Affiliate Marketing Companies: Top 10 Tips To Get Accepted

How to Get Accepted into Every Affiliate Marketing Company You Want.

When you start out in Affiliate Marketing, you will need to think about how you are going to make money from your website.  Earning a commission by recommending different products and services is a great way to start.  To do this you will need to apply to different affilaite marketing companies in your niche.  Please enjoy this article on affiliate marketing companies top 10 tips to get accepted everytime.

Before you can apply to an affiliate marketing business, you need to do this four basic things:

1) Build a Website. If you would like to build a website in WordPress for FREE, please click here.

2) Pick a niche (topic) and start writing article on that topic (this is also called “blogging”).  If you need with this, please click here.

3) Make a list of different Affiliate Marketing companies to apply to, so you can get accepted and then you can start selling their goods / services for commission.

4) Get traffic (website visitors) that are interested in buying those goods and services. If you would like some tips on how to get free website traffic, please click here. 

So today we will take a look at applying to different Affiliate Marketing companies in their particular niche.

Hot Tip #1

One of the best things you can do is to get SUPER clear about what your website is all about.

You can answer questions like:

1) What is your website all about?

2) Who is your customer? Are they male or female, are the in one country or international? What hobbies do they have? What likes do they have?

3) How do they like to interact or buy from you?

4) What types of information are they looking to get from yourself or your website? Do they want “daily deals” or do they want general product reviews? Do they expect you to have expert knowledge or do they expect you just to review things in an entertaining way?

5) When do they expect information from you? Do your customers want information from you once a day / once a week? Do they expect you to answer their questions immediately or can you afford to wait a few days before getting back to them?

6) Where do they like to communicate with you? Is it via their smartphones or via their computer? Do they prefer social media accounts or email?

7) What value do you offer your clients? Are you an expert in your field? Do you have amazing information? Do you have a special offer they can’t get anywhere else

When you know that your website is all about and the sorts of information that clients expect to find on your website, you can now think about what types of products / services you can offer your clients so you can make money.

For example…

If I had a coffee website I would write a list of all the things that I could talk about.

I could talk about how to choose the best coffee beans for a weak / strong / extra bitter brew.

I could also talk about what sort of equipment would make the perfect cup

I could talk about which coffee mugs make the flavor taste amazing.

You get the idea. So write it down somewhere and remember it.

So in this example I would write down

“My website is all about helping household coffee lovers brew the perfect cup of coffee at home”.

Then I would go to Google and type in “Coffee + Affiliate Program”


You can see here that just under five (5) million results came back!

Now you can click through them one by one to see if any seem interesting to you.

Make a special note of any company names that you like or if you have used those products / services before.

Make a note of which country the products are in and if shipping charges apply for your customers.

Make a note of how much commission you can earn.

Make a note of how long the “cookies” (tracking ID’s) are valid for. eg 24 hours, 30 days, 90 days or a lifetime cookie.

Make a note of payout information including minimum payout figures, monthly payout times and methods of payment ie cash or gift cards.

Make a note of anything else that catches your eye and strikes you as interesting.

If they do – save the details (including their link) in a spreadsheet and then you can contact them all one by one to see if you can join their programs and start promoting their products so you can earn money.

Applying to Join An Affiliate Program

After you have found a program that you like, you will have to contact the company and apply to join to become a member.

Top Question that they will ask you are:

1) Company Name:

2) Website Name:

Your Email address: (Please note that many Affiliate programs will only accept you if your website name and email address are a match. It is unusual (but not impossible) to be accepted by the large Affiliate Programs with only a Gmail, Hotmail or yahoo email address.

Website Traffic: Don’t worry if you are just starting out and don’t’ have much website traffic yet. Everyone starts somewhere.

What are your plans to increase your website visitors numbers?: This question is about the growth of your business and how fast you plan to “ramp things up”. It’s OK to say that you are not planning on doing external marketing. It is better to be honest rather than give a false impression.

Main source of website visitors: The company will want to know which is the best source of marketing at the moment. Is it social media, paid TV advertisements, Radio Ad’s etc. Just be honest here, don’t feel any pressure to pretend to be something that you are not.

Content Is King

One of the best things that you can do to maximize your success with any application is write more content (new articles).

You should wait until you have around 10-12 articles before applying to any Affiliate Program.

Think of it like you walking into your local supermarket. Every new post that you create is a like a whole new product being added to the Supermarket shelves.

This way if the company clicks on your links and comes to your store, they can see that you actually have content and are very serious about being successful at Affiliate Marketing with their products.

No one wants to walk into a shop with no products right?

They can also see straight away if your products will be a great match for them or if their products and services just won’t’ fit in.

As an example, what if you had a website selling watches and you just applied randomly to join a whole list of random Affiliate programs.

Let’s say that most of your website posts featured watches that cost between $50-$500 each. This is what we call the “lower end of the market” or “mass market” goods.

Let’s say that you also randomly applied to join the Affiliate Program for a luxury watch company. Say the typical price of their watches is somewhere between $10,000 – $100,000.

Let’s pretend that one of their staff members saw your application and clicked on your links and then came to your website as a visitor. The website visitor could tell straight away that your articles are catering to the “mass market” and not the “luxury market”.

Every company wants their products to be placed in front of their ideal target customers. This is the #1 way to maximize sales opportunities. Because you are selling to the “mass market” and not the “luxury market” they would reject your application.

Top #10 Ways to Maximize Success

1) Have your website domain name and email address match. Gmail and Hotmail accounts just aren’t “business” enough sorry.

2) Understand EXACTLY what your website is all about and the topics that you will be talking about.

3) Understand WHO your target customer is and HOW they like to be spoken to and WHAT goods and services they are looking to buy on the internet.

4) Have a clear Menu Tab for “Product Reviews”. Let the company know that your website visitors can find products reviews clearly and easily. This is reassuring to know for EVERYONE!

5) Create a few product reviews BEFORE applying. This way any company that wants to click on your links and come to your site will see that you are serious about performing product review and the style / standard of reviews that you publish.

6) Have a “recent posts” or even a category to your side bar. This is nice so that website visitors can come to your site and read multiple posts before leaving. This will also help your client retention and “bounce rate” and improve your Google Analytics and SERP rankings. For more information on Google Search Engine Rankings, please click here.

7) Have a social media plug in for sharing great posts about wonderful product reviews. Companies LOVE seeing their products go “viral” on other people’s websites. It maximized their chances of selling products and if someone clicks on your links and buys the product then you get the commission on all products sold.

8) Legal Stuff.

Website that are serious about being affiliate marketers will have a privacy policy, legal disclaimer and EU cookie law page. Many search bots actively crawl your site looking for these pages. Many major Affiliate programs will automatically reject your application if they can’t find these pages, so you are better off including them just to be safe.

The EU Cookie Law GDPR is now law in 2018 and many affiliate marketers are updating their websites to reflect the new laws. Make sure yours is fully compliant as well.

9) Add images and embed YouTube Videos where appropriate.

Website visitors spend more time on websites that are “pretty”. So make sure that you include images to make your page more visually appealing and break up the text so they will stay on your page for longer.

Embedding YouTube videos is also really helpful because the video could go for between 2-5 minutes and if the website visitors really like the topic then they will stay on your site for that amount of time. The longer the website visitor spends on your page the more likely they are to buy your product recommendation or sign up for your newsletter.

10) Comments are really important.

Many people underestimate the power of comments, but I think they are really important. If you get REAL PEOPLE to leave a few website comments at the bottom of your posts that would be great. This shows that you have actually website visitors coming your site, people are engaging with your content.

Any product manufacture coming to review your website can see these comments and see the sorts of questions that people are asking and then they can make a judgment call on whether YOUR website is a good fit for the products that they are offering.

The questions within the comments on your post might just give you the edge to get approved to join the Affiliate program so you can start making money.

My Overall #1 Tip When Applying to Join An Affiliate Marketing Program Is

Don’t get discouraged if you get rejected the first time around.

If you have your heart set on getting approved for your favorite affiliate program, don’t give up.

Just see it as a temporary thing that you can improve on.

So go back to your website, write more content.

Then review what your clients wants to see your writing about (client needs).

Then after you have written another 10-12 reviews – REAPPLY.

It’s a whole new world now. Why?

Because now you have 20-30 articles written and your skills as a writer have grown and your understanding of your audience needs have grown and your website traffic has grown.

So reapply.

You just never know your luck until you keep trying.

If you get rejected again apply to their #1 and #2 competitors and when they accept you promote their products like crazy and make a whole heap of money.

Success if the best form of revenge don’t you think?

Has this article on Top 10 tips on how to apply to an Affiliate Marketing company helped you? Have you applied to a company before? Were you accepted the first time? Were you rejected? If you were rejected what did you do differently so you could get accepted the next time around?

Please feel free to share any tips, comments or helpful suggestions in the comments field below.

Thank you for visiting us today.

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14 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Companies: Top 10 Tips To Get Accepted”

  1. Hi
    ‘These are very awesome tips to getting the most out of my application for Affiliate Marketing. I definitely need to work on some of these pointers – Like Tip #7 and I need to research more about the EU cookie law page. I have never heard of this one. So thank you very much for the information you offer.

    1. HI Paula,
      Thank you for stopping by today and for sharing some of your knowledge and experience with us. I really appreciate that.
      Thank you also for your kind words. They will really inspire me to write some more great tips.
      I wish you every success with your affiliate marketing journey.
      All the best.
      If you are looking for some great tips on how to improve your website rankings, please click here

  2. These are some great tips you got here. I agree that having a clear topic about what our website is about, plus having a good amount of traffic is key to getting accepted into certain affiliate programs.

    Because one these companies want to make sure your website is related to what they are selling — and two they want to make sure you are getting enough visitors to your site so they can make money.

    I’ll be sure to practice what you said within your post every day.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thank you for visiting us today. I really appreciate that.

      Thank you also for your sharing your personal experience. I agree with your comment that companies want to make sure that your website is a good match for their products.  Also making sure that you have a reasonable amount of visitors per day is very helpful – we all want to make money.

      Thank you for stopping by today and for sharing your knowledge and experience with us, I really appreciate that.

      If you are looking for ways to help improve your website rankings, please click here Top #3 Ideas of How To Improve Your Website Ranking

  3. Hi Glenys,

    Thank you kindly for creating and sharing this article with us all, it is appreciated. I must admit, in all my years online (10+) I never actually thought nor gave it consideration to us a more professional email address.

    This something that is now going to be policy now for me.

    1. Hi Derek,

      Thank you for stopping by today and for sharing some of your knowledge and experience with us, I really appreciate that.

      You are right of course, so many people jump on line and start a website from one of those free WordPress hosted sited (I even offer them out via SiteRubix). The problem is that is doesn’t look very professional or that you are “serious” about affiliate marketing.  That’s why for the small investment of only $15 (ish) dollars you can give your website and your business a much more professional look quickly and easily.

      Thank you again for stopping by and for sharing your knowledge with us, I really appreciate that.

      If you are looking for ways to help improve your website rankings, please click here Top #3 Ideas of How To Improve Your Website Ranking

  4. Wow, what an awesome website! I am relatively new to the Affiliate Marketing world, and there are a lot of challenges. After reading through all of your valuable information, I feel that I have a better idea of what I am doing, and which direction I need to be heading in. Thank you for the knowledge… I will be spending a lot of time there! Clay

    1. Hi Clay,

      Thank you for stopping by and for sharing some of your experience with us. I really appreciate that.

      Thank you also for saying you are new – we were all new once upon a time.  All you have to do is commit some genuine time to it every single week and then you will learn something new every day and your business will grow into something really amazing.

      I wish you every success with what you end up doing.

      If you are looking for ways to help improve your website ranking, please click here Top #3 Ideas of How To Improve Your Website Ranking

  5. This is a great post about the nuances there are when applying to affiliate programs. I agree it can be quite disheartening when you get denied access. But I also feel people apply too soon – too many affiliate links on a new site with little content will affect your rankings, so it is definitely worth writing content, getting traffic and then apply when you have plenty of content.
    Keep up the great posts

    1. HI John,

      Thank you for stopping by today and for sharing some of your knowledge and experience with us. I really appreciate that.

      Thank you also for saying that too many affiliate links on a new site with little content will hurt your rankings. I agree with the comment. Many new people think that lots of links = lots of sales….. but alas they forget that without traffic then there will be no sales.

      Lots of links and no content = no traffic = no sales.

      Thanks for sharing your great advice with us today John. I know it will really help someone out some day.

      If you are looking for ways to help improve your website ranking, please click here Top #3 Ideas of How To Improve Your Website Ranking

  6. I am really excited about the information you shared in this article, I think it may really help me get approved with some of the affiliate programs that have denied me. It is really disappointing when you work so hard to accomplish something and apply to an affiliate partner knowing they will be the best fit for you and get that email that you have been denied, this has happen to me a few times. I really like the way you explain how to market yourself to the companies and did not realize if I created more articles that I could reapply, I am going to try that and see what happens and then like you said if that does not work, I will apply to their competitor.

    1. Hi Dena,
      Thank you for visiting us today and for sharing some of your knowledge and experience with us, I really appreciate that.
      Thank you also for talking about your personal experience applying to different affiliate programs. We all have to start somewhere right? When we first start our sites we only have a handful of articles and may not be that attractive to some affiliate programs – so they reject us. But over time, we build up a digital asset that is making sales we become HOT property and affiliate marketing companies are very keen to do business with us.

      Well done for reapplying to your favourite affiliate companies. I hope you get a yes the second time around….. and if you get a no – then just apply directly to their top competitors. Success is the best form of revenge don’t you think!!

      Thanks again and if you are looking for ways to help improve your website, please click here

  7. Awww
    Why not things one can dol at my age?
    Anyhow, I have wondered what my parents will do to stay active. I wonder if they would like this opportunity right now. Looking forward in telling them about it though!
    I’m sure they’ll be delighted. 🙂
    However, it des take lots of work.

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