitors are doing badly that I can really excel at and grow my market share.

      I hope that helps you as well.  If you are looking for my top tips for getting royalty free images, please click here Where To Find Free Website Pictures – 29 Awesome Sites

      All the best with your website.

  5. Hey this is a really good article and very detailed. I do have the google web master tools and the antylitics, i dont think i have the bing one done yet which i really need to get on it. I havent been gaining much traffic yet since im only 3 months in but some of my posts are getting ranked higher. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Justin,

      First things first – congratulations on starting your brand new website. This is a massive achievement and you should be very proud of yourself.  Being only 3 months old as well. This makes it extra special. Well done on learning lots and getting everything ready for website traffic when it comes.

      Well done on setting up both your Google WebMaster tools and Google Analytics accounts. That took some technical skill to set up the tracking properly.  You should be very proud of yourself.

      If you need extra tips on sourcing royalty free images, please click here Where To Find Free Website Pictures – 29 Awesome Sites

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