Are You Stuck With Your WordPress Website?

Stuck With Your WordPress Website? Do You Need Help To Get Your WordPress Website Moving Again?

Don't get stuck, make things happen

Make Things Happen, Source Pixabay, Geralt

Dear Friend,

You are reading this post because you probably already have a WordPress website up and running.  But do you get stuck with your WordPress Website sometimes?

If you don’t, please click here to learn how to get one up and running in around 30 seconds (it took me around 2 minutes though). Give Me My Free Website Please

Once the website is up and running, you probably want to know how to keep making improvements to your website to make it more interesting and appealing to your visitors.

Sometimes this can be a real challenge for people.

Don't get stuck, get more website visitors

Website Vistors, source Pixabay Geralt

Over the years, I have found that the most common problems that people get stuck with are:

1) Website owners get stuck figuring out HOW to engage with their audience.

Things like Site comments can really help with this.

Site comments is an industry leading, systemised way for you to attract guaranteed traffic from genuine people who will all leave comments on your website.  People really are wonderful and very, very helpful.  This system is set up so that someone will leave a message on your website and you will return the favour by leaving a comment on someone else’s website within the community.  It’s a real “pay it forward, caring mentality”.

Site comments is a great way to get moving again.

Screenshot of Site Comments, source Wealthy Affiliate

I have found that this really is a truly wonderful way to get initial visitors to my site (say 5-10 people per day) and as an added bonus the visitors all add information and content that will help future visitors.  You will get helpful information back from your visitors such as I like help on this topic more than that topic.  Visitors often ask questions about the content or make suggestions that will help other people who come to visit the website.




Nailed it!

Hammer & Nail, Source: Pixabay, 955169

This really has helped me nail down EXACTLY what content my readers value and want to see more of.

2) Sometimes a Website owner gets stuck with a very specific and precise question about something they are stuck with on their website at this exact moment.

Are you stuck with a very specific question for your website?

Screenshot Wealthy Affiliate Search Bar, Source Wealthy Affiliate

An example might be “I wonder how I can embed a YouTube Video?” or “I wonder how I can use Facebook Advertising to make some money for my website?”

These are all really topical and VERY relevant to that unique website.  Normally,  you would have to spend hours trawling the internet or spending hour after hour looking up YouTube videos (Sigh!).  In this case the answer is found on with in the search bar.

The benefit of having just one “go-to place” for so many different technical questions means that you get the benefit of other people’s knowledge.  Yes, other people through trial and error and many, many, many sleepless nights have painstakingly researched the answer for you – and are willing to share the good news and the bad news with you so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes they did and you can get moving faster.

The main benefit of this is that you don’t have to waste your TIME or your MONEY on outdated answers.  Cutting edge, upto the minute, best practice solutions are right there at your finger tips every time.  This will definitely get you “unstuck” and on the right track to be moving again in no time at all.

3) Sometimes you hit a technical snag and you need an answer to your question RIGHT THIS MINUTE!!!

Do you need an answer to a problem IMMEDIATELY

Screenshot Wealthy Affiliate, Live Chat, Source Wealthy Affiliate

I mean what if your website just crashed…. like right this minute…. right before your eyes!  We have ALL been there before when learning new technologies.  We have all accidentally clicked on a button that we weren’t supposed to.  Then the screen updates and “whoosh” something just changed that we didn’t want to get changed.  I know I have had this shock myself recently with an Adobe product.  When you are first starting out with a new application / piece of computer software you push boundaries experimenting, but sometimes you accidentally go too far.

Has this ever happened to you?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a small army of WordPress Developers on-call to solve your problem?  It’s true, you can.

All you have to do is look at the far right-hand side of the screen and you will see which members are available online, ready to answer questions and engage with you instantly.

Don’t ever feel alone again. Don’t suffer in silence, See it for yourself.  Click here to give it a try.  Start your free trial today

The benefit of this is that you can type in your question and hit “enter” and then someone in the community will get back to you with an answer or try their best to help you out and steer you in the right direction.  Don’t sit at home feeling alone and stressed.  Get help ASAP.  You are not alone.

4) Sometimes your website just “dies” or has a major crash.  Wouldn’t it be really great to have on-call high level technical support available to help solve your EXACT problem!

Don't let a major technical problem slow you down.

Screenshot Wealthy Affiliate Site Support


Now you can, with WA Site Support.

The Wealthy Affiliate Site Support team are available 24 / 7.  They are there specifically to help with any high level technical questions and major website issues.  If you need help with problems like

  • Getting a website set up and live in the first place
  • Migrating existing websites across
  • Site goes down unexpectedly
  • SSL Certificate issues
  • Theme conflicts
  • Issues around different plug-ins and applications

I must admit that when I first got started on the internet ALL of these issues were WAYYYY to advanced for me to get my head around.

The fact that I have access to a dedicated team IT Administration team 24 / 7 who are experts in trouble shooting WordPress website issues has just been such a comfort for me.

I got into the on-line website building business to offer value to my customers – not spend all night and weekend getting my head around technical jargan and computer mumbo jumbo.  It is great to know that other people are prepared to answer these questions for me.

Now I can just focus on what I do best – looking after my customers and having fun on the internet.

So if you are looking for a place to start and on-line business that will support you and nurture you and help you learn from other people problems so that you can look after more customers, then click here to go to Wealthy Affiliate and see all the different levels of support and training that you can get access to.

Haven’t you waited long enough to get started building your dream business.

Click here for a 7 day $0 FREE trial.  Start your free trial today of Wealthy Affiliate

If you would like to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, please click here.

We all have technology “hiccups” from time to time.  I know I certainly have had my fair share.  What about you?  Have you ever been stuck with your WordPress Website? Have you ever accidently clicked a button and then something got deleted that you didn’t mean too?  I would love to hear your stories.  Please feel free to share a comment or a story in the section below.

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10 thoughts on “Are You Stuck With Your WordPress Website?”

  1. Yes! A lot of good information here. I think you have all the bases covered. Gonna save some of your links if you don’t mind for further information if I need it.

    Am really gonna look into your Where to Find Free Website Pictures, wasn’t aware there were so many pictures there.

    Thanks again for all the good information. Hope to talk to you soon. Wayne

    1. Hi Wayne,

      Thank you for stopping by.  Thank you also for your kind words, I really appreciate that and it will inspire me to write more content that adds value to people.

      I am glad that you think my link could be of some help you.  Yes, please feel to save the links and use them as often as you need.

      Thank you for saying that where to find free website pictures will be of some help.  I wrote that to be of help to my fellow bloggers.  Please feel free to use as many sources as you need, as often as you need.  By helping each other we all grow and lean.

      Thanks again for stopping by Wayne.  All the best.

  2. Hello Glenys,
    I spent working with my blog WordPress, I had many problems to configure it correctly and also with the Hosting. All this ended when I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. This company can really solve all your problems when creating your website. Excellent article and thank you very much for sharing it. Regards!

    1. Welcome and thank you for stopping by our website today.

      Thank you also for your kind comments and suggestions.  I really appreciate that.  

      I can see you already have a WordPress blog = what a huge achievement that was.  Well done to you.  I hope your website will grow into a successful business for you.

      Hosting.  Yes, I too have had issues with my hosting.  When I was starting out (and still to this day), I had a fear that if I wanted to be successful on the internet, then I would have to learn very advanced, very complicated coding.  I am happy to know that this is simply not the case. Like you, I was super excited to learn that there are hosting options out there that can help me and get me going again so that I am not stuck.

      As a thank you for dropping by, do you get stuck with finding royalty free images?  If yes, please feel free to take a look at my top tips for getting quality graphics.  Where To Find Free Website Pictures – 29 Awesome Sites

      Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. I am a fairly new blogger with about 4 plus months into this platform, however, my website is formulating well now, by following the content thru this great platform at WA. There is absolutely no hype here, only straightforward answers in a network of professionals. There are still times when I hit a roadblock as well, and typically with minutes!! I have the answer, that is amazing. I must say again. I have always known the potential of the affiliate niche’s but only ran across the false Hype and almost gave up until I ran across this amazing WA platform. Keep up the great writes and I will see you soon, Jack

    1. Thank you for visiting us today Jack.

      First things first… well done on starting your own website. That is a genuine accomplishment and you should be very proud of yourself.  I am glad that you were able to choose a niche that you believe in.  I hope it will grow into an amazing online business for you.

      You mentioned that you are already a member at Wealthy Affiliate.  I am glad to hear that it is working out for you.  You said that your website is only 4 months only.  I hope that it grows into a wonderful website very quickly for you.

      If you ever need a bit of help sourcing quality royalty free images, please feel free to have a look at an article I wrote called Where To Find Free Website Pictures – 29 Awesome Sites

      Thanks again and all the best.

  4. This is really cool. It has always been a dream of mine to quit my regular 9 to 5 job and make a full-time income online.
    But like most things worth having, that is easier said then done. The reason why is because there are so many scams online. They promise you this and that, then when you buy their product, it be complete crap. On top of that, you can’t even get your investment back.
    So it really makes it hard to tell the real from the fake. I have only heard good things about Wealthy Affiliate though. This article definitely makes me want to try out there Free Trial offer. Thanks.

    1. Hi Garrett, thanks for stopping by.  I am really happy to hear that you too have a dream of quitting your regular 9-5 job and having your own online business.  I hope that your dream comes true one day and that your website is very successful.  

      I too have been looking all over the internet for help with my WordPress website.  I often get stuck and alas, yes I too have been stuck and purchased different products and services over the internet hoping that they will solve my problems.  Sadly, just like you said some of these products have been “complete crap” and I have wasted my money and need to continue searching again.  Yes, like you I wish I could find a way to tell the good information from the bad.

      I am happy that you have heard of Wealthy Affiliate.  It is reassuring to hear that your sources have given Wealthy Affiliate a positive review as well.  Please feel free to take up my Free Trial offer.  I hope that you will get some value out of it to help you with your dream of running your own online successful business one day.

      You mentioned earlier that you have your own WordPress website already, would you like to know where to go for royalty free website graphics?  If yes, please feel free to look up an article I wrote, Where To Find Free Website Pictures – 29 Awesome Sites

      Thanks again and good luck.

  5. I do currently have a WordPress blog and I’ve been looking for different ways that I can tweak it to make improvements and generally make it a better blog all around, especially when it comes to effectively engaging with my audience as well.

    I sometimes hit roadblocks too – whether technical errors or tasks that I simply get stuck with. So it would be great if I could find an awesome hangout of bloggers for extra help and support. 🙂

    Looking at your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate, it’s certainly the place where I need to be for building a successful blog and an online business, in general.

    Thanks. Neil

    1. Hi Neil and thanks for stopping by.  Its great to hear that you have your own WordPress blog. Good on you for setting that up.  It must have felt like such a huge accomplishment the day that you finally launched it and went live. 

      Yes, I agree with you.  Now that my site is up an running, I too often hit stumbling blocks around technical issues such as the best WordPress plug-in’s for a problem I am working on or just what’s the best way to solve problems at the moment.

      As you already have a WordPress blog up and running, if you every get stuck with royalty free images for your blog posts, please feel free to take a look at my top 29 recommended places to get free images.  You can read it here Where To Find Free Website Pictures – 29 Awesome Sites

      Thanks again for stopping by and all the best for the future.

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