Could You Make Money In Affiliate Marketing?

Many people surfing around on the Internet at the moment keep hearing the words “affiliate marketing”, but what does this mean and could you make money in affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you (the marketer) promote a product/service on your website and then attach a special unique ID or “cookie”. When your website visitor clicks on your special link and goes on to purchase the product you get a commission for being part of that sale.

That is an example of affiliate marketing in action.

So The Next Question Is “Could YOU Make Money In Affiliate Marketing?”

The answer is ABSOLUTELY!

Top 4 Reasons Why People Do Affiliate Marketing

1) To make money online.

2) You Do NOT have to pay tens of thousands and hundreds and thousands of dollars on inventory.

3) You Do NOT have to deal with any customer complaints / store returns or products not arriving in the post.

4) You get to pick which products and which topics you would like to talk about on your website and in your niche.

There are lots of different ways to make money in affiliate marketing.

The Top 4 Most Popular Methods Are

1) Sell Advertising

Lots of people sell advertising space on their websites.

The market leaders in this space are Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Here all you as the website owner have to do is place a small tracking code on your website and then when a website visitor comes by, the advertisement loads and you get paid a small fee for displaying this ad.

Because the website visitor doesn’t have to do anything special to activate your affiliate commission, lots of affiliate marketers like this method.


I DID IT! My First R100 Day With Google Adsense!

You can read more of her story here.

High Income Affiliate Programs.

Media Vine

If you can build up your website to around 25,000 visitors per month then you qualify to join Media Vine. Media Vine pay out 3-4 times more than Google Adwords so it pays to ask if you can join the program.

2) Click Per Sale

If advertising is the #1 method of affiliate marketing, then pay per sale is the #2.

This method is the classic method that many people think about when they think about affiliate marketing.

To be successful at this you (the marketer) would join an affiliate program and then put the special unique ID (or “cookie”) on your website and if someone was to go on and purchase the product, then you would earn a commission on that sale.

There are LOTS and LOTS of affiliate programs that use this basic model to payout affiliates.

The most well-known of them is Amazon. Here you will earn around 1-10% on the successful purchase of any products on the Amazon site over 24 hrs (you have a 24 hour cookie).

HEAPS of people make a full-time living doing this including Nathaniel


Nathaniell made $2,000 over the Christmas period and you can too.

Read the full story here.


Screenshot of Amazon Results

3) Cost Per Action (also Called Cost Per Lead)

This is where your website visitor has to fill out a form or attend an appointment in order for you to earn a commission.

An example would be the local Real Estate Agent or the local Accountant would pay you a small commission if you could arrange an appointment for them with one of your website visitors.


EddySaloman earned $10,000 you can read how he did it here.

One of his favorite methods is Pay Per Action (or Pay Per Lead). You can read how he did it here.

4) Cost Per Click (also called Earnings Per Click)

Here people join affiliate programs and they get a payout each time their website visitor clicks on one of their unique links (URL’s with a “cookie” on them”).

Google Adsense can offer you this rate if you request it.

Max Bounty is an affiliate network who specialize in Earnings Per Click opportunities. Here you the website owner would request to join an affiliate program that you like. The Earning Per Click or EPC are different depending on which company and type of product you would like to promote.

So The Key Steps That You Need To Do To Earn Money In Affiliate Marketing Are

1) Create a website

If you need help to create a FREE WordPress website on the SiteRubix domain, please click here.

2) Choose a niche (topic) for your website to specialize in.

If you need help to pick a niche (topic) for your website, please click here

3) Create content to post on your website.

This can be articles or blog posts talking about things that are interested in your niche.

This can also be product reviews talking about different products and services available in your niche.

4) Join Affiliate Programs

You will need to apply to different affiliate programs in your niche in order to get the special unique ID or “cookies”.

Some market leading affiliate programs are

A) ClickBank

They have been around for a very long time and are a trusted industry player. They used to specialize in digital products but they have also branched out onto physical products.

B) Rakuten

They are a large international affiliate network. They are a trusted industry player.

They specialize in large brand name companies and have lots of international companies on their books. You will probably find something that suites you here.

C) Share A Sale

Share A Sale have a really wide variety or goods and services on their books. You should be able to find something for most niches here.

D) Amazon Associates.

Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world. You will be almost guaranteed to find something here that matches your niche.

Most Amazon commissions are between 1-10% and the cookie lasts for 24 hours.

Next Step: Get Website Traffic

After you have your website up and running smoothly, the next step is how you go about creating website visitors to come to your website.

There are a few different ways to do this.

Some most popular ways are

A) Search Engine Optimization or SEO

This is where major search engines send people to your website for FREE.

As an affiliate marketer we all want to be on Page #1, Position #1 of Google so we can get lots of clicks.

There is a systematized method around how to go about this. I know this system works and you can learn how to do it as well.

How do I know it works – because you found my website. I NEVER pay for any advertising and I rely on a proven SEO system to help website visitors like you find my site.

Any you know what?

It worked. You are here today because of my FREE SEO techniques. I am happy to show you this system of what I use so that you can help grow your website traffic as well.

Click here to learn how to improve your SEO with FREE techniques and strategies.

So you can see there are lots of different ways that regular people like you and I can use to make money in affiliate marketing.

The really important part is that you get access to proper training on current techniques and tips that will help you grow your affiliate marketing business TODAY!

Many people had a successful strategy 1 – 2 or even 3 years ago, but alas the internet has changed over that time and what used to work a few years ago just doesn’t work so well anymore.

An example that we all know about is Facebook and other social media platforms. These platforms are constantly changing their algorithms and search techniques so that fresh content is always displayed at the top.

I spent years stumbling around in the dark, trying to figure out HOW to do affiliate marketing. Now you don’t have to. You can get access to some amazing step by step training which will skyrocket your success and help you leapfrog your competition.

If you are serious about affiliate marketing then it’s really important that you get proper training and advice.

This is the only way to make sure that you don’t do what I did and waste my time and waste opportunities.

Quality training is the #1 way to get great results in the fastest possible time.

Once you get your website set up then you will have the potential to earn from lots of different affiliate marketing opportunities for years and years to come – regardless of your niche.

You will also get access to 24 / 7 help and support along the way.

You DO NOT have to stumble through the dark alone.

Let’s Do This Together.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

If you want your very own money making affiliate marketing asset, then you need to check out this great training.

Thank you for visiting today.

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