Create A Website For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the fastest growing ways to make money online. Websites are REALLY cheap these days, so it’s only natural that lots of people want to create a website for affiliate marketing.

Creating your very first website for affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be a struggle. The internet has come along way over the past 10 year or so and you don’t have to struggle alone at home at 2am in the morning anymore.

Some top questions you might be asking yourself are

“Do I really have to learn computer code?”

“Do I really have to pay someone to do it for me?”

“Should I just outsource it to a website builder like Wix or Weebly and hope for the best?”

In this article today we will take a look at how this is done.

Let’s start at the beginning.

So What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing Anyway?

Affiliate marketing is when you (the marketer) talk about products/services that you have picked and then if one of your website visitors clicks on one of your special links and then goes on to buy that product, you will receive a referral commission as part of that sale.

The Top Five (5) Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

1) It’s a great way to make money online.

2) You DO NOT have to purchase any inventory or manage any stock of any kind.

3) You DO NOT have to do manage any store returns, customer complaints or faulty products of any kind.

4) You get to talk about products / services that you like, that could really help people in your niche.

5) You get paid your commission money even if you are sick or on holidays or even working your regular job.

Top Four (4) Ways to Create Money with Affiliate Marketing

There are literally lots and lots of different ways to create money with affiliate marketing.

The top 4 most popular ways are

1) Sell advertising space

This is the #1 way to make money in affiliate marketing. It is popular because you only need to attract website visitors to your site in order to get paid. You visitor doesn’t have to do anything.

This was made famous by Google Adwords and Bing Ads

2) Pay Per Sale (PPS)

This is the second most popular way to make money on the internet. Here you (the marketer) talk about a product or a service and then if your website visitor clicks on your link and goes on and purchases the product then you earn a commission on that sale.

3) Pay Per Click (PPC)

This is made famous by a lot of companies paying Amazon and Bing Ads to display ads on their websites.

4) Pay Per Lead or Pay Per Action

This is very popular in Local Marketing. An example would be the local Real Estate Agent would pay you a small commission for every one of your website visitors who filled in a form and then met with the Real Estate Agent for a house valuation.

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Websites and Affiliate Marketing

Websites and affiliate marketing work REALLY well together.

The reason for this is that after you have applied to join an affiliate program, you will be given a unique ID or (tracking cookie”). This special link will record how many times your website visitor clicks on your link and then goes through to purchase a product.

BECAUSE the special links are in URL format then creating a website that can manage all these URL’s or “cookies” is just a perfect match.

Just to be clear though it is not 100% necessary to create a website if you want to do affiliate marketing. Some people have very successful affiliate marketing businesses by using their URL’s as part of an e-mail campaign.

So just be aware that there are other options out there.

How Easy Is It To Create A Website

That is a great question to ask. Once upon a time when the internet was still really new, it was actually really hard to create websites. You had to stay up late tying to figure out raw HTML code.

This was great if you were a computer programmer – this was terrible if you were not into computer programming or had a life or a family that needed your attention.

The Solution – WordPress

The solution has evolved over time. Now regular people just like you and I, can log onto the internet and use something called WordPress.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) for the internet.

Thankfully you DO NOT need to know all the technical stuff that makes WordPress work. All you need to know is that developers using WordPress and WordPress Themes have created literally THOUSANDS of FREE professional looking websites so you that you don’t have too!

Let me say that again – The Coding Has Been Done For You!! Yeah!!

Creating Your Very Own WordPress Website in five (5) Simple Steps

1) Choose a Domain Name For Your Business.

If you need help to choose your Domain Name, please click here.

If you would like to get started with a WordPress Domain Name, please click here.

2) Choose a Website Theme to Make Your Business Look SUPER Professional.

With WordPress there are literally THOUSANDS of FREE WordPress themes available. If you would like some help with how to choose the perfect theme for you, please click here.

3) Choose a Hosting Platform to Keep Your Site Active On

Think of this like “storage space” for your website. You will need to pay a company to keep your website on the internet 24/7 so that you don’t have to.

4) Choose A Topic (Niche) For Your Business.

This is what the focus of your website will be.

If you need help to choose a niche topic, please click here.

5) Add Content

Now is the time to start creating content for your website.

The content you create should be related to your topic (niche).

If you need help with how to add content to a WordPress blog, please click here.

That is EXACTLY how easy it is to start your very own professional looking WordPress blog.

Some people can make websites in as little as 30 seconds. 

My first WordPress website took me closer to 5 minutes to create.

How about you? Can you improve on that time?

Have a go and experiment and see how quick and easy it is to create a WordPress website today for FREE. Click Here

Next Step – Join Affiliate Programs

The next step in your affiliate marketing adventure is to apply to join some affiliate programs.

These affiliate programs will give you the unique ID or digital “cookies” that you will need to track your website visitors and track any sales that occur.

There are affiliate programs in almost EVERY niche you can think of so finding a way to monetize your website should be easy.

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Some industry leading programs are:


They started out selling digital products but have now branched out into physical products as well.


Rakuten is one of the largest affiliate companies in the world. They have a great array of brand name products to choose from.

Share A Sale

Share A Sale is a long term well-established player in this industry.

They offer great support to people just stating out in affiliate marketing.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is the largest department store in the world. They have a MASSIVE selection of physical products. With a range that large they are sure to have a product that covers every niche imaginable.

The commission structure is generally around 1% – 10% and the cookie lasts for 24 hours.

Wealthy Affiliate

They offer online computer education around affiliate marketing.

It’s a great way to earn a commission on products as you are learning about them.

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The next step is to apply to these program and after you have been accepted they will give you a unique affiliate link for you to use to promote the products.

For training on how to select affiliate products to promote please watch this video by Pat Flynn

Still Feel Like Something’s Missing?

Affiliate marketing sounds pretty straight forward, but it actually has lots of “little steps” that many people need help with before they start earning money from affiliate marketing.

If you still feel like you need a bit more guidance and help, I do recommend some extra training.

This training will not only

1) Help you get your business up and running

2) Help you to attract lots of FREE website visitors.

The method they use is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it may sound complicated but it’s not. There is a method that very successful affiliate marketers like myself use to get to Page #1, Position #1 on Google and other major search engines.

How do I know that this SEO technique works?

Well that’s simple. I actually don’t pay for any PPC advertising or any other commercial way to drive traffic to my website – I only use SEO to get lots of free traffic.

The success of this method is that YOU ARE HERE NOW.

That’s right. The very same way that you found this website is exactly the sort of techniques that I use to attract fresh website visitors and you can learn it to.

Special Bonus For Reading This Far

I have a special bonus for you for reading this far.

I want you to be successful in affiliate marketing so I have arranged for a 7 day ($0) FREE trial of the training method that I used to be successful in affiliate marketing.

In the beginning I was just like you, I didn’t know what affiliate marketing was and I didn’t know how to make money from the internet.

All I did was discovered a proven system of getting results over the internet and now here I am today.

In this training program you will see there are step-by-step training system to help you

1) Create your very own website

2) Fill it with content

3) Learn how to apply to affiliate marketing programs

4) Learn how to attract visitors to your website for FREE (using SEO techniques)

5) Get access to the most amazing and supportive community that I have ever seen.

6) Get access to 24 /7 one-on-one support for ANY questions that you have regarding affiliate marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

Don’t wait any longer. Help has arrived. Let’s be successful together!

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