Essential Step – Choosing A Good Domain Name – The Next Step

The Next Essential Step is Choosing A Good Domain Name

A good domain name could help you build a business online

Doman Name Word Bubble, Source Flickr, India7Network

Essential Step – Choosing A Good Domain Name  is the next step in the growth of your new website.  A good domain name is a unique, able to be protected by a trademark, has an individual URL identifier, that allows people on the internet to find you.  The best advice that I give people starting out is that your Domain Name should match your website somehow.  An example of this is that if you website is about kids and parenting and your niche is kids with Autism, then a suitable website name would be

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Once upon a time in internet land we used to think that having the “perfect” domain name would make all the difference in the world.  This created a situation where people scrambled to get domain names like “”  or “”.  This created a “scarcity” mentality and “cyber squatting” was very common.

Now of course its 2017 and the internet has matured enough so that now we know there is more to getting quality traffic than just the “perfect” domain name.  Some great examples to highlight this is simply to ask the question.

Which website do you think sells more products?

Nike is a very brandable logo

Nike Inc Logo, Pixabay, Mohamed 1982eg    v’s     Yes, you’re right, the answer is Amazon.

Amazon is a very recognizable logo

Amazon Inc Logo, Source Wikipedia, Amazon Inc   v’s  Yes, you’re right, the answer is Nike.


So please feel free to chose a Domain Name that YOU like and is available.  As we move through and build out the website, we will use other techniques to drive traffic (get visitors) to your site.

Some other tips on how to chose a great Domain Name can be found by clicking on this link.  It will take you to the Wealthy Affiliate website and you can ask the community for some feedback and advice on what Domain Name you should choose.  Otherwise you could click here to go to the home page of the Wealthy Affiliate Website.

My Top Three Ideas When It Comes To Choosing A Domain Name Are:

1) Does it make sense?

Are the words appearing as you would expect them to appear?  This will result in your website name (domain name) staying in the memory of your viewer for longer.

2) Is it memorable?

Are words naturally spoken and naturally spelt?  I am certainly not a fan of common words spelt in an exotic way.  An example would be car registrations where
alphabet letters are replaced by their numeric substitute so “Great Car” becomes “GR8CAR”.

As a website this would translate as  v’s

The example in normal English is definitely more memorable and easier to come back to than the mixed alpha-numeric version.

This part is VERY important in regards to memorability.  A viewer must remember the website AND remember how it’s spelt in case they want to come back to it later on.  There are so many websites on the internet these days that you don’t want to give your audience ANY reason to forget you and not come back.

3) I like short names.

This again goes back to making it memorable and able for the visitor to easily type it and spell it so they can visit again.  Please remember also that if you own the Domain Name (ie it’s not a “free” Subdomain), then your Domain Name will form the basis of your email address.

I once worked for a company and my email address was my full name @ the entire company name hyphen dot com.  This mouthful ended up being 32 characters long AND it had a hyphen in it (yuk!).  I don’t need to tell you that gosh, it sure was horrible (hey, it was early internet and we all make mistakes, what can I say?).

The right domain name can help you build a website online.

Domain Name Extensions, Source Flickr, Widjaya Ivan

OK now you are ready to start a list of potential Domain Names for your website.

Perhaps you are passionate about an exact phrase and have already “locked in” the perfect website or perhaps you are tossing around a few ideas.

What I recommend doing is writing them down on a piece of paper or in a general Word document type document (NOT an internet search, I will explain why soon).

Make a list of several options and variations of this theme, on pen and paper ideally if you can. For example

  • extension)
  •   etc

Play around with things and see if you can come up with a list of 10 options.

We all need help when choosing a domain name.

Pen and Paper, Pixabay, 1681551

Top Tips Of Things To Avoid When Choosing A Domain Name #1

Please don’t practice typing in the full name of the Domain Name that you want to purchase, just to check if it’s available  Ie

Why I hear you asking?

This is a RED HOT tip from a friend of mine.

He was at the starting phase of his new business venture and was doing an internet search to chose the perfect name of his new company (and wanted a Domain Name that was a great match).  So he entered the keywords into the internet and, then you can imagine his excitement when he saw that the perfect domain name was available. YIPEE!! He thought. He got SO excited that he mentally “locked” this domain name in (which is fine), but then he made the mistake of coming back to the Internet a few times to check if his “perfect” domain name was still available.

By performing the same search a few times, a flag was set off regarding that domain name, someone registered it specifically with the intention of “cyber squatting” that name and my friend had to BUY this domain name from the company at an inflated price. Ouch!!

Being a victim of Cyber Squatting bothered him so much that made me promise to tell other people know about this mistake so that they won’t get caught out the same way again!

So sometimes, good old fashioned pen and paper is actually our best friend!

Top things to avoid when choosing a domain name online.

No Icon Red, Wikimedia Commons, Sarang

Top Tip Of Things To Avoid When Choosing A Domain Name #2

Stay away from Trademarked Words in your Domain Name

Another “red hot” tip from a business friend of mine (different friend) is to stay away from Trademarked terms.

An example might be  or

The copyright of both these terms Nike and Porche are obviously held by the large Internal Global parent company.  Any small or (micro) business attempting to leverage off these company names will have a very hard time indeed.  I know of someone who did this and received a very severe “cease and desist” legal letter from the company’s powerful International Attorneys.

As a small business owner it just wasn’t worth his while to fight the major corporation regarding their interpretation of a “fair use of copyright”. As a result he just simply shut the website down and moved onto another niche.  It simply wasn’t worth the stress, hassle and financial expense of the legal fight involved.

So all the time, money and energy that he spent building up his website was wasted.

Top Tips of Things To Avoid When choosing A Domain Name #3

Brand Names, Company Names and Product Names can change over time.

Another excellent reason to stay away from a Brand Name in the Domain Title is that brands come and brands go. Products made or promoted by a brand come and products by the same brand go.  If you had a website reviewing products from the portable camera manufacturer “Go Pro” a poorly chosen website name would be

A good domain name can make your business

Go Pro, Source Pixabay, NeoJako

There are three problems with this. 1) is the Brand name in the title “Go Pro” is unique and possibly protected by copyright laws and

2) By only doing Go Pro product reviews, if the company Go Pro ever either got brought out by a larger company or worst still – shut down entirely, then this website is over.  A full shut down of the website will be required and all that hard work and dedication that you put into this website would be lost forever.

3) If Go Pro’s lawyer’s ever decided that they didn’t like  your site, then they could send you formal legal letters threatening to sue you in a court of law if you didn’t close down your website immediately.  This would result in all your hard work creating your website being lost for good.

The Easy Solution

You are much better off having a Domain Name Title such as “” AND THEN specializing in Go Pro reviews. This website would have much more longevity and a represent a much better return on your time.

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If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding anything to do with internet marketing, please feel free to leave some comments in the section below.  If you are stuck or curious about something (anything) to do with the internet or how to market on the internet, please feel free to ask any question you want in the comments section below and I would be happy to get an answer for you.

We all learn together by sharing, the internet is just too big and has too many specialities to be a “guru” in everything. I would love to know if Essential Step – Choosing A Good Domain Name – The Next Step was helpful to you at all.  I would also really like to know your thoughts and ideas regarding what is working and what isn’t working for you at the moment, just like in my two examples above.  Together we can all learn from each other, grow and prosper every day.

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