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When you first start out trying to make money online (MMO), Affiliate marketing is easily my #1 activity to do. In order to maximize your money making potential and make sure you don’t have to pay a single cent if you don’t have too, please enjoy my review of the best FREE affiliate programs.

The reason is that affiliate marketers get paid a commission every time someone clicks on a product that they have recommended. The more products that you recommend, the more clicks you will get and the more money you will make.


Sounds simple doesn’t it?


Key Step #1 – Before You Begin

Before you begin the easiest way to get started is to create a website. Click here if you need help to build a free WordPress website.

The reason I recommend starting with a website is that many affiliate marketing programs will only accept you if you have a website. This is especially true for many bloggers whose only source of lead generation (traffic) is through a website.

If you have an established business then no, it’s not 100% necessary for you to have a website to do affiliate marketing – you can do direct email campaigns etc and still make money.

If you would like a free SiteRubix website, please click here.

Key Step #2 – Write Articles (create content)

The next most important step that I recommend to people trying to build a website business is to create content. This is especially true for bloggers who are working from home (micro-entrepreneurs). The fastest way to stand out to search engines is to create content.

The articles that you create should be focused on a very specific niche (topic) so that all website visitors who come to your site know what your website is about and what you like to talk about. If you need help to pick a niche, please click here.

Also, as a blogger you will get paid a commission every time someone clicks on a link for a product / service that you have recommended.

The Top Ways To Earn A Commission Are:

1) Pay Per Click (also called “PPC” & Cost Per Click)

Where you get paid a fixed price for everyone who clicks on a particular link and goes to the merchants’ website. The terms and conditions (T&C’s) page will say how long the visitor has to remain on the page for before they will pay you. The standard time is usually 30 seconds, but it does vary. Google & Bing Ad’s PPC fees are usually payable the moment a website visitor clicks on the link, regardless of how long they spend on your website. So T&C’s do vary from program to program.

2) Pay Per Sale (also called “PPS” & Cost Per Sale)

Where you only get paid on an actual successful transaction. In the terms and conditions page of the program the merchant will point out if they pay on a percentage per sale or a fixed dollar amount per sale. Amazon Affiliate Program is the most well-known program worldwide and they use a percentage of sale as one as their key methods of activating a commission.

3) Pay Per Lead (also called “PPL”, Cost Per Lead & Cost Per Action)

Here a website visitor clicks on a particular link that you have and then goes to the merchant’s website. From there they must fill in a form and give permission for the second website owner to contact them. You only get paid when a form is filled out.

An example would be a local accountant / lawyer paying a commission for any lead that you refer to them.

So based on this, please remember the more products you can recommend – then the more variety and value you can offer your readers and the faster you can get paid!

Key step #3 – Apply to join various affiliate marketing programs.

In affiliate marketing a website visitor clicks on your link and then goes on to purchase a product. This sounds great, but you only get paid if they purchase one of your “special links”.

What are “special links”

“Special links” are URL hyperlinks that have a special tracking ‘cookie’ attached to them that are unique to you. This is the only way that the company knows the customer who made a recent purchased was referred directly by you. This is only way to make sure that you get paid for referring new customers to the business.

AFTER you have your website up and running and you have written some quality articles on your topic (niche) then you can apply to join different affiliate programs. The reason that I say PROGRAMS is that different affiliate programs have different entry criteria.

  • A small business who manages their affiliate program internally may accept every one who applies.
  • A large business who outsources their affiliate program to an external affiliate program specialist company may have rules around who they accept because they have to pay an affiliate program management fee based on the total number of people accepted into the affiliate program.

So because of this you may not get accepted to your #1 choice.

Personally, I got accepted by my #1 and #2 choice of affiliate programs on the first try.

I know other bloggers who say that they weren’t that lucky, so I have created my top tips on how to get a yes from every affiliate marketing program. Click Here to read my top tips on how to get accepted.



Top Tip #4 – Work Out Which Affiliate Program Will Pay You The Most Amount of Money Quickly.

Play around with your website and see which affiliate program pays you the most amount of money for the least amount of work.

This tip sounds simple doesn’t it.

Different affiliate programs pay out for different reasons and so some of them pay out each time a website visitor comes to your site and some of them pay out when a website visitors purchases a product.

I know people who make a full time income JUST off Google Adsense income.

I know people who make a full time income JUST off recommending products to purchase on Amazon.

It really is up to you as the website owner to work out what your website visitors want from you and then sign up to an affiliate program that will pay you the most amount of money in the shortest space of time.

Top Tip #5 OK So How Do I Find These Affiliate Programs

Absolutely EVERY niche has an affiliate program that you can join.

The easiest thing to do is to open up your website browser and then type in “niche (topic) + affiliate program” and hit search.

So if my niche was coffee, then I would type in “coffee + affiliate program” and see what comes back.

As you can see there are over 5 million affiliate programs related to coffee.

Take the challenge now and try this with your niche and see how you go.

FREE Affiliate Programs To Try Out

OK now for some free affiliate programs that you have a great chance of being accepted for:

1) Google Adsense

This is a website visitor style arrange where Google will pay you a few pennies on the dollar if you allow them to place advertisements on your website. You get paid as long as the website visitor spend a small amount of time on your site.

2) Shopify

You get paid if people purchase products on Shopify. This is pay per click (PPC) or commission based selling.

3) Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Affiliate is one of the largest and most well-known affiliate companies in the world. Here you recommend products and services and get paid a commission when someone purchases those items through the Amazon store. You only have a cookie for 24 hours though.

4) Ebay

Yes! Ebay does have an affiliate program. It works the same way as Amazon affiliate. It’s free to join, click here to learn more.

5) Rakuten Linkshare

Rakuten is one of the largest and most well-known affiliate marketing companies out there. They are definitely well worth taking a look at.

  • Main Advantages
  • Well known
  • Trusted
  • Main Disadvantage
    The interface is tired and needs to be updated. May not have merchants’ that are a perfect match for your niche.



My bonus tip is to get very clear on the sort of people who visit your website and the sort of products and services that they are looking for. THEN you can do a search on which affiliate programs offer great products or services that your website visitors will like.

Remember you only get paid if someone clicks on your cookie, so it’s best to make sure that you focus your time on products / services that sell really well.

Was this article on best free affiliate programs useful. Did it help you better understand what it takes to be a brilliant affiliate marketer? Which parts helped you, which bits didn’t. Do you have any ideas or suggestions of your own?

Please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or recommendations in the comments field below.

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